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Helen + Yonathan

March 31, 2011

HELEN + YONATHAN = ENGAGED This is our lovely, beautiful, sweet, amazing Helen! Meeting her for the first time in Ethiopia is a memory we will have forever.  We heard a knock on our gate and all of a sudden this young, spunky gal with a huge smile and handshake/hug greeted us then took us off on an adventure of a lifetime... She is a social worker for the adoption agency

Alex + Scott

March 30, 2011

ALEX + SCOTT = ENGAGED I've gotten to shoot with these two individually for their high school grads and once together for a prom! This made hearing the news of their engagement so fun. There's something sweet about a high school romance making it to the altar.  Congrats! Some serious belt buckles... A & S. Super Scott.

Ethiopia – part 7

March 28, 2011

Sometimes it's best to let the photos speak for themselves... Hauling firewood. Hauling water.

Ethiopia – part 6

March 27, 2011

This is a rock-hewn church we visited. There are many more of these in the northern area of Ethiopia, which attract visitors from all over the world.  Each church is sculpted, both inside and out, directly from the living bedrock of the earth and are still used for worship today. When we arrived we weren't quite sure what we were looking at... until we almost fell in! Leave your shoes at

Ethiopia – part 5

March 27, 2011

Many of our days were spent at the Orphanage in Addis with Mazzy. Photographing the other children was strictly prohibited so many of our pics at the orphanage are of empty rooms, but here's one of Mazzy and I. My favorite self portrait of Al. Sig brought "silly-bands" for all the other kids, she made instant friends! Sig posing next to Mazzy's crib. These pictures were taken at a different orphanage than the one

Ethiopia – part 4

March 24, 2011

mmmmcoffeeamazingdarkblackcoffee Everyone, and I mean everyone, drinks coffee in Ethiopia. Even if you don't drink coffee... when you go to Ethiopia you WILL drink coffee.  It's roasted, ground and served daily for all. One of the best things about drinking your daily coffee is that it's much more involved than grabbing your cup and getting to your daily business.  It's called a "coffee ceremony" and everyone gathers around a bowl of

Ethiopia – part 3

March 23, 2011

We had been invited to church, which was packed full by 8:30am.  We slid in the front row of the balcony... front and center, surrounded by kids.  The entire service was in Amharic, but we could feel what was going on.  Helen would off and on whisper to us a translation of a song or prayer, but it was powerful enough without understanding the language. Then, to our surprise a wedding

Ethiopia – part 2

March 23, 2011

These photos were taken on the playground outside a church in Addis Ababa. We had spent the morning in church with our dear friend Helen (who's picture I'll post later) and many little sets of eyes kept stealing glances at Signe. Eventually, we made it outside to the playground... all I can hear now when I look at these is "SSSSIGGGGGGGGAAANNEEE!!!" All the little boys were chasing Sig and wanting her to

The Shannons

March 22, 2011

Through many different connections we became friends with the Shannon family... and wow, what an amazing family!  They helped us find the best pizza and burgers in all of Ethiopia, taught us how to use the public transportation system, invited us into their own home and shared their hearts for the people in their community. We miss them greatly and hope our paths will cross again... soon. The four kiddos... If you're

Ethiopia – part 1

March 20, 2011

We've been home now for two weeks... I keep planning to share some of our photos and then I get sidetracked when I start looking at them. Each picture brings me back to that specific moment.  It's nuts - we took well over 1,000 pictures, so the process of picking a few seems overwhelming. Therefor I've decided to pick 10 or so per day and just start. This is the Christian World