Caralyn + Jake

July 13, 2017

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Such an amazing couple with a hilarious story of how they started dating… you’ll love it! But first, we just need to say we were beyond honored to be apart of Caralyn + Jake’s wedding day. Both C+J are architects and it was super fun to see how they were able to bring that eye for detail and design into their wedding. They have a classic, modern, simplistic style that wove through the details in such a fun way and of course highlighted their love for each other. We loved their desire to throw a big beach side party for their family and friends and keep the celebration front and center. (Can we say CHEERS to a dinner of hors d’oeuvres and PIE) And one last note, 2 days after their wedding they jetted off to Norway for their honeymoon… highlight was paragliding over the Aurland fjord. Unreal.

Words from the bride:

We met in our master of arch program at NDSU. Started dating after our first year, and following an Almuni event with dueling pianos Jake and our officiant Dan were on stage doing “head shoulders knees and toes”, the pianists asked them to bring their dates on stage of which neither had. Our friends volunteered me up and when the pianist sang out “eyes, ears, mouth…” I kissed him on stage in front of everyone. He was unexpectedly surprised and couldn’t stop staring at me the rest of the night lol.


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We graduated the following spring,  Jake took a job in Grand Forks, ND, I moved back home to Duluth. Eventually we scouted out options to continue our lives together, ruling out ND, trying MSP, then falling in love with Duluth together. We’re very happy here, having been calling Duluth home together for ~4 years. Been dating for ~5.5/6 years now.

In falll/winter of 2015 we started designing my engagement ring. Jake insisted I be part of the initial process, then I was kicked out of all exchanges. He planned an amazing proposal for our boundary waters trip in June 2016. Mid-June however he had an emergency appendectomy, and the surgeon told us our trip was not happening. Me, having no idea of Jakes plans, I quickly moved on to planning another weekend getaway Jakes body could handle. Meanwhile Jake was practically in tears, which now I totally get, he had a lot into the plans at that point. We ended up going to Door County with another couple, camping, biking, snorkeling all over and checking out wineries/distilleries. He proposed at sunset on the water after a 10 mile bike ride on a sunset trail. It was beautiful icon smile Caralyn + Jake


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Designing and building our arbor, and making our concrete candles was our favorite part of the wedding process. We had guests all sign the top wood piece of the arbor and plan to make a table out of the wood. Picking our favorite colors, and neon green accents was pretty fun too. Gotta love those flower girls, or “neon green poofs” as I liked to call them. Jake loved picking out the perfect bow tie and his wood grain watch, I loved finding my dropped back Pearl necklace and open back dress.

Jake says the best part of the wedding day was “getting married, and seeing everyone”. My favorite part was definitely the ceremony, probably our vows and the wine part of the ceremony!


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Venue: Superior Shores

Flowers: Saffron & Grey

Dessert: Betty’s Pies

DJ: Jarrid Houston

Hair: New Hairitage, Two Harbors

Makeup: Personal Friend

Wedding Dress: Flutter Boutique


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