Ciarra + Adrian

October 5, 2015

Blog Collage 1444017248254 Ciarra + Adrian






An incredibly fun day! CiCi + Adrian wanted to stay traditional and not see each other until the ceremony. I don’t think Adrian was prepared for it though, CiCi honestly took his breath away. But, before the ceremony we had time to photo the guys and gals separately. Plus, CiCi had a first look with her grandpa… insert more tears.
After the ceremony we took more time with just C+A (and their car) … Adrian had an idea for a photo too, you’ll have to scroll down to see it. SO fun! Then over to Barkers Island where all their friends and family were waiting to party. They kept the dance floor full and just a few more tears during speeches!


It was a beautiful day with two very beautiful people! Congrats!

Blog Collage 1444016318734 Ciarra + Adrian

Blog Collage 1444016551334 Ciarra + Adrian

Blog Collage 1444016900479 Ciarra + Adrian

Blog Collage 1444017077470 Ciarra + Adrian

Blog Collage 1444017288118 Ciarra + Adrian

Blog Collage 1444017506158 Ciarra + Adrian

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Tina + Nick

September 30, 2015

Blog Collage 1443578281523 Tina + Nick


First things first, in the above image the seagulls are not photo-shopped in, I promise! They were coming in for a landing right behind me where kids were dishing up popcorn. We survived, barely.

Tina and Nick are getting married in just a few weeks and I’m SO glad they decided to squeeze in a last min e-session!  We had a beautiful sunny evening… with bouts of awesome wind! Tina embraced the windy hair look and we had some serious laughs.


Cannot wait to celebrate with these two and their crew soon!


Blog Collage 1443578313515 Tina + Nick

Blog Collage 1443578517760 Tina + Nick

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Alyssa + Gabe

September 29, 2015

Blog Collage 1443495119302 Alyssa + Gabe

Basically a perfect evening at Amnicon Falls to capture these two vibrant, lovely folks! You can’t sport an AWARD WINNING stache like Gabe’s and NOT be awesome. Yes, as a matter of fact there are mustache contests and and this stache placed in the top three in it’s category.

We had a blast…  so much fun though that we lost Alyssa’s glasses… so if you happen to go for a hike at Amnicon and come across them… haha!


Can’t wait to celebrate next fall with you two!


Blog Collage 1443495196680 Alyssa + Gabe

Blog Collage 1443495380226 Alyssa + Gabe

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Ellyn + Brandon

September 27, 2015





Blog Collage 1443318545486 Ellyn + Brandon

Destination Duluth, MN!

We hadn’t met yet in person until the day of the wedding… this happens when you are planning a wedding in Duluth but live in Maryland! They had vacationed in Duluth and the North Shore last summer and fell in love with it.  Brandon’s roots are in MN so it seemed like a good fit.  Everything came together seamlessly.

We were a little “star-struck” (haha) being that Ellyn is an Astronomer and Brandon a drone pilot. Yeah, pretty awesome.  I loved the paper stars that Ellyn handmade for the table decorations and all the beautiful flowers done by Bella Flora. The Moorish Room was looking lovely!

Brandon + Ellyn were the perfect combo of sophisticated fun!

Blog Collage 1443315941813 Ellyn + Brandon

Blog Collage 1443316262349 Ellyn + Brandon

Blog Collage 1443316485711 Ellyn + Brandon

Blog Collage 1443316659716 Ellyn + Brandon

Blog Collage 1443318313817 Ellyn + Brandon

Blog Collage 1443318559881 Ellyn + Brandon

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Marni + Jacques

September 23, 2015

Blog Collage 1442967485646 Marni + Jacques


A trip up the North Shore for an early evening of photo time with Marni + Jacques was a great way to spend a Tuesday! These two radiate fun and it makes me excited for their big day next summer.

PS Green Eyes… wowza.


Blog Collage 1442966804534 Marni + Jacques

Blog Collage 1442966993985 Marni + Jacques

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Taryn + Kory

September 22, 2015

Blog Collage 1442805827221 Taryn + Kory


These two are so dang great together! We couldn’t be happier for them and cannot wait to capture their wedding day coming up this December. I’m sure Lake Superior will be a bit chillier come December, but maybe we can convince them to do a few photos next to the water then too!

Thanks for all the laughs and for taking me on a great little hike.  Cheers!


Blog Collage 1442805845469 Taryn + Kory

Blog Collage 1442805944814 Taryn + Kory

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Amber + Sam: Part 3

September 21, 2015




part 3

Sunday Morning Shoot

We thought it couldn’t possibly get better… it did. Amber + Sam led us to a favorite beach of theirs on Sunday morning. Popham Beach was stunning. A+S got into their wedding attire (tousled hair and tennis shoes) and we spent an hour or two exploring the beach and literally soaking it in.

