Alicia + Jared

October 3, 2016

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Let’s just say the day didn’t start off like anyone expected or could have imagined. When we showed up to find that Alicia and Jared and their daughter (the most adorable flower girl there ever was!) were in the ER we had a sinking feeling the day could be ruined… but nope, not at all. These two are absolutely incredible and just a few hours behind schedule meant nothing! Everyone is fine and Elle sported an extra cool pink cast on her finger for her walk down the aisle! She also sported the fluffiest, sweetest dress ever made.


The Greysolon Ballroom was stunning with the help of Northland Special Events  plus Alicia’s killer eye for detail and beauty took it all to a new level.  A favorite detail of mine was Alicia’s ornately detailed cape. After the ceremony we had some time on the big lake to capture A+J as they took in the moment, her veil blowing in the wind, enjoying a beautiful evening in Duluth! Then back for the grand entrance and a couple hundred excited friends and family to party the night with.


Congratulations to your beautiful family!


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