Lacey + Alex

September 22, 2014

We had the privilege to shoot Lacey + Alex’s wedding on Friday, it was perfection! LOVED getting to watch these two be fully present during their day, their genuine care, love and thankfulness towards each other and everyone there was beautiful to watch. I can’t wait to show more of their wedding day, but for now…

Blog Collage 1411337037717 Lacey + Alex

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Carli + Shaine

September 21, 2014





Yellow, sunny, happy, bright, smiley, and lemony… these all come to mind when I think about Carli + Shaine and their day at the Greysolon Ballroom.  Customized yellow converse sneaks were on the feet of both the bride and groom and honestly you can’t help but have an awesome day wearing those! The family ties were strong and the history with C+S was long, it felt like a big celebration where everyone already knew each other.

C+S we know your future is as bright as your wedding day was! Cheers!

Blog Collage 1411315466674 Carli + Shaine

Blog Collage 1411315654060 Carli + Shaine

Blog Collage 1411315924710 Carli + Shaine

Blog Collage 1411316268857 Carli + Shaine

Blog Collage 1411316559780 Carli + ShaineFlowers by the lovely Bella Flora   

Cake by the delicious How Sweet It Is 

Entertainment brought by ProSound

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Jessica + Logan

September 15, 2014

A cool fall day with an even cooler couple. Check these two out!

Hello… that dress!

Blog Collage 1410750874017 Jessica + Logan

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Rachael + Nick

September 12, 2014





It was about as beautiful as a summer day could be on the shores of Lake Superior! Rachael + Nick spent the morning at the Historic Glensheen Mansion getting ready for their big day. Their families and wedding party joined in on picture time after R+N saw each other and we walked around the amazing gardens. Brilliant idea to get ready there and spend some photo time before heading to the Clyde Iron Works for the ceremony and reception.

Rachael created the coolest backdrop of white polka dots for the ceremony… check it out, love it! The guests were serenaded by the most amazing David Sutton (and when I say amazing I mean A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.) for the ceremony and the social hour. Hilarious toasts, delicious Betty’s Pies and then the real party started when the Kookie Uncle Tony Band fired up the dance floor.  These two threw an awesome party and EVERYONE was having a great time, and we have lots of proof!

Stay tuned for their Photobooth…

Blog Collage 1410573927550 Rachael + Nick

Blog Collage 1410574222703 Rachael + Nick

Blog Collage 1410574554465 Rachael + Nick

Blog Collage 1410574701300 Rachael + Nick

Blog Collage 1410575025727 Rachael + Nick

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Alexa + Ben

September 8, 2014


That about sums up what we experienced on Sat.  Here’s a sampling of Alexa + Ben, I can’t wait to show off more of this day…

Blog Collage 1410223208083 Alexa + Ben

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Tyra + Ernest

September 7, 2014

Here’s a sampling from this Friday! We spent the day celebrating with these two and their family and friends on the shore of beautiful Lake Minnesuing. One of the best perks as a wedding photographer is getting the honor of reuniting with old friends! Tyra and I were one year apart in school but played on every team available and sat next to each other in choir! LOVED seeing her marry the perfect match in Ernest!

Blog Collage 1410129329280 Tyra + Ernest

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Hannah + Austin

August 30, 2014




There are some marriages that you just know have been in the making sense the beginning of time. Honestly, when you know their parents have been praying for their kids their entire lives and their future spouses and then you get to witness it all unfold! Powerful. That was what it was like celebrating with H+A and their crew. It was extra fun for us because we had shot Hannah’s sisters wedding a couple years ago and also Austin’s sisters wedding a few more years ago… a merging of two awesome families. Plus, add in the fact that all the groomsmen and bridesmaids were a riot and made photo time a breeze. We had a blast and we hope nothing but the best for H+A!!

Blog Collage 1409406649136 Hannah + Austin

Blog Collage 1409407453309 Hannah + Austin

Blog Collage 1409407683584 Hannah + Austin

Blog Collage 1409408028070 Hannah + Austin

Blog Collage 1409408343305 Hannah + Austin

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August 27, 2014

Samantha made a special trip all the way from the Green Bay area for this shoot!! We dodged thunderstorms and had a blast shooting! We hope nothing but the best for you Samantha, have a great senior year and kick some booty in cc and track!

Blog Collage 1409152289043 Samantha


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Cassandra & Curtis

August 26, 2014

Weddings are always awesome, but when it’s one of your bestest friends marrying THE PERFECT MATCH it brings it to an entirely new level of awesomeness. C+C we love you, love you, love you and cannot wait to see what the next chapter of your story holds!

A little taste of Sunday’s happenings…

Blog Collage 1409067019121 Cassandra & Curtis

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Riah + Jerome

August 25, 2014

Saturday we celebrated with 350+ others the wedding of Jerome + Riah.

Words can’t express how amazing these two were…

Blog Collage 1409026584702 Riah + Jerome

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