Anne + Jeremiah

August 24, 2017

Anne 1 Anne + Jeremiah




Can I be totally honest for a second? I don’t think I’ve ever been so embarrassed and humbled during a shoot than this one!! Let me tell you what happened… I was dog sitting for my sister’s sweet dog Oscar. Let me preface this with the fact that he’s an awesome dog, super well behaved, sweet, never needs a leash AND a rescue dog…. so there might be some anxiety mixed in there a little too. Oscar and I arrived to our shoot 20 min early so we could scope out some good spots and he could go to the bathroom, then he’d have to sit in the car during the shoot. Anne and Jeremiah arrive shortly after and I try to get Oscar back in my car. He walked away, kept walking away… just out of my reach. I reassure A+J that Oscar is GREAT and super well behaved and never even needs a leash, to which he proves the opposite! He continues to play keep away and after me chasing him around for a few moments A+J start to help… this went on for a half hour! In my mind I’m thinking A+J must think I’m insane!! They’ll find a new photographer who doesn’t make them chase dogs during their engagement shoot! Eventually Oscar just takes off into the woods, he’s gone. I text my sister to tell her what happened and just give up the search.


I promise A+J we’ll get a few good photos still and let’s plan for a fall shoot too because this dog chasing thing has me frazzled. A+J keep their cool and of course their dog IS perfectly behaved and didn’t need a leash, haha. We end up having an amazing shoot and lots of laughs and the sun was glowing beautifully, it was perfect. If dog chasing had to happen I’m glad it was with Anne + Jeremiah!


There is a good ending to this story. My sister in law came to Pattison and drove around for a bit, called for Oscar and then she fell asleep in the parking lot for a half hour. A total of 3 hours later (from the time he took off into the woods) she woke up to Oscar jumping on her car! He’s happy, healthy and a bit more mature after his adventure. All is well!


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