Anndrea + Mark

September 13, 2017

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Otis Redding was playing on the radio, incense was burning and coffee was brewing when we arrived to their house wedding day morning. Anndrea and her sister Niki were getting ready together and we instantly knew this was going to be an amazing wedding day. On the dining room table were all the details Anndrea had chosen for her day and I literally felt like a kid in a candy shop, the handmade (by Anndrea) tie dye napkins, handmade leather clogs by Bar 9L Designs and of course the squash blossom.  Months ago she had told me about the squash blossom and how she wasn’t going to allow herself to wear it until the wedding day, but after the wedding all bets were off and she plans to wear it every day! Every where you look in their house there was a treasure on display, honestly I could have spent the day there and would want to hear the story behind each piece of art.

The limo arrived shortly before 10am and brought Anndrea and her family to the ceremony site where Mark and his family where waiting. The sun was shining and they had the entire Girl Scout Point in Billings Park to themselves. They promised to be each others favorite person forever and to find new reasons to love each other every day. To end the ceremony they did a “broom jump” which marks the beginning of making a home together and symbolizes the sweeping away of the old and welcoming of the new.  Then off to the Spirit Room to be welcomed by another 50 friends and family for a delicious brunch reception.  Anndrea + Mark, we’re so happy for you both!



From Anndrea : 

Well, we had an absolutely gorgeous day! We knew we were taking a chance doing an outdoor ceremony. The week we got engaged, we picked up a Farmer’s Almanac. Mark read through it and narrowed down a few weekends. After looking at all the planets, etc. too, we decided on 8.19.2017. In numerology, all those numbers add up to the number 1. A number 1 day is the best day to start something new!


I’d love to say that I didn’t do a whole heck of a lot of planning, but I was determined to make sure that all the loves were included that day. We snuck in a lot of personal items and symbolism that day. After getting down to what was important to include in the ceremony, the rest was easy.


Mark first asked me out in the laundry room of our apartment building and then proposed to me in our basement next to our washer and dryer. We wanted to have a personal wedding, but didn’t want our wedding to take place in a laundry room so we had a few adventures around Superior to determine our “fresh” spot. Billings Park was recommended to us a few times and we came across the Point locals call, Girl scout Point. It is a beautiful overlook and welcomes guests into an area of a crisp white semi-circle. It wasn’t a laundry room, but that circle screamed “washing machine” to me! So, that was it!


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We wrote our own vows and made sure to incorporate the rule of 3’s. The vows, the ring ceremony and then we “jumped the broom”. Jumping the broom was a phrase I’d always heard growing up to symbolize a marriage. It stuck with me. My family jokes about my mom, Ditto, using her broom as her mode of transportation. When I moved from OK to WI my mom gave me a beautiful broom. I had used it to clean up ashes from the wood stove and then to pick up dust bunnies here in Superior. And, for some good house rituals. I knew Mark was a keeper for sure when he agreed to “jump the broom” with me! We followed some old rules of jumping the broom. Mark swept in front of us as we faced our family and then handed it to me to lay before us for the big jump. That whole routine was to symbolize us making a “clean start” to our marriage. (We, of course, had our family count us down to the jump!)


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Sunday is our favorite day of the week together. We usually lounge and enjoy the sunshine. We were thankful that the Spirit Room agreed to a morning reception and then the fun stuff came after that! Our coasters had a sun with our initials inside A & M (morning a.m.-get it?!) and the gold sun.


Other symbols for the day:

Matches (perfect match). This saying does get over played in wedding stuff, but we had the match boxes shaped in a triangle shape-similar to a teepee. Our first trip together was teepee camping!


Rose Quartz hearts (stone of gentle love). The weekend after our first date, I went to the cities to meet my sister, Nici, & best friend, Courtney, for a gem show and told them about Mark. I knew I liked him mucho. So, I bought him a rock. He was pretty cool about it and kept it above his TV. He didn’t think it was too strange…also a note to self that he may be a keeper. Hence, the rose quartz heart rocks. We picked those out this April at a gem show. We also picked out his sapphires for his ring and my champagne diamonds for mine the same day!


Hand dyed napkins (my background in fibers). My mom helped me this summer tie and dye 90 napkins in my backyard. We were both caught blue-handed for sure!


Brass Lady. I got this from my Uncle Lenny’s house. He loved him some mail so this is a treasure in my home now to hold all of my mail.


Woven Basket (held the peas). This was from a trip to the Southwest with my parents-also for my background in fibers and Art History)


Peas. My Uncle Lenny hated peas. He wouldn’t eat any food that even touched a pea! We had a relationship similar to something between an older brother and a grandfather. I walked to his funeral from his house and threw frozen peas the whole way there. He never had children and I thought that would be a great way to honor him–To carry peas instead of a bouquet was a tribute to him. I knew he would be shaking his head watching me carry those peas! And, probably smiling from ear to ear seeing me throw them over the ledge after the ceremony.


Virgin Mary candles. Down south the Guadalupe candles are in every grocery store. I bought them often when shopping for groceries-it’s like she was on the list! To me, she symbolizes Mother Earth and is very grounding. I wanted that feeling to be at our reception as a similar reminder—be grounded, this day on earth is a pretty special one!


Squash Blossom Necklace. Gosh, I would joke that I was getting married to wear a squash blossom necklace! I had expressed that I would take one of those necklaces over an engagement ring any day! I had seen them on ladies at art shows in Oklahoma and have been searching for years for the perfect one! (Probably similar to gals that look for their engagement rings!) It was important to me to wear that type of necklace not only for the symbolism and energy of the turquoise, but for the history of the necklaces themselves. The Naja (inverted crescent shape) was front and center on Native American horse bridle. Later in time (1900), Hopi dancers started to wear the symbol on necklaces. (I studied Hopi rituals for my Masters and was in awe of seeing old photographs of these necklaces.) Just like buying old art and artifacts, I believe they pick you. I really liked the patina and the Naja shape looked similar to a rainbow. A wise lady who I refer to as my gypsy witch friend April told me when looking for my mate to, “Look for the Rainbow”. That was the necklace for me for my wedding day.


Shoes. Anyone who knows me well, knows I love me some shoes. They always fit! I found a young man on Etsy selling handmade tooled leather shoes. All I had to do was send him some wood soles and he would create a shoe for me. The shoes took almost 4 months. He put together a whimsical design of daisies and feathers. He is a true talent and will be taking orders again sometime when he gets caught up!


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Venue : Billings Park, Spirit Room, Cedar Lounge

Flowers : Saffron & Grey

Wedding Dress : Modcloth

Wedding Cake : Bride’s Sister Nikki
Cupcakes : Cupcake Lady

Band : Boomchucks