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Autumn & Andy

November 30, 2010

AUTUMN + ANDY = MARRIED SEPTEMBER 25TH, 2010 ST. PAUL, MN Genuine... kind... loving... these are three words that pop to mind when I think back on the day we spent with these two! What a perfect match! Waiting for his bride... Seriously cool wedding party... This photo was taken to copy one that had been taken of someone in Autumns family years ago in the same place... I saw the original and I think we

Katie & Jason

November 26, 2010

KATIE + JASON = MARRIED SEPTEMBER, 18TH 2010 NORTHLAND COUNTRY CLUB - DULUTH, MN Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful... everything about this day was stunning! The color combo of the red, pink, orange and blue... awesome. First look. This guy was on a mission! This reminds me of Cinderella... A relaxing moment after the ceremony. I think this pictures is worth a thousand words... starting with "she's mine!" The dance was a riot! We loved spending the day with you two! Thanks again!

Lori & Dan

November 20, 2010

What a crazy couple! These two had been given a gift certificate to have a shoot with us... we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into! They had just come back from a Jimmy Buffett concert... Thanks for turning a gloomy, rainy, stormy afternoon into a riot!!!


November 12, 2010

Meet the newest member of the Visger family... Actually you may have meet this guy a few months ago... we just didn't know who he was yet! Now for the wild and crazy older sisters... This little guy is in for a lifetime of trouble! Let the fun continue!

Leah & Ryan

November 12, 2010

LEAH + RYAN = ENGAGED SO.... Leah just happens to be one of our bestest friends in the wholewideworld!!! When you've worked/lived/laughed/ran marathons/cooked for hundreds/cleaned toilets/trained lifeguards/taught field games/sat around a million campfires with someone you really REALLY get to know them.    Now... we don't know Ryan at quite the same intensity, BUT... sheesh he has made Leah's eyes sparkle like never before!!! It's been crazy fun to watch her

Kaitlin & Wade

November 10, 2010

KAITLIN + WADE = MARRIED SEPTEMBER 11, 2010 MILACA, MN What a match! It's almost creepy how much these two have in common... It was so fun to hear story after story about their meeting, falling in love and all that led them to this day. Thanks you two for letting us celebrate with you! One of my favorite items of the day... the birdcage veil. Al found a sumac forest and we went NUTS!!!

Amy & Derek

November 5, 2010

AMY + DEREK = MARRIED 9-5-10 BAYFIELD, WI Can I just say I love destination weddings?! All the guests had been staying at the same resort and hanging out for a few days and the wedding on Sunday was the big bash to end it all.  There is a sense of closeness among all the guests that is different when they arrive 5 min before the ceremony. Introducing the Bride and Groom... Amy's dad has