Mariya + Andy

June 2, 2017

Andy Mariya Esession 7 1024x715 Mariya + Andy







We honestly cannot wait to celebrate with these two coming up in July!  I can still remember meeting them for the first time over coffee last August, I’m always a little nervous to meet new potential clients but seriously, about 3 seconds after introducing ourselves I felt like these two could be lifelong buds of ours.


Their first meeting was  back in 2007 at the beautiful Gustavus Adolphus College and had spanned long distance for five years and now finally they get to be close to each other in Duluth.  I love that Andy is a 4th grade teacher and had a bunch of good book ideas for me (and my kids, not for ME! haha!)  and fabulous 4th grade stories. While Mariya is super fashionista and hones her skills for Maurices as a buyer… ahem, very cool.  They make each other smile and I have a feeling there will be loads of laughs on their wedding day!



Andy Mariya Esession 2 Mariya + Andy

Andy Mariya Esession 3 Mariya + Andy

Andy Mariya Esession 1 Mariya + Andy

Andy Mariya Esession 4 Mariya + Andy

Andy Mariya Esession 5 Mariya + Andy

Andy Mariya Esession 6 Mariya + Andy


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