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Hankins Family

July 27, 2016

  I've been friends with Andi + Brian before there was an Andi + Brian! Brian and I started kindergarten together and graduated high school together and Andi was a year behind us but we played every sport together that our small town offered! It's so much fun to see them now with their beautiful kids and see the both of them in each of the three kiddos. Personality and looks,


July 24, 2016

  Dachen is one of my annual shoots and man what a treat! It has been so much fun seeing him grow over the years and yet keep the same squealy giggle and snuggle-fest attitude.  We kept the shoot rolling with a fun playdate at a playground, walk on the boardwalk and to finish it off a dish of Cold Stone. I think I could do this every night.... haha! High

Family Traditions

July 23, 2016

  Sara found us online and sent a message to see if we could come out to the cabin they rent and do a family shoot. Their family has been coming "Up North" from Indiana every summer for 20 years and her dad about 60 years! Lots of fishing, marbles and relaxing are the common items on the list when they come. This is likely to be their last year at

Paige + Luke

July 22, 2016

PAIGE + LUKE CLYDE IRON WORKS DULUTH, MN   If I'm completely honest I have to say this wedding was one we've been looking forward to since last summer! Paige (and her family!) have been such amazing friends and clients to us since we met back when she was starting her senior year.  Just for fun here's a session from 2013... Many of you know we used to be camp directors so we know camp

Devon + Scott

July 8, 2016

  DEVON + SCOTT MOORISH ROOM - GREYSOLON PLAZA DULUTH, MN   You will absolutely love the vintage vibe that Devon + Scott wove into their day. From the beautiful head piece she wore, the lace gloves, the long pearls, the feathers... all of it was beautifully done.  Even the PhotoBooth props were furs and hats, pearls and diamonds! We had a beautiful start to the day and we got to photo out on the street

Lakyn + Kevin

July 3, 2016

  LAKYN + KEVIN THE BIRD SANCTUARY SOLON SPRINGS, WI I love getting to shoot at the Bird Sanctuary, especially on a perfect evening with such a beautiful couple! Plus, it's on my running route so I've had plenty of opportunity to scope out the good spots. Lakyn + Kevin were so fun and natural together... which I'd assume since this love started between them all the way back in Junior High! We are