Jen + Rishi

May 24, 2015

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The idea of “two becoming one” is so powerful when you can see the two had such different backgrounds, upbringings and life experiences. Yet, they have a connection and love that trumps all else. Jen + Rishi brought together their families and closest friends from the east coast all the way to the west coast to celebrate right smack-dab in the middle.  We had the honor to celebrate with them on Friday night as well as the wedding day on Saturday. Friday evening was the Sangeet, the ladies were wrapped up and absolutely stunning. Check out that post here!

Just the fact that these two planned an outdoor ceremony in May, in MN speaks of their gutsy, adventurous spirits! Behold, it was a gorgeous day and they met, behind balloons, in a park near their house.  We met up with the wedding party for a walk through a park and a run in with security… haha! After the photos J+R  made their promises to each other on the front lawn of the Gale Mansion.  Jen’s uncle married them and delivered a beautiful and personal message complete with the Saptapadi and exchange of flower garlands. Then onto a fun filled evening of live music by The Covers. Jen and her dad had a hilarious surprise dance that left everyone laughing!

Let’s do this again! Cheers!


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Let me just say this, as a person whose entire house is filled with primary colors and bright, bold furniture etc… I LOVED this party!! So vibrant, fun and an all out celebration.  I hope the images portray the laughter and fun that was had. There was a Mehndi artist there for all to take part in and food. Oh. food.

Jen + Rishi are outstanding! I’m certain you will fall in love with them over the next few posts!!

Lots more from their wedding day SOON!

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Billi Jo + Eric

May 10, 2015




In the wedding industry we get to work with a lot of great people and Eric is one of them. Eric is a DJ  (Sounds Unlimited) and whenever we see him we know it’s going to be a good night!  We were beyond honored that he would pick us to photo his very own wedding day.

We knew these two were going to do their own thing but I think it’s safe to say that NOTHING about Billi + Eric fit into the “traditional” wedding flavor. Billi picked out a simple, classic, black dress and killer shoes. They wanted to take photos in the cemetery and wherever else we thought would fit them… so we took them to a tire pile and an overpass! It was an absolute blast!

They kept their wedding guest list to a very select few and said their vows at the Courthouse. Eric’s daughter is a doll and stole the show afterwards! We had fun with the three of them before heading to Aces for a non-traditional wedding meal. (As in a bacon cheeseburger and DQ cake for dessert!)

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Erin + Nate

April 30, 2015

It’s been about a decade since we’ve seen these two… Crazy. What an incredible honor to get to shoot their esession and wedding next year!

A little background: Al and I were camp directors at Luther Dell Bible Camp for 9 years (Did you know!?) and these two came with their church for a confirmation crash course in junior high. The only problem was Nate never wanted to leave! He kept figuring out ways to volunteer and stay another week. The utopian camp life was just to good. They were only friends back then but what fun memories for us and to reconnect with them now.

We love life stories like this and are so blessed to be invited in on them!! Congrats E+N!



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Nicole + Andy

April 22, 2015





These two are about as fun, kind, beautiful and genuine as anyone could be! We didn’t want their wedding day to end!

We love the look Derick Cich created for Nikki, she was stunning all day. We had the ballroom all to ourselves, fully decorated and ready, so we took advantage and had N+A’s first look right in the aisle.  Then… it was simply taking the photos while they looked amazing and laughed their way through the day. The wedding party was perfection and just added more fun to what was already happening.

The day flew by and we were honored to be there to capture it. High-fives to the other vendors who added their unique flavors to the day as well!

Flowers – Calla Lily     Cup cakes – How Sweet It Is     DJ – Cory with Sounds Unlimited     Linens/Chairs – Simply Linen


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Kathryn + Aaron

April 9, 2015





It was PI day and yes that is why Kathryn + Aaron chose 3/14/15 as their wedding day! And yes, they had a pie to cut instead of cake! (Great job How Sweet It Is) And yes… they are totally nerds and embrace their inner nerdiness and bring out the best in everyone!

Derick Cich had Kathryn looking beautiful while Aaron was helping with chair covers (from north haven event planners) sporting his Star Wars tee-shirt. We had plenty of time for photos and beautiful weather (again for Mid MARCH!) to get outside and play.

A few favorite details of mine… the purple and green cons of course, the random blue nailpolish, flowers by Saffron & Grey, and the amazing pie.

Star Trek, Star Wars, Dr Who, Mario, and plenty of other “geeky” themes wove their way into the day. The dance and Photobooth (blog to come) were a riot, great job ProSound! The entire day was perfect!

