Bethany + Josh

July 30, 2015






Blog Collage 1438303265414 Bethany + Josh


Bethany and Josh are an amazing couple and everyone who came to their wedding knows it! It was a beautiful ceremony and a fun filled night of partying and dancing!

They had their ceremony at their home church, where Bethany works, and the reception at the new and ultra modern UWS Student Union. (Go Yellow Jackets! Both Al and I are alumni and the Art Dept is where our lives collided – Special place for us!) We were able to stroll the campus grounds and get lots of great images with B+J and the wedding party before the ceremony.  Then back to the church for the I-Do’s.

It was a really great day and we were so honored to be apart of it!  Blessings to you guys!!


Blog Collage 1438303303145 Bethany + Josh

Blog Collage 1438303499767 Bethany + Josh

Blog Collage 1438303716291 Bethany + Josh

Blog Collage 1438303933098 Bethany + Josh

Blog Collage 1438304179343 Bethany + Josh

Blog Collage 1438304435963 Bethany + Josh

Blog Collage 1438304676689 Bethany + Josh

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July 28, 2015

Blog Collage 1438120994398 Jeremiah

Jeremiah put up with my ideas and yet managed to look cool at the same time… this can be pretty challenging.  Walking, climbing, jumping and yoga posing his way around West Duluth was highly enjoyable for me to watch!


Blog Collage 1438121034113 Jeremiah

Blog Collage 1438121148071 Jeremiah

Blog Collage 1438121279391 Jeremiah

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Cockerill Clan

July 22, 2015

Blog Collage 1437612140637 Cockerill Clan


We had the privilege to meet the entire Cockerill family a few weeks ago while they were all gathered for a long weekend on the North Shore. Jim and Devon (2nd and 3rd from the left) are dear friends of ours and Jim actually was the one who officiated our wedding! Getting to see them is always a treat and doesn’t happen all that often.

You guys are a beautiful family and we hope your time together was perfection!

Blog Collage 1437612201406 Cockerill Clan

Blog Collage 1437612346948 Cockerill Clan

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July 21, 2015

Blog Collage 1437529946086 Dachen


I don’t think Dachen stopped giggling or running for our entire shoot.

He. Is. Adorable.

Getting a chance to meet up with him, his mom, grand-mom, and auntie was super fun. This little guy has no lack of love!


Blog Collage 1437530003602 Dachen

Blog Collage 1437530186947 Dachen

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Amanda + Eric

July 12, 2015




Blog Collage 1436714231926 Amanda + Eric

When the guest list is just 20 people by the end of the day Al and I feel like we’re part of the family!  We absolutely loved getting to celebrate with Amanda + Eric, their girls and close family. Lake Superior was stunning as they said their vows and Larsmont was the perfect backdrop for the social hour (which included a blue champagne toast) and dinner.

We drove up to Gooseberry Falls for a few photos pre ceremony and after the ceremony we got to enjoy photos by the lake, lupines and all things that makes the north shore so stunning.  After dinner we brought their daughters out to get a few more surprise photos!

makeup by – Derick Cich       dessert by – Betty’s Pies

Blog Collage 1436677461983 Amanda + Eric

Blog Collage 1436677712728 Amanda + Eric

Blog Collage 1436678008943 Amanda + Eric

Blog Collage 1436678233418 Amanda + Eric

Blog Collage 1436678495009 Amanda + Eric

Blog Collage 1436678645910 Amanda + Eric

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Blog Collage 1436220100880 Adam : class of 2016


You never know what kind of mess you’re getting yourself into when you donate a gift certificate for a Holiday Party drawing… (just kidding!) Well we totally lucked out because Adam’s mom won and figured she could book his senior session! Win win!!  Adam was a blast to shoot and I’ve been convinced to go watch a few home basketball games this winter and cheer him on!


Here’s to the class of 2016!


Blog Collage 1436219819199 Adam : class of 2016

Blog Collage 1436220194757 Adam : class of 2016

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July 5, 2015

Blog Collage 1436134170151 Soiree


Soireepronounced “swah-RAY,” is a French word. An elegant evening gathering, usually at someone’s home. The jeans and t-shirt you wear to a regular party won’t cut it — a soiree requires far fancier attire.  (ahem, Jake… hahaha)  Some are held for a particular purpose. Our hosts, Wade and Lauri, invited us all to come together and celebrate friendships, marriages, each other and the goodness of life.  The 7 couples who sat around the table have known each other for 15-20 years give or take.  The history is good, very good. There are 17 children amongst us and close to 100 years combined of marriage.  I can assure you the neighbors heard loud laughing, snorting and lots of “cheers to that-ing.”

The food… the food… Each couple is assigned (you won’t find Doritos or Oreo’s at a soiree) a course.  Crostini & Antipasto Platter, Avocado Vichyssoise, Grilled Summer Vegetables, Heirloom Tomato Salad, Shrimp and White Bean Salad over Arugula, Pork Tenderloin and Amaretto Soaked Peach Layer Cake.  Are you drooling?


We know how blessed we are!  This evening and the laughter won’t be forgotten!



Blog Collage 1436134230334 Soiree

Blog Collage 1436134507132 Soiree

Blog Collage 1436134765976 Soiree

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Lisdahl Family

July 3, 2015

Blog Collage 1435958652706 Lisdahl Family

Robin and I have been friends since 4-K and I have to say there is something so crazy cool about seeing her now as mom to two little girls… one who pretty much looks just like Robin when I met her!

Random fact from this photo shoot… our local cop/friend happened upon us all in the ditch of lupines and had to come and investigate!


Blog Collage 1435958699000 Lisdahl Family

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Rosa + Kevin

June 29, 2015





Blog Collage 1435591519284 Rosa + Kevin


Kevin + Rosa filled the Ballroom with a few hundred friends and family and celebrated their wedding day in a beautifully traditional way.  They opted to not see each other until the ceremony and kept the suspense going while a tear-jerking slide show played before Rosa and her father came down the aisle.  We loved everything about their timeless look and feel of the day. Plus, Rosa just happens to be contagiously happy and who doesn’t love that!


High fives to the other fab vendors! Sounds Unlimited   How Sweet It Is   Derick Cich  


Blog Collage 1435592816104 Rosa + Kevin

Blog Collage 1435593746341 Rosa + KevinBlog Collage 1435593963527 Rosa + KevinBlog Collage 1435594231888 Rosa + KevinBlog Collage 1435594558983 Rosa + KevinBlog Collage 1435594777192 Rosa + KevinBlog Collage 1435595545679 Rosa + Kevin

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The Skoog Crew

June 19, 2015

Blog Collage 1434727566751 The Skoog Crew

A crazy fun family shoot on the shores of the Big Lake!

We have SO enjoyed the entire Skoog family over the years and love that we’ve gotten to be apart in capturing them as their family grows.


Blog Collage 1434727603503 The Skoog Crew

Blog Collage 1434727813884 The Skoog Crew

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