The entire weekend was wonderful. If you’ve ever considered having a SUPER small, destination wedding I hope Amber and Sam have inspired you!

Blog Collage 1442637385005 Amber + Sam: Part 3

Blog Collage 1442637571437 Amber + Sam: Part 3

Blog Collage 1442637784602 Amber + Sam: Part 3

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Amber + Sam: Part 2

September 20, 2015




part 2

Most wedding days are a bit busy with lots of running around, people setting up etc.  Not these guys. The morning consisted of sleeping in, playing cards, picking their own bouquets from the wildflowers outside (then the neighbor stopped over and said go pick whatever they out of her garden.) Finally, after a nice relaxing shower (outside in the sail-boat shower) they started to get ready for the ceremony.

High tide would be the perfect time for the ceremony.  Chris (the grand host) lent his car for Amber and her dad to pull up in and then walk down the kayak aisle to the humming of the wedding march.  In lieu of a unity candle they sawed a log… and sawed… and sawed! Spoke beautiful vows, smooched and then went for a paddle.

After time with the two of them and photo fun with their guests we all feasted on whole-made, grilled pizza and pie.  There were a few toasts and then to top it off they danced…. TANGO.

Blog Collage 1442629426298 Amber + Sam: Part 2

Blog Collage 1442631391001 Amber + Sam: Part 2

Blog Collage 1442632021705 Amber + Sam: Part 2

Blog Collage 1442632402492 Amber + Sam: Part 2

Blog Collage 1442632618380 Amber + Sam: Part 2

Blog Collage 1442632819857 Amber + Sam: Part 2

Blog Collage 1442633030894 Amber + Sam: Part 2

Blog Collage 1442633265531 Amber + Sam: Part 2

Blog Collage 1442633469894 Amber + Sam: Part 2

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Amber + Sam: Part 1

September 18, 2015




part 1


Blog Collage 1442630356591 Amber + Sam: Part 1

We love a good adventure -  so when the opportunity came up to head East and capture Amber + Sam for a wedding weekend of perfection we were IN! It was both of our first time to the beautiful state of Maine and it surpassed our expectations.

Arriving to the friends home where the wedding was going to take place (and the 13 guests would stay) we were a little nervous… I mean, we just traveled from WI to join in for 3 days of fun with a bunch of people we’d never met. It took all of 30 seconds to feel at home and we are 100% positive we will see some of these new friends again.


Friday was spent preparing for Sat, taking a stroll out to a lighthouse, preparing lobster and then devouring it, snooping around Chris’s house and loving all the art, sculpture and found objects displayed…  and basically having a blast.  (Oh, and purchasing some clothing because ours was stuck in transit.)

Enjoy -


Blog Collage 1442628708891 Amber + Sam: Part 1

Blog Collage 1442628964596 Amber + Sam: Part 1


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Maureen + Matthew

September 13, 2015




Blog Collage 1442147977704 Maureen + Matthew

We were so excited to shoot with these two at the Como Zoo and Conservatory! You couldn’t ask for more gorgeous landscaping than what you get there. It was a beautiful day, a bit on the warm side… so warm in fact that the historic Cafesjian Carousel had to be shut down. However, with a little “begging” on Al’s part and a smile from a bride the lovely staff fired the old machine up just for the two of them to take a spin around! FUN!

The Enchanted Garden was the ideal location for the ceremony with the Conservatory and setting sun as the backdrop. After the ceremony we got to sneak away for a few more moments with M&M before joining their family and friends at the reception. One of my favorite ideas that Maureen had was take table photos. Now, let me tell you a little more about these. NOT your slowly walking around to each table and saying hello to 300+ guests with us following you with our cameras. Maureen had her DJ (JD from Midwest Entertainment!) tune up some fast paced music and announce that each table needed to get ready and they seriously zipped around to each table, we snapped a photo and moved on. Brilliant. A photo with everyone there in under 10 min!

I’m sending virtual high-fives to Maureen and Matt for being so incredibly flexible and brushing off all the little things that didn’t go as planned. You two were awesome and we’re certain this marriage will last a lifetime! Cheers!


Blog Collage 1442145860280 Maureen + Matthew

Blog Collage 1442146355464 Maureen + Matthew

Blog Collage 1442146782392 Maureen + Matthew

Blog Collage 1442147235439 Maureen + Matthew

Blog Collage 1442147367632 Maureen + Matthew

Blog Collage 1442147653669 Maureen + Matthew

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