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I’ve gotten to capture the Meyers family a bunch over the years, and I do think Dan actually has come to the point where he has fun with the shoots. (It’s only taken a few years!) Now, however, I’m completely convinced he loves them because it was HIS idea to plan for the fall photo-shoot… including a family themed Halloween costume shoot. YES.  I absolutely love a family who can laugh at themselves and that is exactly what happened. My favorite moment of the shoot is when they realize a few different neighbors are watching them march down the street in their Ghostbuster get-ups! They just bought their house this summer so they haven’t really gotten to know the neighbors, I’m sure they all think they are either insane or pretty much amazing.  Even Richard the cat got in on some of the action!

Enjoy their lovely family photos at the park but make sure to scroll to the end and get a chuckle from their killer outfits and the grumpy Stay Puft Marshmallow Man!



Blog Collage 1477962512794 Meyers Family (Halloween)

Blog Collage 1477962647349 Meyers Family (Halloween)

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