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Kate & Ryan

January 9, 2011

KATE + RYAN = MARRIED SATURDAY, OCTOBER 23rd Larsmont Cottages - Two Harbors, MN We love shooting at the Larsmont Cottages, we love tiny weddings, we love a dark cloudy sky, we love Ryan's cool hair, we loved this entire day!!! Check out this treasure of a building we found... had to set up the first look right there. It was just a tad windy... ISSSHHHH, who wants to see their brother kissing? Incredible setting for a

Kylee & Matt

January 3, 2011

KYLEE + MATT = MARRIED SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 27TH St Matthew's Lutheran Church - Esko, MN   &  Greysolon Ballroom - Duluth, MN It might be impossible to be find a more beautiful couple than Kylee + Matt... cool. dress. Who knew a ladies room could be so nice!? "When you're a Jet you're a Jet all the way... from your first cigarette to your last dying day." A much more serious version of the "jump" shot. The mini wedding

Tabatha & Jeremy

January 2, 2011

TABATHA + JEREMY = MARRIED SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 20TH at the GREYSOLON BALLROOM - DULUTH, MN I was looking forward to this wedding since last spring when I first met Tabatha over a cup of coffee. She has this spunk/beauty/fire/personality that is contagious. I wondered what the lucky man would be like... we met Jeremy for their engagement shoot and it was obvious how perfect a match they make! Sophie the ring bearer... adorable. First meeting... A