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April 6, 2017

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Before we even arrived we knew it was going to be a special day for us. I mean, it wasn’t even OUR wedding and it was a special day for US. Ha!  Many of you know Al and I were the directors at Luther Dell Bible Camp for 9 years before we started shooting weddings full time. Over those years we met thousands of people at the camp! Lynette (and both her sisters) was one of those folks, she came as a young camper and had a super memorable experience there. Camp had made an impact, as it tends to do. She then did what we all do and she went and grew up… but she opted to work for a camp and that is where the paths of these two cross. Camp love is the best. I’ll let them tell you about it!


From Lynette: Matt and I met in August of 2016 at a camp down in Texas to work side by side for a year long fellowship with 12 other people. It took us until about the middle of winter to realize and recognize we had feelings for one another. This is when our late night talks and walks around camp began. We loved spending time together, even when our work already required us to be around each other for 14+ hour days . Our community of friends that were working alongside us supported and kept our relationship accountable. It has always been important that the Lord is first in our relationship and we are so grateful for God’s grace in allowing us to find each other.


How did the proposal happen?  


Matt had wrote me a poem during the summer that spelled out my name ‘Lynette’ and told me that he loved me. After the fellowship ended we drove up to Minnesota to get a few of my things. One morning we were getting ready to go to lunch with my parents. My mom asked if I was going to get ready, I looked at my Nike shorts and t-shirt and told her that I was ready. Little did I know that after I went upstairs to put on some makeup (she insisted), Matt was outside underneath the climbing tree in the front yard. He had put out rose petals, tea lights, and had Michael Buble (my favorite) playing in the background. My dad was busy distracting me up in my room until Matt called me. He asked me to come outside because he didn’t know what something was. So down the stairs I went and after I opened the front door, I saw him there, standing under the tree with a rose. He had added to the poem he previously wrote me and it spelled out the name ‘Ray’ and asked me to marry him. It was perfect, nothing special or grand, but sentimental in using a setting that means more to me than most people know. Also, both my parents were included in the process, making it special for them as well.
What were some favorite parts of the wedding day?
We really enjoyed our ‘first look’ together. It gave us time together where we could actually talk and relax a little. Plus the photos with Al and Lyndsey were completely focused on what we wanted and our true emotions! Another favorite part of the wedding was just having our loved ones celebrate with us! We have never felt so loved and supported and we are forever grateful for all of you who were there and also there in spirit! Matt and I have agreed that another favorite part of our wedding day was having Al and Lyndsey as our photographers. Never did I imagine that my wedding photographers would leave such an impact on our day, but they did! Anything we wanted, they did it. They also helped direct the wedding and made things much easier for us and for our guests! Our friends and family are still coming to us and praising the two photographers we had! All in all Matt and I are so blessed by our friends and family, but the biggest blessing was that God allowed this to happen and He is the reason for our wedding. We give Him all the glory.
Congratulations! We loved getting to be apart of your day! Enjoy!
Vendors:Venue : FIVE Event Center      Hair & Makeup : Jenna Shaffer       Cake : Keyscafe        DJ : Bellagala       Videographer : Vern LaBorde        Dress : The Wedding Shoppe




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