Blog Collage 1421719097131 Sarah + Zack : Photobooth

Blog Collage 1421719329828 Sarah + Zack : Photobooth

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Kasey + Seth

January 18, 2015

There are some days when EVERYTHING goes perfectly… yesterday was one of those days. I remember visiting with Kasey over coffee a few months ago and she said she hoped it would be warm enough to take photos outside but that she wanted it to be snowing too. Well, she got it! These two are pure gold and we hope nothing but the best!

Here is a quick look into their day, more to come…

Blog Collage 1421597955887 Kasey + Seth


Sarah + Zack

January 14, 2015





Sarah + Zack planned their wedding day from about 500 miles away at their home in Chicago. While we had had a couple phone conversations and a lot of emails we hadn’t met in person until the wedding day. That’s always a little nerve racking! From the moment we said hello Al and I knew the entire day was going to be a blast! I headed to the Sheraton with Sarah and Al took off for BAM (the barber shop) with the guys.  I think it needs to be noted that Sarah is a custom bridal gown designer… yeah, amazing. So of course she not only designed her dress, she sewed that beauty together.

In one of our emails Sarah had said something that needs to be heard by all couples out there in the midst of planning their big day.  We’d like our friends and family to come, watch us get hitched, and then just have a giant blast. There are no crafty explosions of pinterest, no over-themed concept. I’d like to look back at our pictures in 50 years and NOT think “oh, yeah, I guess we really were into that”. Working with brides like I do, I get the chance to really watch them turn their wedding planning into an over thought out stressball that leaves them crazy. So, we are working hard to not do that!”

You guys were awesome and we didn’t notice a single stressball!  Cheers!

Blog Collage 1421280136268 Sarah + Zack

Blog Collage 1421280619195 Sarah + Zack

Blog Collage 1421281006573 Sarah + Zack

Blog Collage 1421281359768 Sarah + Zack

Blog Collage 1421281799937 Sarah + Zack

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Amber + Adam

January 4, 2015

Saturday was a beautiful day in Duluth with flurries at just the right time!

We kicked off our 2015 wedding season with this beautiful couple, Amber + Adam!


Blog Collage 1420432100604 Amber + Adam


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Blog Collage 1419301486887 Erin + Chris   Photobooth

Blog Collage 1419302124408 Erin + Chris   Photobooth

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Erin + Chris

December 22, 2014




On our way home from this wedding we were both exceptionally exhausted… and we realized it was from laughing so dang much ALL DAY. Ok, seriously Erin could/should be a standup comedian or have her own show or something. This girl is funny! The two of them had a hard time keeping a straight face. ever. Not to mention their bridal party… FUN.

The entire event was held at the always beautiful Greysolon Ballroom.  It was a packed house with a wildly fun reception! Cake from How Sweet It Is and entertainment from Pro Sound and Light. We also brought our PhotoBooth and will share some of those tomorrow… stay tuned.

Cheers to Erin + Chris!

Blog Collage 1419297882293 Erin + Chris

Blog Collage 1419298648181 Erin + Chris

Blog Collage 1419299068052 Erin + Chris

Blog Collage 1419299503451 Erin + Chris

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Christine + Dale

December 18, 2014





We’ve gotten to know Christine throughout the last couple years as one of the area’s most amazing stylists! She has been doing hair for brides in the early morning hours at many weddings we’ve shot AND she was a MOH at another. AND, we’ve happened to like her so much we’ve let her work some magic on our own precious locks!  She brings laughter wherever she is, the type of gal who everyone wants to be around.  Add in Dale and it’s a beautiful balance, these two were completely awesome to shoot with.

The gals got ready at Trends (where Christine is usually the one working) and the guys at C+D’s house. Then off to Cathedral to have their first look, formals, I Do’s and then some fun with the wedding party! A highlight was seeing both C+D successfully walk a random slack line in the park… that’s a first! The Holiday Inn was the place to be and both a live band and Sounds Unlimited kept the dance floor packed.

Cheers to Team St Arnold!!!


Blog Collage 1418941389587 Christine + Dale

Blog Collage 1418941746158 Christine + Dale

Blog Collage 1418941948155 Christine + Dale

Blog Collage 1418942410569 Christine + Dale

Blog Collage 1418942636117 Christine + Dale

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Veronica + Sage

December 14, 2014






A two day party that we will never forget! Veronica + Sage planned and executed the most unique wedding we’ve shot to date!  The “party” started on Friday morning at a secluded little cabin in Iron River.  V+S had a busy morning of scrabble and last min details before we started pictures. It was unbelievably beautiful out and the two of them were in their own world, we had so much fun and lots of time to shoot!  Their wedding party and family joined in for some photos at the starting line of the marathon they would be running the next morning. YES, this is true, both V+S and their best man and MOH would be running the full 26.2 Whistle Stop Marathon. AWESOME.

Eventually we made it to the Deep Lake Lodge for an intimate dinner reception. Their closest friends and family were there to feast so they would all have the energy to cheer them on the next morning.  Three cakes made by the gifted Amanda Belcher from the Zenith Bread Project were quite the highlight. Then off to bed for a good nights rest.

The weather for marathon/wedding day was perfection. The plan was to let the other runners start at the official start time and then V+S and their family/friends would move up to the start line for their ceremony.  They of course wrote their own vows and exchanged rings (which are family heirlooms – and I quote Veronica “Because I’m the kind of girl who has to have meaning attached to a thing, not bling.”) Then they were off! We followed them on the course and booked it to the finish to capture Sage scooping his bride up to cross the finish line!  All 4 in the wedding party finished the marathon and then we ended our time with them on the shores of Lake Superior.

Enough said, I’ll let the photos tell the rest of the story. But I promise you will love these two!



Blog Collage 1418582198902 Veronica + Sage

Blog Collage 1418582414239 Veronica + Sage

Blog Collage 1418582691813 Veronica + Sage

Blog Collage 1418582974295 Veronica + Sage

Blog Collage 1418583271468 Veronica + Sage

Blog Collage 1418583502202 Veronica + Sage

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Signe at 9

December 11, 2014

Celebrating our beautiful Signe today! 9 years of fluffy blankets, frilly dresses, long blonde hair and a heart of gold. Girl,  you make us laugh EVERY DAY!


Blog Collage 1418263203870 Signe at 9

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the Nords

December 10, 2014

Another favorite family of ours! Cheers to adorable children and a family that seriously has fun together! I know these 4 are going to make some awesome memories this Christmas!

Blog Collage 1418172724937 the Nords

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