The Roberts Family

January 26, 2017

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When you grow up in a small town like Solon Springs you know (and are known) by everyone! The Roberts siblings to me were always laughing and just straight up fun to be around.  Fast forward to now and you know what?? They are STILL laughing and fun to be around! There are now 9 grand-kids in the mix and it’s clear they are carrying on the good traditions.
It’s not often when they can all gather together so we hoped for decent winter weather when we planned the date weeks in advance…  and got rain… they’re tough northerners and we carried on!  We shot in family shifts and ended the session with an all out snowball fight. Like I said, they know how to have some fun!


Blog Collage 1485438095893 The Roberts Family

Blog Collage 1485438416581 The Roberts Family

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