Hannah + Austin

July 29, 2014

Words can’t describe how much we loved shooting Hannah + Austin’s wedding… seriously, just look at these people. Can’t wait to share more!

Blog Collage 1406679750738 Hannah + Austin

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Jenna + James

July 27, 2014





Artist/designer marries muscian/teacher.  Yes, that is what happened and it was amazing. We really, really liked hanging out with these two and their friends and kinda wished we could just graft into their group of people. Seriously! The entire day was stunning, unique and completely them. We’ve been thoroughly enjoying the mixed “thank you” cd that was at each table setting and guarantee it’ll be in our car for at least a year.

Even though we had insane Duluth winds and threatening rains these two were up for anything and because of their awesomeness we captured some great candids and had plenty of fun doing it! Always a treat to work with Bella Flora, Sounds Unlimited and How Sweet It Is!

Blog Collage 1406335213198 Jenna + James

Blog Collage 1406335580257 Jenna + James

Blog Collage 1406335956446 Jenna + James

Blog Collage 1406336396476 Jenna + James

Blog Collage 1406336701927 Jenna + James

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Melanie + Matt

July 23, 2014

A lovely day on the shores of Lake Superior’s Grand Marais. M + M were perfection!

Here’s a little taste of what’s to come…

Blog Collage 1406133935463 Melanie + Matt

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Katie + Jimmy

July 18, 2014

Engagement sessions are really the best. I love getting to spend time with our couples! I’m so glad we were able to squeeze this shoot in before Katie moves away to Kansas City! We’ll reunite for the destination Duluth wedding next summer!

Blog Collage 1405694982211 Katie + Jimmy

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Blue Arrow Boutique

July 16, 2014

To the female population of the Twin Ports and surrounding area…. you are all in for a TREAT!

What happens when 3 young, brilliant, bold fashionistas/artists/business women swirl their talents together?? In this case WE all reap the benefits! Aimee, Anndrea and Britta have joined forces and are opening the hippest boutique around! I had the honor to do a little photoshoot with them in their new space (1404 Tower Ave) and just couldn’t wait to share with everyone what we have to look forward to. Make sure to like their Facebook page to keep up on all the details and when the store will be opening! Cheers to you ladies!!

Blog Collage 1405520054033 Blue Arrow Boutique

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Kelly + Erik

July 15, 2014

An evening on the big lake, a perfectly nice way to capture an engagement! Can’t wait to shoot the wedding this winter!!

Blog Collage 1405184273783 Kelly + Erik

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Shannon + Dylan

July 14, 2014

Let me introduce you to a few super models from Duluth…

Blog Collage 1405311486987 Shannon + Dylan

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Kim + Jason

July 12, 2014




I knew were were in for a good day when Kim started texting me ideas for photo locations and they were places like a swing set, playground, fairgrounds etc. We showed up at the church and right next door is the Carlton County Fairgrounds sign with a crew of guys giving it a fresh coat of paint. Perfect timing! Kim + Jason had their first look and then we had lots of laughs as we shoot around the fairgrounds and the neighboring park and even a quick stop at Lou’s Diner. The wedding party joined in and then it was right into the ceremony. After the ceremony we made the trip up to Cloquet with a quick stop at the local watering hole… 300 + guests enjoyed the evenings live music and great food! It was the best Friday the 13th we’ve ever had!

Blog Collage 1405172676691 Kim + Jason

Blog Collage 1405173029726 Kim + Jason

Blog Collage 1405173647306 Kim + Jason

Blog Collage 1405173998557 Kim + Jason

Blog Collage 1405174322272 Kim + Jason

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Natalie + Lance

July 8, 2014





It may possibly have been the foggiest morning Duluth has had yet this summer… but by the time Natalie + Lance were ready to see each other we were able to shoot the day as they had hoped! We all had lots of fun strolling around in Canal Park and then meeting up with the wedding party on the pier. The church was packed and the mood was joyous for the ceremony! Then we all headed to the Shrines Center and were blown away the moment we stepped through the doors, there was a sea of pink that Northland Special Events had created. Honestly, over the top stunning.  Many micro brews were highlighted during the social hour and all were entertained by the Norberg Family Band.  Sounds Unlimited kept the party rolling and everyone devoured cupcakes baked by Amber at Cake Occasions.

Blog Collage 1404833163898 Natalie + Lance

Blog Collage 1404833485093 Natalie + Lance

Blog Collage 1404833673200 Natalie + Lance

Blog Collage 1404833923028 Natalie + Lance

Blog Collage 1404834112961 Natalie + Lance

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Hannah + Billy

July 5, 2014

A warm summer night strolling and shooting in downtown Duluth is always a good option! Hannah + Billy (and their adorable fur child Pieper) were stellar models, especially balancing on handle bars and sporting red pants! I seriously get to shoot the most beautiful people… here’s proof.

Blog Collage 1404592555607 Hannah + Billy

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