Devon + Scott

July 8, 2016

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You will absolutely love the vintage vibe that Devon + Scott wove into their day. From the beautiful head piece she wore, the lace gloves, the long pearls, the feathers… all of it was beautifully done.  Even the PhotoBooth props were furs and hats, pearls and diamonds!

We had a beautiful start to the day and we got to photo out on the street and under the historic awning in front of the Greysolon Plaza with the wedding party before the ceremony.  Then the guys had a celebration smoke of cigars and the gals got to see the big reveal of the broach bouquet that Devon’s mother had made.

The ceremony took place during a thunderstorm but I’m pretty sure that means good luck! I’m not even sure Devon + Scott noticed the lightening flashing in the windows or if they were focused on their vows! During our email conversations Devon had mentioned she really wanted to get a few photos with the Duluth Lift Bridge during their social hour… but it was storming and I’m talking BIG storms. But, we took a chance and it paid off! You’ll love the few we managed to get, even though I was a little nervous (or a lot nervous!)

The rest of the evening was a blur of dinner, toasts, cake and dancing! Lots of dancing!  Congrats to the new Mr + Mrs!



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