Alyssa + Gabe

September 29, 2015

Blog Collage 1443495119302 Alyssa + Gabe

Basically a perfect evening at Amnicon Falls to capture these two vibrant, lovely folks! You can’t sport an AWARD WINNING stache like Gabe’s and NOT be awesome. Yes, as a matter of fact there are mustache contests and and this stache placed in the top three in it’s category.

We had a blast…  so much fun though that we lost Alyssa’s glasses… so if you happen to go for a hike at Amnicon and come across them… haha!


Can’t wait to celebrate next fall with you two!


Blog Collage 1443495196680 Alyssa + Gabe

Blog Collage 1443495380226 Alyssa + Gabe

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