Ruopp Family

June 19, 2017





Grace 1 Ruopp Family

We look forward to our annual family shoot and picnic with the Ruopp Family every spring. This year it was pushed off a little because all our kids are getting busy and scheduling is only going to get tougher the older they get! We met at Enger Tower this year and it was truly a beautiful evening. I loved getting to steal Grace for a bit and hear all about 5th grade in Esko. She loves Harry Potter and playing soccer and basically consumes books. I’m pretty sure she’ll be running the world in a few years.


Grace 2 Ruopp Family

Grace 3 Ruopp Family

Grace 4 Ruopp Family

Grace 5 Ruopp Family

Grace 6 Ruopp Family

Grace 7 Ruopp Family

Grace 8 Ruopp Family

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