Kaycee + Gavin

January 12, 2016

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Holy buckets, Kaycee + Gavin threw the biggest New Years Eve party EVER!! We’ve never seen a wedding reception-dance get this crazy fun! Everyone that came to celebrate had planned on staying until the clock struck midnight and they packed the dance floor (Sounds Unlimited brought the music) right up until the confetti cannons rained down on them. I wish I could store up that kind of energy!

Right off the bat the day started out great – gold glitter, flowers (nicely done Bella Flora) beautiful and fun wedding party, and a couple who couldn’t wait to get married. We captured the two of them seeing each other and then added the wedding party in for a few photos outside. Then off to the church for a packed out ceremony.  They said I Do and then boarded the party bus to head back… with one quick stop at the Buffalo House. Sparklers greeted them at the Greysolon and then an evening of celebration ensued.

We wish we could shoot NYE with Kaycee and Gavin a few more times, it was that fun!


Blog Collage 1452651367283 Kaycee + Gavin

Blog Collage 1452651619675 Kaycee + Gavin

Blog Collage 1452651910477 Kaycee + Gavin

Blog Collage 1452652224327 Kaycee + Gavin

Blog Collage 1452652533656 Kaycee + Gavin

Blog Collage 1452652824274 Kaycee + Gavin

Blog Collage 1452653188421 Kaycee + Gavin

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Taryn + Kory

January 5, 2016

Blog Collage 1452041511820 Taryn + Kory






Our first memories of Taryn go back about 5 years ago to when she asked us if she could come along on a wedding shoot as she was starting out her own photography business. We of course said  – YEAH, come along and we’ll have a blast. We did and she must have thought we were alright to still want to hire us 5 years later to shoot her own day… even with all our goofing around!

A few highlights of their day were #1. Taryn pausing everything to book Journey tickets the moment sales opened. #2. Guys not knowing what to do with their hands. #3 Warm December day in Duluth, so warm we were able to be jacket-less for 20+ min.  #4 Shooting an image at Bentleyville, which happened to be their first date spot.


Congratulations you two! We pray all the best for your marriage!


Flowers: Saffron & Grey  ** Cheesecake Cups: How Sweet It Is ** DJ: Sounds Unlimited ** Hair: Jamie Snyder, Color Lounge ** Makeup: McKenzie McCullough – Verde Salon


Blog Collage 1452039693448 Taryn + Kory

Blog Collage 1452039972115 Taryn + Kory

Blog Collage 1452040281557 Taryn + Kory

Blog Collage 1452040524117 Taryn + Kory

Blog Collage 1452040885186 Taryn + Kory

Blog Collage 1452041165902 Taryn + Kory

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Erin + Nick – Part 2

December 23, 2015


part 2


This was one of the most beautiful, fun, laid back ceremonies we’ve ever shot. You need to imagine sitting there in the sun, a warm breeze coming off the ocean and the sound of the waves hitting the shore. Then “speedo man” started things off nicely as he walked through the aisle a few times… what??  After a good laugh everyone was anxious to see Erin walk down the beach to Nick, and goodness,  she looked amazing.  After the ceremony there was a toast, hors d’oeuvres and time to celebrate on the beach before photos.
The time with N+E was so fun and everywhere we looked it was a beautiful backdrop. Dreamy.
They originally planned to have the reception right on the beach but due to wind they decided to move it into a charming beach house. The night was perfect. An amazing coursed meal, drinks, dancing, toasts, shots, limbo…  like I said, perfect.

Thank you to Nick + Erin and the family for basically adopting us in for the weekend! We had a blast and hope we didn’t capture anything that should have stayed in Punta Cana! Haha!

Blog Collage 1450810341267 Erin + Nick   Part 2

Blog Collage 1450810693277 Erin + Nick   Part 2

Blog Collage 1450810894925 Erin + Nick   Part 2

Blog Collage 1450811122680 Erin + Nick   Part 2

Blog Collage 1450811292021 Erin + Nick   Part 2

Blog Collage 1450812117205 Erin + Nick   Part 2

Blog Collage 1450812359824 Erin + Nick   Part 2

Blog Collage 1450812672746 Erin + Nick   Part 2

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Erin + Nick – Part 1

December 22, 2015

Blog Collage 1450804339730 Erin + Nick   Part 1





part 1


This was our first time shooting an international wedding and sheesh… what a blast! We kinda feel like we should be celebrating Christmas with these guys now, we’re all practically family!  This part 1 post will give you a feel for the stunning Now Larimar resort and how amazingly fun it is to invite your closest friends and family for a long weekend party on the beach. LOTS of time in the water and the sun, lots of eating and drinking and endless laughing.

Here’s part 1! Hanging out with family, dinners and getting ready for the big day. Stay tuned for the ceremony (even a pirate ship showed up to watch!) and reception coming up.


Cheers to Erin and Nick for planning a wedding out of the box! I can guarantee every single person there won’t forget your day!


