Alayne + Lawrence

May 26, 2016

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Let’s plan on meeting by the lake for the shoot… oh wait, there’s an entire high school dance team here!! Change plans, no biggie! We eventually did make it out on the rocks where they had planned and then made our way into Canal Park and the Point for a few last min images while the sun dropped low.  I’m loving this shoot and loving even more Alayne + Lawrence. Their connection was easy to capture and just darn fun to be around.  July will be here before we know it and we’ll get to celebrate with them at Alayne’s family’s home.


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Blog Collage 1464141358557 Alayne + Lawrence

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Bethany + Matthew

May 24, 2016

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The last thing Bethany + Matt said to me a couple days before their wedding was, “Honestly, we just want to get married and have a big, fun party with our friends. If all the details don’t work out, we’re fine!” I knew the day was going to be a blast. It was.


B+M opted to see each other before the ceremony, which resulted in some beautiful moments captured at the historic Two Harbors Depot. Plus that bright blue wall… who knew an exterior of a Bowling Alley would be so great! They are both Two Harbors natives and packed out the church for their early afternoon ceremony.  Obviously B+M practiced their dip & kiss because they NAILED it a few times throughout the day. Then off to the shore of Lake Superior for photo fun with the wedding party. Evidently Bethany has a reputation for always going INTO the lake, she of course tossed her shoes aside and chilled her feet a bit while Matt looked on with disapproval.  A quick stop at the very classy Reef Lounge…  Then off to Spirit Mountain for the social hour and reception.


These two are trend setters I’m sure of it. Donuts for dessert… delicious.  To wrap up our evening Matt owned the dance floor for a few moments before tossing the garter! It was a rowdy, wildly fun dance party! Congrats Beth + Matt!



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Tess + Eric

May 23, 2016


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If you’re like me and you haven’t hiked around at Jay Cooke State Park lately then I highly recommend you get out and do it this summer. Absolutely stunning. Thanks Tess + Eric for  suggesting it. There was something surreal about the spring colors, smells and the sounds of the river! Add in the worlds sweetest Bulldog – Otto and it made for a great night.

We’re looking forward to a fall wedding with these two!


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Blog Collage 1464052374316 Tess + Eric

Blog Collage 1464052488730 Tess + Eric

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Jolie + Trace

May 13, 2016





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It was a short 7 YEARS ago that we met Jolie. We were shooting her sister’s wedding and she was a bridesmaid!  Fast forward to last year when she contacted us and told us that ever since her sister’s wedding she wanted us to be her wedding photographers when that day arrived! Holy buckets, we were so honored!  The wedding took place at Pine Peaks Retreat and Event Center, which was just named “People’s Choice” for best venue in the 2016 spring/summer Mpls Weddings magazine. It was fabulous.

There were a million little details from their day that made us smile. The blue shoes, sunflowers, fun nods to the movie UP, ceremony reading from Lemony Snicket and of course Henry (their adorable pup) the bridesmaid were among our favorites! Oh, and did I mention that Trace’s wedding band is made of dinosaur bone!?  As you can see these two are a rare couple, we loved every moment of their day!



“I will love you as the iceberg loves the ship, and the passengers love the lifeboat and the lifeboat loves the teeth of the sperm whale, and the sperm whale loves the flavor of naval uniforms.”
― Lemony Snicket, The Beatrice Letters

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Amber + Blake

April 25, 2016

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I know I’m totally going to sound like an old lady… but it honestly seems like it was only a year (or 2ish) ago that I got to take Amber’s senior portraits. Boom, fast forward and she’s met the amazing man she’s going to marry and here we are taking engagement photos!  Life seems to be going in fast forward! Honestly though, I know they’ve both lived full lives thus far and it’s going to be fun to see and hear along the way what the future holds for them.

It was so much fun tromping around Duluth and capturing these two in love! We’re SO SO happy for them both to have found each other, on the dance floor at her sisters wedding! Haha!



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Jessi + Nick

April 21, 2016

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These two are living life to the FULLEST right now! Getting married, moving, graduating, new jobs… insanity.  When I connected with Jessi a few days before the wedding via phone she was as cool as a cucumber.  Nerves of steal!

The wedding day was beautiful. They decided to keep things traditional and not see each other before the ceremony. It’s always fun to have both the guys and gals in the church and shuffling them around to make sure no one sees each other.  From the super hero undershirts to the “something blue” Smurf (who has rode down the aisle 3 times in the cleavage of a bride! BEST family tradition ever) to the perfectly inappropriate best-man speech, it was a GREAT day full of laughter.

We are excited for their next adventure!



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The Vanden Boschs

April 7, 2016

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Dara has been a dear friend of ours for 15 years +.  Her story has impacted ours directly in so many ways! When she texted to say that she and her awesome family would be at her parents house, only 3 hours away, we had to make the trip… and take a few photos.  Staying up late talking and hearing stories about what they are doing in Mozambique was the highlight, it was inspiring and humbling.  They have given up everything we Americans call “comfort” in order to spread the Gospel and to bring hope, peace and real comfort to those who are literally dying.  If interested you can find out more here.

You also might recognize these guys if you’ve been following our site for awhile,  in case you just need MORE of their love you can click here for their wedding post from 2+ years ago!


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Lindsie + Andrew

April 6, 2016

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I love Duluth and all the crazy weather it gets! I love Lindsie and Andrew even more for braving the gusts and sleet to make some magic happen, even when the wind was doing some wild whipping of Lindsie’s hair! And one more thing I love… that yellow jacket.  And speaking of love, it’s stinkin obvious these two are crazy in love! You can’t help but smile when you’re with them!


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Blog Collage 1459975115128 Lindsie + Andrew

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Erin + Nate

April 1, 2016

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There are so many fun details and stories to tell you about these guys and their day… I’ll try to keep it short. First off, we met these two 12ish years ago when we were the directors of Luther Dell Bible Camp. They had come to camp for confirmation… and to meet their future spouse! Nate was one of those campers who kept coming back and trying to stay just one more week… we loved that! Fast forward to now and they are both doing amazing things for the community. Nate is a firefighter and Erin an audiologist.

Their wedding was held at the amazing McNamara Alumni Center, a work of art all on its own.  A few moments that need explaining… in lieu of toddlers as their flower girls they asked their grandmothers to be the flower girls! They kinda stole the show…  At one point towards the end of the ceremony the pastor asked everyone to hold hands while he prayed, take a look at the groomsmen!

We LOVED celebrating with the Voyes and their entire wedding party. We know they have many years of fun to come!

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Meghan + Josh

March 25, 2016

Blog Collage 1458928760863 Meghan + Josh


Meghan + Josh seriously lucked out with the incredible snowy backdrop for their shoot! We had actually cancelled the shoot two days prior since they would be driving a few hours to meet for the session. The National Weather Service was predicting bad road conditions… but the morning of the shoot we decided last min to reschedule back to the original plan because Duluth looked like a scene from Narnia. Thank goodness for flexible schedules and spontaneous folks!! This is winter at it’s very best! Enjoy!


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