Jessamyn + Jared

November 25, 2015

Blog Collage 1448453648246 Jessamyn + Jared



Anna Gene County Park

South Range, WI


I’ve lived in Northern Wisconsin most of my life and I had never been to Anna Gene Park!  It is a beautiful County Park off the beaten path and just a few miles from where Jessamyn grew up. She had told me she always dreamed of having her wedding there. We captured the ladies getting ready and gat her parents farm and then the guys were waiting at the park to capture a few more before the start of the ceremony.

Both Jessamyn and Jared come from big families and there is a family group photo (scroll down) of their now one huge family! I wish I was joining in with them for Thanksgiving tomorrow!!

A fun BBQ dinner, one dance for the bride and groom and then a sparkler send off closed out the evening! Congrats to a beautiful couple!


Blog Collage 1448452195898 Jessamyn + Jared

Blog Collage 1448452426990 Jessamyn + Jared

Blog Collage 1448452659882 Jessamyn + Jared

Blog Collage 1448452898712 Jessamyn + Jared

Blog Collage 1448453144698 Jessamyn + Jared

Blog Collage 1448453255582 Jessamyn + Jared

Blog Collage 1448453479936 Jessamyn + Jared

Blog Collage 1448453667561 Jessamyn + Jared

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Ashley + Sam

November 22, 2015

Blog Collage 1448165490566 Ashley + Sam





It’s hard to believe that only a couple weeks ago there were still beautiful fall leaves and warm breezes to enjoy! We’ve had an amazing fall and Ashley and Sam got one of the best days nature can offer to celebrate. Fun flannels, lots of laughs and fall leaves are what come to mind when I think of these two.  We had never shot at either the ceremony or reception venues OR the park area so we were excited to see what would unfold. Perfection, basically!  Enjoy their day retold in images and make sure to notice the “out-take” with everyone picking leaves off each other! Ha!

Blog Collage 1448164202778 Ashley + Sam

Blog Collage 1448164627999 Ashley + Sam

Blog Collage 1448164870608 Ashley + Sam

Blog Collage 1448165060809 Ashley + Sam

Blog Collage 1448165255313 Ashley + Sam

Blog Collage 1448165519339 Ashley + Sam

Blog Collage 1448165674145 Ashley + Sam

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Ashlee + Caleb

November 15, 2015

Blog Collage 1447506073918 Ashlee + Caleb


Not sure… but I think these two like each other! Ha!

Caleb is one of my brothers and Ashlee has been his lady since they were in High School. They’re planning a wedding for next summer and I couldn’t be more happy for them! In such a big family I have to admit I haven’t gotten to spend “alone” time with these two… ever. So getting a chance to do a shoot with them was a blast! We managed to find two trees that still had leaves and embraced the opportunity, otherwise we endured a cold, misty evening together and captured their fun-loving relationship.

Blog Collage 1447505774682 Ashlee + Caleb

Blog Collage 1447505921379 Ashlee + Caleb

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The Meyer Family

November 14, 2015

Blog Collage 1447471733929 The Meyer Family

The image above, I love it. No pose, just all out giggles from Ethan.

Meyer’s, you guys keep up the good work, you’re children are precious!! Always a treat to capture this family!

You do have to scroll to the bottom though for one hilarious moment captured… you’ll know it when you see it.

Blog Collage 1447472102022 The Meyer Family

Blog Collage 1447472423610 The Meyer Family

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Kelsey + Brian

November 13, 2015

Blog Collage 1447384977689 Kelsey + Brian





I don’t think it’s possible to laugh more than we did while shooting Kelsey and Brian’s wedding day. They are both incredibly fun, loving, stress-less and carefree. I love a group of bridesmaids who will pose while chowing their Ebberts and Gerberts too! We had planned to use Enger Tower Park as a backdrop for some of the photos and (as you’ll see) it was a tad foggy… still did the overlook shot for fun.

The ceremony and reception were in the historic Moorish Room of the Greysolon Plaza. K+B had a Dr Who theme going and I’m certain the guests enjoyed their coasters to go… thinking we should have snagged a few ourselves!

Blog Collage 1447383604068 Kelsey + Brian

Blog Collage 1447383906471 Kelsey + Brian

Blog Collage 1447384096874 Kelsey + Brian

Blog Collage 1447384355564 Kelsey + Brian

Blog Collage 1447384504115 Kelsey + Brian

Blog Collage 1447384734381 Kelsey + Brian

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Cynthia + Jonie

November 12, 2015

I love getting to do an annual shoot with my sister Cynthia and her family. I take each of my nieces and nephew for a few moments alone. They do their own thing and my hope is to surprise their moms when they get to see the final images! I love it, but I’m not loving how old these kids are getting…

Blog Collage 1446523925563 Cynthia + Jonie

Blog Collage 1446524123070 Cynthia + Jonie

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Kelsey + Nick

November 11, 2015

Nothing beats a little college rivalry, especially when it’s during an engagement shoot… scroll to the end to see what I’m talking about!

Kelsey + Nick were a treat to shoot! We met on a beautiful afternoon at one of my favorite spots, Amnicon Falls State Park. Lots of laughing!!

These two are tying the knot this winter and we can’t wait to be there with them!

Blog Collage 1446611915796 Kelsey + Nick

Blog Collage 1446612059396 Kelsey + Nick

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Afia + Mikosa

November 3, 2015

I love a sweet mother and daughter shoot! Mikosa and Afia are full of life and spunk!

Might I add that I am not ashamed to say I’m jealous of a 2 year old’s wardrobe… yep.

Happy Birthday to you both!

Blog Collage 1446523304187 Afia + Mikosa

Blog Collage 1446523423698 Afia + Mikosa

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So much can happen in two weeks… for example, this shoot was 2 weeks ago and the St Arnolds were a family of three with a baby girl on the way. Now that baby bump has joined her family! A sweet baby girl Daphne…  (Love her name!) SO excited and happy for the St Arnolds.  Just look at the proud big brother!

Congratulations to a beautiful family! Can’t wait to meet Daphne!


Blog Collage 1446520599543 St Arnold Family of... 4

Blog Collage 1446520719939 St Arnold Family of... 4

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Paige + Luke

November 3, 2015

Paige and her family have been one of our favorites over the years! From senior shoots, sister shoots, dance shoots and now the engagement… and soon WEDDING!!! Seriously, we love this gal. And LUKE, he’s not too bad himself! No, in reality, he’s the perfect match. As many of you know Al and I were camp directors for 9 years… so when Paige told us they met while working at camp and wanted to do their engagement shoot there we were all in! Camp romance is the best.
Before we arrived they had set up a little campsite for some of the pictures. It was perfect. Can’t wait for next July! Congrats Paige and Luke!!


Blog Collage 1446522480334 Paige + Luke

Blog Collage 1446522738173 Paige + Luke

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