Marni + Jacques

August 5, 2016

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It was the most perfect of perfect days. Lake Superior was in her full glory for Marni + Jacques and their closest family and friends came to celebrate with them at the Grand Superior Lodge. These two planned so many unique details for their day and each one painted the picture a bit more clearly of their relationship and personalities.  They wrote love letters to each other right before they had their first look on the rocky shore, read them while standing back to back and then used excerpts of them during the ceremony.  Marni’s sister was their officiant and she brought such a personal feel to the entire ceremony. Dried lavender confetti for the processional… which I nabbed a few satchels of and they are a lovely, smelly reminder in our car of their day! (Thank you!) After the ceremony we made our way over to Gooseberry Falls for some fun during the social hour and then back for dinner. Many of you may have heard of the Chambong but if you haven’t seen it in action I wish you could have seen M+J give a welcome/thank you toast then cheers the guests, mic drop….  it was the perfect combo of classy and sassy. Their first few dances were under the patio lights outside as the sun was setting… a big YES to that. And YES to the cigar and whisky bar AND the foxy lady dance in lieu of a dollar dance… oh and the “get lucky” toss bouquet full of lottery tickets. Yes, that’s right, like I said these two are a perfect match and created a day that reflected them! FUN.

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