Carissa + Caleb

November 20, 2016

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If we’re completely honest we were a little nervous about shooting Carissa + Caleb’s day.  We had never met, never even talked on the phone… just email. Carissa is a Duluth native but now lives in PA and Caleb is in the Twin Cities. Meeting before the wedding wasn’t going to happen! They both are pretty darn successful… Carissa is a women’s basketball coach in PA and Caleb a baseball player. (We didn’t allow ourselves to google them until after the wedding, we didn’t want to be even more nervous than we already were! ha.) We imagined them to be really loud and shouting plays or cheers all day. Quite the opposite! These two are the most humble, down-to-earth, laid back couple we’ve ever shot! Carissa told me they maybe have two photos together. They probably would have been ok with just 4 or 5 photos… Well, we needed to change that!

We started the day at the new Pier B Resort on Lake Superior.  Getting ready photos and a few of the groomsmen before heading to the church. After the ceremony everyone headed back to to Pier B for group photos and a “few” photos of C+C. (I’m thinking they’ll feel like they have enough of the two of them for a few years now!)  Their goal was to have a laid back reception with the crown jewel being Big Dave Wave and the Ripples. SO FUN!



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