Anne + Marc

September 1, 2016

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Private Residence

Bovey, MN


True story, on the Sunday morning following Anne + Marc’s wedding I was on a run with a girlfriend retelling her about the wedding. (Side note: she’s really great and gets to hear all the funny details of the weddings we shoot!) I actually told her at one point during the day we got to sneak away with the bride and groom to this gorgeous river, the lighting was perfection, the groom had his fishing rod and the two of them looked like they stepped out of a movie scene. It was one of the most beautiful wedding moments I’ve ever shot.  It’s true. You’ll see.


Anne + Marc invited all their friends and family to trek up to Northern MN to Anne’s family cabin/compound.  Most of the guests were bused from the nearest hotel because honestly none of them would have been able to find it! The setting was everything you image a secluded cabin to be and then WAY more.  It was a team effort to bring the wedding together and all the details were taken care of by friends and family. Sister of the bride/florists, neighbor/cake and cookie baker, brother of the bride/officiant, friend/hair stylist,  all the groomsmen were hustling around in the morning setting up and the groom himself made the bouts.  They added so many Anne + Marc touches in the details that even the glass clinking game had a fun spin which included the game Operation.

It was a perfect day and we were honored to be there to celebrate with them! Enjoy!


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