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May 15, 2017

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It was an absolute joy to get to know Amy + Beau on a professional level, but honestly, the moment I stepped into their home I knew they were even cooler then I thought! The morning of the wedding Amy was getting her hair and makeup done at her and Beau’s home and every time I turned around there was another picture to look at or pop of color on the wall or a custom barn door hanging in the entryway. It was fun to see into to their style and then as the wedding day progressed it was obvious these two are a perfect match!  I’ll let them take it from here and tell you all the good stuff!


How we met: We had mutual friends who started dating and wound up playing on a rec-league volleyball team together at Ace’s on 29th in Superior. After one evening of volleyball, Beau and Amy met up with the mutual friends to watch a movie (definitely done on purpose). After that, Beau asked for Amy’s number and set up a date for a few days later. A first date dinner and movie turned into 5+ years together and eventual wedding bells.


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Proposal: In late 2015, Amy was strongly hinting about hoping for a very special Christmas gift that year as we had bought a house together earlier in the year and had several discussions about taking the plunge into marriage. Christmas came and Amy had to settle for “only” a new cell phone and a new golf outfit. Meanwhile Beau bought himself a fancy new snowmobile he’d been talking about getting for a few years. Amy was a bit disappointed with both of those results.


Beau was cooking dinner a couple of weeks later one Sunday evening in January 2016 while Amy was cleaning up some paperwork and paying bills for the new house. Beau mentioned how it was a good 2015 for team McCusker-Thurman what with buying the house, Amy’s new job, and of course Beau’s new snowmobile. Amy shot back with “It should just be Team Thurman!” Beau then awkwardly stopped what he was doing, went into another room of the house, pulled out the ring he had bought a few days before, and tried to play it cool walking back into the kitchen. Amy knew something was up and asked what Beau was doing. Beau presented the ring to Amy and the two had this conversation:


Beau: “Would you like to join team Thurman?”

Amy: “Are you serious?”

Beau: “Yes”

Amy: “Aren’t you going to get on one knee?”

Beau: “You want me to do it like in the movies?”

Amy: “Yes!”

Beau drops to one knee and smiles: “Will you marry me?”

Amy: “YES!!!” followed by a big hug and kiss, plus a lot of jumping around the house in excitement.


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Wedding Planning: We started wedding planning soon after the proposal knowing we’d need to get a venue booked ASAP to have the best choices of dates (no one is coming to a wedding on 4th of July weekend). We agreed that Clyde Iron Works was the venue that best fit for us and booked it in April 2016. Then the wedding planning kind of took a back seat for a while with only a few other things getting done (booking a DJ and dessert caterer, finding a wedding dress). Luckily, Amy’s friend Lynda works in the wedding business and started pushing us near the end of last summer to get everything moving again.


We were able to split a lot of the wedding tasks up, although Amy definitely did more. She spent several long nights planning and getting centerpieces together with Lynda in the last few months before the wedding. It was a mad scramble at the end and very stressful at times (it’s cliche, but we definitely spent way more time arguing about decorations than all of the really important stuff like food, the ceremony, and music combined). In the end it was all worth it as we had a beautifully decorated venue and well planned out wedding day so that everything went smoothly without any stress all day.


The other thing we discussed quite a bit that we didn’t anticipate is the PR/manners side of the wedding. Who do we tip? Is it rude to include our registries on the invitations? How soon after invitations go out should we start tracking people down for RSVPs? We found countless webpages purporting to answer these types of questions, usually with conflicting answers.


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Tips: Luckily we had several friends who had recently married who were able to give us some of this advice. Here’s what we found most helpful throughout the process:


1. If you can afford it, a wedding planner is VERY helpful. They’ll know all the details that need to be addressed to make your wedding day a success and know all the best vendors. It is invaluable to have someone helping with the planning of the wedding and coordinating everything the day of the wedding so neither of us nor anyone else attending the wedding needed to deal with all of the details while also trying to enjoy the wedding.


2. Track all of your expenses and make sure you include everything associated with the wedding. When we first thought about our budget we thought of the big ticket items like the venue, food, vendors, decorations, etc., but there are lots of things we didn’t think about when first discussing our budget for the wedding. Those “other” expenses add up: rings, hair and nails for the bridal party, gifts for the wedding party, save-the-dates/invitations, lunch for the wedding party the day of the ceremony, officiant, tips, groom’s dinner, and many other expenses can creep into your budget. There are many lists of potential wedding expenses online that can be used as a starting point.


Also, make sure to include any of the “hidden costs” in your estimate. Sales tax, alcohol tax, and gratuities can add 20% or more to the sticker price.


3. Plan your wedding day from the time you wake up until all the gifts are packed in your car and you’re driving home or to the hotel so that everyone knows what their jobs are and when they need to do them. By planning everything out ahead of time (and having Lynda to keep us on schedule) we were able to really enjoy our wedding day without worrying about some details we may not have considered until it became a problem.


4. Unless your wedding is very small, you will not likely be able to spend time with everyone in attendance. Make a point to see some specific people, but otherwise just have fun and enjoy the day.


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Best part of the wedding day: We did a “first look” that Al and Lyndsey photographed. That’s when it hit us that it was really happening. After that Al and Lyndsey gave us a few minutes to chat, just the two of us, which was really special and intimate in a day that pulled us in so many different directions.


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Venue: Clyde Iron Works

Wedding Coordinator: Northland Special Events

Florist: Calla Lily

Cake: How Sweet It Is

DJ: Pro Sound and Light Show

Hair + Makeup: Friend


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