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Kelsey + Parker

June 29, 2011

KELSEY + PARKER = MARRIED MAY 20, 2011 ROSVILLE, MN What you see in these pictures is pure JOY, happiness and love... it's so darn easy to photograph people in love, they kinda forget you're even there! The wedding of Parker and Kelsey was a unique one for Al and I... Parker is my cousin and Kelsey was apart of our lives for 9 years when we worked at Luther Dell Bible Camp (she


June 27, 2011

I've gotten to shoot with Ethan and Camryn for 3 years now... but this time we did some family pictures too! I love it! Enjoy the summer with those cutie kiddos!!

Colleen + Nick

June 24, 2011

Nick (Al's cousin) has been a highlight to all our annual gatherings at the Johnson family farm over the years and now the addition of Colleen is only going to make every gathering a party. We're super excited for you two and can't wait for the big day! Cheers to the growing Johnson crew!!!

Libby + Ryan

June 10, 2011

Libby + Ryan... oh man. oh man. oh MAN! I cannot wait for this wedding!!!! These two have such a sweet dynamic, I practically wish I could marry them too.  We had a blast shooting around Duluth, talking about life and drinking coffee... (actually Ryan had a smoothie) Cool shoes. Sep 25... come quick!

Harper Louise

June 6, 2011

Let me introduce you to Harper Louise, a darling little girl who I just want to squeeze!  She is the newest addition to a favorite family of mine, Krista and Aaron are top notch parents and big brother Des is still adorable as ever. Krista has always had this amazing singing voice... so this pic made me giggle, I think I can hear the alto in Harper already. There is nothing sweeter


June 2, 2011

It's becoming a fun spring tradition to get together with Grace on her birthday to do a little photoshoot! She has to be the most articulated 5 year old I know, I learned a lot of top secret information during our shoot. Just the two of us got to go exploring and shooting and she had a ton of ideas, most included picking a bouquet of flowers. Diana and Nate are