May the force be with you!


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Tressa + Zachris

March 29, 2015





These two amazing folks planned and executed their wedding in 2 months… yes 2 MONTHS!  Lots of help from family and friends and a “go-with-the-flow” attitude is what it takes to pull that off.  We had the honor of shooting not only Zach’s sister’s wedding 2 years ago but also Tressa’s sister’s wedding 3 years ago! Small world, eh? Being asked to come back and shoot T+Z’s day was a huge compliment to us. Plus, we already knew the families! FUN!

We’ve never had lunch with the bride and groom on their wedding day before, but Zach had packed a lovely lunch which included a Lego set to put together while munching on Oreos. (Stress reliever!)  You’ll notice the love of Oreos continues into the reception, there was a surprise Oreo tower/cake, complete with Lego rock climbers. The weather was spectacular for mid-March and we took every moment we could to be outside before the ceremony.  The wedding party met up with us at Lincoln Park for some meandering and then out on the street in front of the Clyde.

The Clyde was the perfect backdrop for their traditional ceremony and dance filled evening. A social hour in the balcony included Zach’s band playing Jazz, a Photobooth, a mural for guests to draw/write on, and cribbage boards set up for all to enjoy.

Loved every moment!!


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March 20, 2015

This was WAY to much fun!!

A little background for this shoot… The reason which brought us all together was to do a shoot for Simply Bridal,  a fabulous online wedding boutique that strives to make the entire wedding planning experience convenient and accessible for all wedding budgets.
We needed  a model, a hair stylist and a makeup artist… Our sister-in-law Lauri is currently in beauty school and we knew she’d have a blast experimenting with hair styles. Check. Our friend Mandy just started as a makeup artists and we thought it would be fun to bring the two of them together for a shoot. Check.  We mainly wanted the entire shoot to be FUN so our model had to be someone we all knew and would go along for the ride… bring in the beautiful Ellen. As she’s kicking butt as a model she tells us that she’s never had a professional photo shoot. Nada. Well, Ellen, you’re a natural! AND you didn’t bat an eye at me when I put a fur hat on your head and elk antlers in your hands… even though you’re a vegetarian.

A fun fact: the first date we scheduled to do the shoot it was about -20 out… so we rescheduled. Second try we got a 60 degree and sunny afternoon!


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Clara + Joleigh

March 12, 2015

Many of you know how important adoption is to us and our story, our family. We adopted our daughter Mazzy 4 years ago and it has changed every fiber of our lives. It’s big, it’s life altering for everyone involved. That is why I’m so honored and excited to share these two lovely ladies with you. Joleigh-mom and Clara-daughter. They are a family formed through adoption and they are going to be welcoming home another member to their family… hopefully this fall! Clara is spunky, spirited, happy and healthy! She’s going to be an awesome big sister.

I’d like to quote Joleigh, referring to the 4th row pic (or 2nd black and white) – “And I share this because it is the perfect metaphor. Who the adult in the picture is doesn’t matter nearly so much as the fact that this little girl needed a family, and now she has one. And there are currently over a million more very much like her who also need families. Maybe YOU could be the adult who fills the void in an orphan’s life. You don’t have to be anything much more than willing and able to love. Easy Peasy! (I am 100% convinced that it took another mom who loves a child she didn’t create to capture this perfectly.)”


When I first asked Joleigh if I could do a photoshoot for them it was with the intention to help them raise money for the new adoption. However, due to some amazing circumstances and blessings from God… they don’t need a penny. But, because I know these images and this story will touch at least a few of you and you’ll want to do something, I know you DO, here is a link to another family in the process! Joleigh is turning every extra dollar over to this family and you can help.  Read about Christopher here!


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Katy + Matt

March 6, 2015






Hands down. Amazing day.

Katy + Matt, along with their wedding party, were over-the-top fun. They interjected a bunch of little details into their day to make it completely unique to them. From keds, gifts of chocolate, bullet shell boutonnieres, DQ Blizzards, and a hot chocolate bar they were full of fun ideas.

After the ceremony we headed to Canal Park to take photos of the wedding party… in the extreme WIND! It made for some fun cathedral veil moments!!

The reception venue was stunning, kudos to Jeremy Schrupp.  The dance floor was packed the entire evening thanks to Sounds Unlimited and Big Wave Dave and the Ripples.  If you haven’t heard them I’d change that asap. It was a crazy fun night!

Check out the video from Relive.


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