Amys Family

September 1, 2017

Amys 1 Amys Family






Such a fun evening with the entire Amys family! Three of the four siblings still live in the area so when their oldest brother (and his family) planned a visit home Anna (the youngest and therefore most perfect of the siblings, haha)  contacted us asap to set this shoot up! We met in a field…. yep, you got it, cow pies, hay bales and geese included!  Not just any field though, this is family land that has been theirs for generations.

Nanee and Papa are the two who started all of this, as the saying goes “all because two people fell in love” really rings true. Four kids, four kid-in-laws and TEN grandchildren! We shot all different combos of the family, but my favorites are towards the end when the kids were let loose to chase the geese. I couldn’t help but smile and think about the legacy of the land and what a honor it was to be capturing three generations of Amys running around on it that night.



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