Jamie + Eric

October 10, 2016

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As a photographer, there is no greater compliment then being requested to shoot multiple weddings for the same family. Jamie was her sisters MOH a couple years ago while we had been the photographers so she had the full ON3/Al + Lyndsey experience already and knew what she was getting herself into! Plus, reconnecting with her family was such a treat for us.

When we had talked about photos with the wedding party Jamie had thought Brighton Beach would be nice… but the Inline marathon threw a monkey wrench into that plan and we opted for Lester Park. I’m thinking the plan B worked out perfectly! The wedding party was a blast and after much discussion decided to call themselves “Homies In The Park”…  A favorite detail of ours was Jamie’s shawl that her mom handmade for her. After Lester Park we headed back to Northland for a few more photos with family before the main event.

Northland Country Club was in full fall beauty and the outdoor ceremony/social hour was perfect for the guests to soak it all in. The florals were stunning thanks to Saffron and Grey, Sounds Unlimited brought the party, How Sweet It Is brought the dessert and Derick Cich pampered Jamie with her beautiful, classic makeup.


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