August 3, 2017

Bennett 1 Bennett





It was such a treat to do Bennett’s senior photos and be around his family for an evening. (They fed me burgers pre shoot! YUM) The last time I saw them all together was just a FEW years ago… check it out here, it’s amazing what happens in 5 short years.  That last image from the old shoot has Bennett in a hockey jersey,  he’s grown up a lot but still playing hockey (and baseball and football!)

We did a few family photos and even a couple of the “little” brothers before heading out for solo Bennett photos. We came across a creepy man by the river… but other then that we had a perfect evening! Enjoy your senior year Bennett, you’ve got a lot of fun ahead!


Bennett 2 Bennett

Bennett 3 Bennett

Bennett 4 Bennett

Bennett 5 Bennett

Bennett 6 Bennett

Bennett 7 Bennett

Bennett 8 Bennett

Bennett 9 Bennett

Bennett 10 Bennett