Mariya + Andy

August 18, 2017

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Ceremony : St. Mary’s Star of the Sea Church

Reception : Greysolon Ballroom



The laughing began a week before the wedding while reading Andy’s facebook “countdown to the wedding” posts.  The laughing continued straight through the wedding day with these two! There were so many unique details to their day that really shined. A few of the highlights we loved most were when Mariya had to tie on Andy’s bow-tie but he needed to be blind folded so he wouldn’t see her, the tradition of pinning on rosemary to all the guests as they entered the church, and the drinking of Sljivovica as they exited the church! It was a beautiful day, these two are an exceptional couple who no doubt will be spending their lives happily married and laughing for years!


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From Andy:

First of all our planning was a long time in the making. After being together about 8.5 years or so I think we had more people asking about when it was finally going to happen. It was the 2nd day when we were engaged that we already started the planning. I was mystified that we needed to start that early, however, my beautiful planner said this was the way to go. Thankfully we did!

We met way back in 2007 down at Gustavus Adolphus College. It was the night of a mutual friend’s birthday and we happen to officially meet that night before everything began. As it turns out we hit it off that night and while Mariya attests that she asked me out 3 times, I still swear that it was only twice! Anyway, I finally wised up and came to my senses and we began to hang out and the rest is history! It turned out a couple years later someone found a photo from our freshman year and the two of us were in it together but neither of us really remember it.

Flash forward to the day of Mariya’s 28th birthday, she came home and was on gabbing on the phone pacing around the house. Unbeknown to her, our guest room was filled with a massive vase of flowers and her birthday presents. Thankfully I steered her away from there and it came time for dinner! We had hoped to go to Va Bena for a nicer romantic dinner, however, her sister and niece called and wanted to celebrate with us. I wasn’t the most keen on this at the start, however when she said we either meet them for dinner or we up with them after I opted for the first. Flash forward to when we got home and I gave her the present with two cards, one said to open before the present and one said after. The one that said after said to go into the 2nd bedroom. She walked in and saw the flowers and another card sitting there, she saw it and read it with her back to me. When she turned around I was down on one knee and boom! We were engaged!

The greatest part of our crazy story is yet to come. We have been beyond blessed to have each other’s family welcome us with wide open arms. With that bond over 9.5 years our hashtag #finallyfenske seemed so fitting. Some people have looked into as Mariya is a finally a Fenske, others have said it like FINALLY Fenske as in it took me long enough haha.

As far as the big day is concerned it didn’t really matter to us how the little things went down. We knew it would be 100% the way we had every single detail locked down. We just wanted people to be able to feel our love and wanted the day to be more about each other than anything else. I think we nailed that from the rehearsal to the actual day of it. More and more people come up and mention that to us. We’ve had comments about how no one has seen the church that full before or how they couldn’t believe how much love was in the air. We definitely waited a long time for this, spending five years in a long distance relationship where I was coaching sports year around on top of it all. She is more than a saint for putting up with me for continuing to coach and do something I love! It’s sure not easy being a coach’s wife by any stretch!

***my biggest hope for the wedding invovled 3 things:
1. I showed up at the altar.
2. She showed up at the altar.
3. We left the altar together.

Everything else was just a bonus. Though I enjoy making jokes about things to deflect how truly nervous I was!


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From Mariya:

The part I most looked forward to about the day was really the ceremony – the whole point of the entire day. I couldn’t wait to finally be his wife!!

I got to thinking about what Andy said – many people came up to us and said could feel our love that day. So many people cried so many happy tears for us – we cried so many happy tears (strange for me as I NEVER cry!). And our first dance song was “Make You Feel My Love” – seems so fitting.

We finally made it, we are finally married. Finally a family. Finally Fenske. 

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Ceremony : St Mary’s Star of the Sea

Reception : Greysolon Ballroom

Flowers: NSE Fluertation

Dessert : Betty’s Pies

DJ : Sounds Unlimited

Hair & Makeup : Yonkers Salon

Wedding Dress : Posh Rack