Cassandra + Curtis

October 18, 2014





I have to preface this post with the fact that Cassandra has been a near and dear friend of ours since the summer of 1999. We met when she was a camper and we were counselors at Bible Camp. We bonded over 80 miles of biking, canoeing and horse back-riding and lots of heart to hearts and chats about the real stuff of life.  That was the beginning of many summers spent together. We have felt like she’s a sister to us and have stayed close no matter the oceans she travels. She has a fire for life and Jesus that inspires. Cass has lived more life than many and has traveled the world wide. When she told us there was a guy and then brought him to Northern WI to visit us… we knew it was serious and we knew there would be a wedding soon! Curtis is the ONE, the one and only to capture the heart of Cassandra. He’s just as amazing as she is. We were honored and excited to get to shoot their day, we love you guys both so very much!!!

Everything was beautiful, the dress, the venue, the decorations, the details galore, but Cass’s smile and Curtis’s zest and love for her out shined everything else by far.


Blog Collage 1413651195774 Cassandra + Curtis

Blog Collage 1413678200534 Cassandra + Curtis

Blog Collage 1413678365492 Cassandra + Curtis

Blog Collage 1413678692821 Cassandra + Curtis

Blog Collage 1413679056851 Cassandra + Curtis

Blog Collage 1413679321416 Cassandra + Curtis

Blog Collage 1413679525645 Cassandra + Curtis



Also, a huge high five to Ask for the Moon Events, Maddie – you are killer awesome!

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Veronica + Sage

October 14, 2014

A two day event with an amazing couple that ended with icing their legs in Lake Superior… nope, not your typical wedding!!! I can’t even begin to tell you how fun it was to capture Veronica + Sage’s wedding/marathon. Here is a little sample of what’s to come!

Blog Collage 1413317100178 Veronica + Sage

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Riah + Jerome

October 13, 2014





It’s funny how worlds collide, especially in a smallish city like Duluth.  We had met Jerome when he worked as bartender/server/all-around-awesome person at a local wedding venue. We instantly hit it off and then it seemed like we would bump into him all over the place. Meanwhile we were matched up with Riah through a mentor-ship program at UMD and totally hit it off with her too. Fast forward a year and I get an email from Riah about shooting her wedding and let’s meet for coffee and guess who was sitting next to her!? Yep, Jerome. These two are about as opposite and perfect as a couple can be. I think their pastor even referred to Jerome as the Energizer Bunny and I’d say Riah is about as calm and cool as they come! They threw a huge bash at the beautiful Hope Glen Farm and EVERYONE was having a great time. We loved every moment of their day and seriously enjoyed their wedding party! Enjoy!!

Blog Collage 1413166487453 Riah + Jerome

Blog Collage 1413167032566 Riah + Jerome

Blog Collage 1413167292699 Riah + Jerome

Blog Collage 1413168828061 Riah + Jerome

Blog Collage 1413168997807 Riah + Jerome



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Mazzy at 5

October 12, 2014

Celebrating our youngest wild child today! 5 years old and has the world in her hands. Mazz, you bring nothing but pure joy to this world and we LOVE YOU!

Blog Collage 1413129516388 Mazzy at 5

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the Gloneks

October 10, 2014

We have the best neighbors! A walk through the woods and I’m in their yard for a little fall shoot complete with a bucket, football and gator!

Blog Collage 1412949008665 the Gloneks

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Kali + Dustin

October 8, 2014

You gotta love a bride who gives her bridesmaids fluffy blankets as gifts! Kali, you are SMART! Those blankets came in handy while standing outside on the banks of Lake Superior!

Here’s proof we had an amazing Saturday!

Blog Collage 1412826893604 Kali + Dustin

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Alison + Matt

October 6, 2014

A little teaser of this lovely couple from last weekend! Ali + Matt were stunning!

Blog Collage 1412653176167 Alison + Matt

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Jessica + Tim

October 2, 2014






We loved everything about Jess + Tim’s day. Getting ready right down in Canal Park at the Inn on Lake Superior made for super easy access for them (and their 20+ friends/family in the wedding party) to walk right out onto the boardwalk and use the amazing Duluthscape as our backdrop.  I’ll have to admit for a late August wedding it was starting to look and feel a bit like fall, but the colors Jess had chosen were perfect with what nature was doing too. We had a little lucky rain to start off the day but that didn’t ruin any of the photo time.

Dinner and dancing and the Photobooth ended the day perfectly at the DECC. Plus a surprise for the guests was the mother/daughter dance which tuned into a full bridesmaids choreographed dance to Thriller. Amazing. Congrats J + T!


Flowers by Saffron & Grey and Cake by How Sweet It Is

Blog Collage 1412302806147 Jessica + Tim

Blog Collage 1412303384259 Jessica + Tim

Blog Collage 1412303813397 Jessica + Tim

Blog Collage 1412304803012 Jessica + Tim

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Kelsey + Brian

September 29, 2014

A seriously fun engagement shoot with Kelsey + Brian at the Rose Garden/Leif Erikson Parks in Duluth.  These two were so funny together, as in I laughed through the entire shoot. Laid back and in love! Doesn’t get better than this!

Blog Collage 1411779837309 Kelsey + Brian

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Mikosa + Lance + Afia

September 28, 2014

Getting to finally do a shoot with Mikosa and her family was a treat… this has been a long time coming!! So fun! I had gotten to hold little babe Afia when she was about a week old and just about took her home with me. Loved seeing you guys!

Blog Collage 1411779388743 Mikosa + Lance + Afia

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