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  MEYERS FAMILY / GHOSTBUSTERS BILLINGS PARK SUPERIOR, WI     I've gotten to capture the Meyers family a bunch over the years, and I do think Dan actually has come to the point where he has fun with the shoots. (It's only taken a few years!) Now, however, I'm completely convinced he loves them because it was HIS idea to plan for the fall photo-shoot... including a family themed Halloween costume shoot. YES.  I absolutely

Melissa + Brooks

October 28, 2016

  MELISSA + BROOKS SPIRIT MOUNTAIN DULUTH, MN   I remember meeting with these two over coffee last year and thinking their wedding day would be absolutely perfect.  Their romance started back in High School when they went on an adventure with their mutual friends on a trip to Valley-fair! They ended up riding on the Wild Thing together and sparks flew!! Haha. They are both UMD alumni and have now settled into Duluth and


October 26, 2016

  THE CARLSON FAMILY SOLON SPRINGS, WI I'm a little biased, but these are some of my favorite folks! Ashley happens to be my early morning running/kettle bell/kick my butt buddy so all of you who are lucky enough to have someone like that in your life know the kind of friendship that can form! She just celebrated (IN VEGAS) a non-monumental birthday... and before they left we were able to schedule a

Amanda + Scott

October 24, 2016

  AMANDA + SCOTT LESTER PARK + BRIGHTON BEACH DULUTH, MN   We hadn't met in person yet, so it was a little awkward waiting in the parking lot for Amanda + Scott to arrive. I'm sure all the other patrons coming to enjoy a beautiful afternoon at Lester Park felt like they were being watched by the creepy photographer lady.  However, as soon as they pulled in I knew we were going to have

Caralyn + Jake

October 21, 2016

  CARALYN + JAKE HARTLEY NATURE CENTER DULUTH, MN One of the best perks of being a wedding photographer is all the beautiful fall engagement sessions you get to take part in! I'm serious! I got invited along for a hike in Hartley with Caralyn + Jake to capture the overlook, the pines and the colors of some of their favorite spots. It's been just over a week since the shoot and I'm sure

Alyssa + Gabe

October 19, 2016

ALYSSA + GABE AAD SHRINERS TEMPLE DULUTH, MN   It's hard to say if we've ever met another couple who had as much fun together on their wedding day as Alyssa + Gabe.  The best man said it during his toast, you can't help but have fun when Gabe is around. From the "first look" of the day to the epic garter dance/removal there were countless moments of full out laughter! We can be

Angela + Matt

October 17, 2016

ANGELA + MATT INDIAN MOUNDS PARK ST PAUL, MN     We were so excited to finally meet Matt!! We've known Angela... gosh... 10 years? Heard all about him, felt like we knew him because we stalked him on Facebook of course. Well, in person he lives up to all the hype. These two are the dynamic duo, power couple, two peas in a pod. I have a feeling they'll be our "famous" friends someday!   We

Alex + Scott

October 13, 2016

  ALEX + SCOTT 5 YEAR ANNIVERSARY THEIR PRIVATE PROPERTY - SOLON SPRINGS, WI   Getting to capture these two now, after 5 years of marriage, was pretty awesome. They both trusted us years ago as we did their high school senior shoots, prom photos together, then their engagement photos and family shoots over the years.  They have what we hope for all of you, to be best friends and still in love after 5

The Rhoads

October 12, 2016

  THE RHOADS BILLINGS PARK SUPERIOR, WI   It was just about a year ago when we first met Jason, he was the officiant/pastor for a wedding we were shooting.  His message at the wedding was so powerful and honest. We instantly liked the guy, plus he wore a hat, we liked the hat. Fast forward a few months and we found our family was needing a change. We had put church on the back burner

Johnson Family

October 11, 2016

  JOHNSON FAMILY LESTER PARK DULUTH, MN   These guys just happen to be some of our most favorite people on the planet. Yep. LOVE them. PLUS they're family, so bonus for us all! And, we need to figure out how to slow down these years... these "little" kids are growing up and turning into super awesome big kids.  

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