The Rhoads

October 12, 2016

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It was just about a year ago when we first met Jason, he was the officiant/pastor for a wedding we were shooting.  His message at the wedding was so powerful and honest. We instantly liked the guy, plus he wore a hat, we liked the hat.

Fast forward a few months and we found our family was needing a change. We had put church on the back burner because it was tough for us to get up early on Sunday mornings and go… I know, it’s a lame excuse. But we shoot weddings almost every Sat night and often they are out of town and our kids would be spending the night with grandma.  Bla bla bla. We started to think we should go to this Sun night church we’d heard about and that guy in the hat was the pastor there. Well… we went, we loved, we stayed. City Church is it’s name. AND huge bonus, Jason’s family is all girls and they rock.
We met up with the Rhoads at Billings Park in Superior and then ended the shoot in their urban oasis and chowed on homemade pizza.  Pretty great photoshoot!



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