Blog Collage 1450804380613 Erin + Nick   Part 1

Blog Collage 1450805625996 Erin + Nick   Part 1

Blog Collage 1450805868899 Erin + Nick   Part 1

Blog Collage 1450806145129 Erin + Nick   Part 1

Blog Collage 1450806750046 Erin + Nick   Part 1

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Ashley + Brad

December 16, 2015

Blog Collage 1450241161350 Ashley + Brad






We’ve never felt so safe at a wedding before! Brad is a cop, along with many in the wedding party and even more of the guests, and Ashley works in a prison.  It was an honor to get to capture their day and celebrate with them.

It was chilly and windy but everyone was game for heading into Canal Park for some photo fun and capturing the Duluth landmarks in the images. I loved that Brad brought his firemen jacket and helmet for a few photos too. Another detail I loved… Ashley’s red lipstick!



Blog Collage 1450238761258 Ashley + Brad

Blog Collage 1450239889155 Ashley + Brad

Blog Collage 1450240126064 Ashley + Brad

Blog Collage 1450240710444 Ashley + Brad

Blog Collage 1450240954608 Ashley + Brad

Blog Collage 1450241179066 Ashley + Brad

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Tina + Nick

December 13, 2015

Blog Collage 1450056206356 Tina + Nick






Where to begin… other than we felt like these two should be coming over for dinner after their honeymoon to tell us all the stories and show us their pictures. Seriously, after a day spent with Tina + Nick you feel like you’re best friends. (and not to sound like a creeper, but I did stalk their Facebook feeds to see all their amazing honeymoon pictures! 10+ days in Italy… amazing) We loved their day.

It was yet another warm, late fall day in Duluth. We were able to venture down to the big lake and spend time taking photos and being goofy. The ceremony was very special with the blending of their families into one with 4 beautiful daughters! Speeches that had everyone laughing and a dance that went late into the night. A fun/awkward tradition of someone’s in their group is to squeeze a million guys and the bride into the bathroom! (that image is below!)


Blessings to Tina + Nick and their awesome family!!



Blog Collage 1450054811389 Tina + Nick

Blog Collage 1450055210618 Tina + Nick

Blog Collage 1450055363427 Tina + Nick

Blog Collage 1450055612984 Tina + Nick

Blog Collage 1450055775085 Tina + Nick

Blog Collage 1450056000437 Tina + Nick

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The Nords

December 9, 2015

I love getting to see the Nords and capture an afternoon of life with them annually. I just can’t get over how fun their kids are and how they just. keep. growing… stop it!!  Happiest of Holidays to these 4, I can only imagine the mayhem around the Christmas tree at their house!!


Blog Collage 1449719382847 The Nords

Blog Collage 1449719600042 The Nords

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If you missed Anna + Justin’s beautiful ceremony at Pattison Park, no worries – click here.  Now it’s time for their Sat night PARTY!

Dancing with tunes from Sounds Unlimited, eating cake from Sugar on Top and goofin off in our photobooth!

Blog Collage 1449457881890 Anna + Justin : the party

Blog Collage 1449458635325 Anna + Justin : the party

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Katie + Tim

December 7, 2015

Blog Collage 1449455444479 Katie + Tim


We just happened to meet these guys one night and then spent a week in the Dominican with them… well not exactly… but pretty close!  Katie’s sister was getting married on the beach in Punta Cana and they “convinced” us to come with to shoot the wedding!! SO, Katie and Tim were super smart and decided to join in on the fun and set up a shoot with us on one of the mornings we were there. It was a HOT blast!  The resort we all stayed at was full of unbelievable beauty and it was fun to shoot with palm trees instead of pines, lizards instead of mosquitoes! Plus, these three make such a sweet family and how fun to capture them while at their sister’s wedding week getaway.


Blog Collage 1449455077705 Katie + Tim

Blog Collage 1449455235947 Katie + Tim

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Anna + Justin

December 4, 2015

Blog Collage 1449232908178 Anna + Justin




I wish everyone in the world smiled as much as these two! I’m telling you, it would be amazing.

Anna and Justin planned for a small ceremony on a Friday in October at Pattison Park, WI.  They had a big bash the following night for all their friends to attend as well.  We couldn’t have had a more beautiful backdrop and like I said, the smiles were what stole the show. These two really like each other and know how to have fun!

The ceremony was on a little overlook deck that jutted out over the falls… you’ll notice in a few pics that some of the guests must have been nervous of heights as many chairs were empty… they opted to stand on land. I’m just glad they didn’t drop the rings!

Stay tuned for Sat’s photos and their Photobooth…

Blog Collage 1449231072087 Anna + Justin

Blog Collage 1449231441930 Anna + Justin

Blog Collage 1449231852505 Anna + Justin

Blog Collage 1449232298978 Anna + Justin

Blog Collage 1449232551995 Anna + Justin

Blog Collage 1449232817736 Anna + Justin

Blog Collage 1449232983923 Anna + Justin

Blog Collage 1449239218109 Anna + Justin

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