Alayne + Lawrence

August 16, 2016

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I love when two families come together to celebrate and you’d never know they haven’t known each other for years.  That’s how it felt during Alayne and Lawrence’s wedding. Lawrence is from Alabama and all his groomsmen and family came to Minnesota to celebrate with him and Alayne’s big, FUN family. After spending the day with them we felt like we were part of the family too!

The ceremony and all the photos were taken at Alayne’s childhood home. It felt like a park or urban oasis of huge trees, trails and horses right in the middle of the city. It was a beautiful, special backdrop for them to start this new chapter together.

After their first look and a little time for photos they had planned to exchange gifts and play a game of cribbage together. A table and chairs were set up in the woods and they took a moment to enjoy each other and slow down their day. Then we added in the wedding party which was a solid hour of laughing and step-bumping…. you’ll see….

After the ceremony everyone headed to the Golf Course for social hour and then a delicious dinner followed by donuts. Yes DONUTS!
Once everyone was sugared up they thoroughly burned off their energy on the dance floor and then sent the couple off with a sparkler exit!  A magical day for a beautiful couple!

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