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lauren and liam

June 28, 2010

LAUREN + LIAM = MARRIED JUNE 5TH, 2010 - MINNEAPOLIS, MN These two are the perfect combination of crazy and cool. (Liam = crazy, Lauren = cool!) This picture says it all... The first glance... Our photo plans for the day were totally turned upside down due to the rain... but sometimes foiled plans are just the thing to make the creative juices flow... We explored a bit and Al found this train tunnel near

desiree + bill

June 22, 2010

DESIREE + BILL = MARRIED MAY 29TH, 2010 - GIANTS RIDGE, BIWABIK, MN Let me introduce to you the Mr and Mrs... These two are a perfect fit in all ways! We had so so so so much fun getting to hang out with them and be apart of their day. All things about this day were beautiful! The first glance... We WERE at a ski resort.. LOVE this shot. The ceremony location was gorgeous. And breezy... Walking into the

laura + justin

June 11, 2010

If what these two brought to this shoot is an indicator of what's to come... we're SO lucky we get to hang out with them on their wedding day!  They can make construction look good... Congrats!!

tiffany & glen

June 8, 2010

These two are engaged to be married spring of 2011... which seems like an infinity away... only because they are beyond amazing and getting to shoot their wedding would obviously equal beyond amazingness!!!

kelly & jim

June 5, 2010

KELLY + JIM = MARRIED MAY 22, 2010  -  STILLWATER, MN Pulling into the Camrose Hills Flower Farm was like walking into a dream... one of the most beautiful places we've been! BUT is was pouring and thundering and scary... however, about an hour after Kelly showed up and we were supposed to be starting pictures it stopped raining... then when the ceremony started the clouds cleared and it was an absolutely