Amber + Sam: Part 1

September 18, 2015




part 1


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We love a good adventure -  so when the opportunity came up to head East and capture Amber + Sam for a wedding weekend of perfection we were IN! It was both of our first time to the beautiful state of Maine and it surpassed our expectations.

Arriving to the friends home where the wedding was going to take place (and the 13 guests would stay) we were a little nervous… I mean, we just traveled from WI to join in for 3 days of fun with a bunch of people we’d never met. It took all of 30 seconds to feel at home and we are 100% positive we will see some of these new friends again.


Friday was spent preparing for Sat, taking a stroll out to a lighthouse, preparing lobster and then devouring it, snooping around Chris’s house and loving all the art, sculpture and found objects displayed…  and basically having a blast.  (Oh, and purchasing some clothing because ours was stuck in transit.)

Enjoy -


Blog Collage 1442628708891 Amber + Sam: Part 1

Blog Collage 1442628964596 Amber + Sam: Part 1


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