Steger Mukluks

February 7, 2013

Al and I could be billionaires if we were given $1 for every person we told about Mukluks and how awesome they are.  Honestly! I had the worst case of frozen toes until I purchased my Mukluks 8 winters ago… I’ll never wear another winter boot again. We live in the Arctic (Wisconsin) where temps have dipped down in the the -20′s this winter and these little slippers, I mean boots, are the best! So when we got an email about Steger Mukluk’s having a photo contest we figured we’d better enter. We jumped in the truck and drove out on the lake, snapped a couple photos and entered! Go take a peek at the contest and “like” our pics so we can continue to stay toasty warm!

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Lyndsey’s PHOTO!

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