Jessica + Kyle

November 21, 2014





We met these two awesome folks at a wedding a couple years ago.  We loved them and were SO excited to have the opportunity to celebrate with them on their big day.  J+K are huge How I Met Your Mother fans and incorporated a hint of that into their day a few times… (Their guest book was a blue french horn!)

We had a gorgeous fall day to hit up the park nearby and spend some time in the alley and on the street! A first look on the rooftop and a pit stop at the bar on the corner… Their venue was a perfect backdrop for their wine themed decor, 413 on Wacouta.

Every chair in the place was used and then some… standing room only for the ceremony! These two are LOVED!



Blog Collage 1416617352136 Jessica + Kyle

Blog Collage 1416617589609 Jessica + Kyle


Blog Collage 1416617789470 Jessica + Kyle

Blog Collage 1416618188673 Jessica + Kyle

Blog Collage 1416618430096 Jessica + Kyle

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Lacey + Alex

November 16, 2014





Everything about Lacey + Alex compliments each other perfectly. Nothing at all like the phrase “opposites attract” but more like balance. We had so many laughs, a few shadow puppets and Alex even had time to scarf a sandwich down… just take a look and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

They both have a deep appreciation for nature and had planned to say their vows overlooking Duluth and Lake Superior. However, at the moment their ceremony was to take place the sky opened up and it started to pour. There was a plan B of course… to stay inside for the ceremony. Instead they pushed the ceremony back an hour and moved the social hour up. After the storm the chairs were dried and they invited everyone outside for a ceremony that was about as beautiful as anything you’ve ever seen. It was perfect.

We hope nothing but a beautiful life for you two! Cheers!


Blog Collage 1416189615686 Lacey + Alex

Blog Collage 1416189941856 Lacey + Alex

Blog Collage 1416190175706 Lacey + Alex

Blog Collage 1416190652330 Lacey + Alex

Blog Collage 1416190968362 Lacey + Alex


Flowers by: Dunbar Floral

Entertainment by: Epic DJ

Venue: Spirit Mountain

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Jessica + Logan

November 9, 2014





You are going to wish you were at this wedding… I promise. But if you weren’t then at least you can see look at the proof here of how fun it was! Jessica + Logan are two amazing people and it was obvious how much they are loved by their friends and family.

The day started out for Logan with a shave… and a nick.  But everyone made it to Country Side Rides alive. I just about lost it when I pulled Jessica’s dress out of the bag to set it up for a photo. SO fun, unique and perfect for her and a barn wedding.  Photos around the barn and property were amazing and the wedding party added a bit of laughter to the shoot.  A short and sweet ceremony followed by a delicious dinner served by 3 Sisters Catering and dancing into the evening with Sounds Unlimited. Cheers to L+J!

Blog Collage 1415590157092 Jessica + Logan

Blog Collage 1415590350763 Jessica + Logan

Blog Collage 1415590586222 Jessica + Logan

Blog Collage 1415590858182 Jessica + Logan

Blog Collage 1415591172346 Jessica + Logan

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Erin + Chris

November 5, 2014

Erin + Chris said their I Do’s on Saturday and we were there to capture it all! I think we have finally recovered from laughing straight for 10 + hours!  Here’s a look into their day, much more to come soon.


Blog Collage 1415198459990 Erin + Chris

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Alexa + Ben

November 4, 2014






Getting to shoot Alexa and Ben’s wedding was basically a photographers dream! These two are not only beautiful on the outside they are SO MUCH FUN!!! Watching them laugh and goof around together made our job so easy. Their wedding party only added crazy fun to the mix. Plus they ordered up perfect weather for a early fall day in Duluth.

The ladies started out the day at Beacon Point and then headed over the bridge to Cathedral where Ben was waiting. We had some time to shoot with just the two of them around the Cathedral before the ceremony. I’m in love with those images!  They packed Cathedral full and the place exploded with applause when they kissed!

The limo brought the party to Canal Park for a few “bridge” shots and then a local bar for a quick drink before the reception. Who knew we’d find such awesome graffiti to use!?

The Harboside Ballroom was as beautiful as ever and guests partied the night away while devouring cake by How Sweet It Is and dancing to the tunes of Sounds Unlimited! Make sure to check out Dan Bergh Videography soon for their video.



Blog Collage 1415132068578 Alexa + Ben

Blog Collage 1415132572284 Alexa + Ben

Blog Collage 1415132830750 Alexa + Ben

Blog Collage 1415133514113 Alexa + Ben

Blog Collage 1415133867747 Alexa + BenBlog Collage 1415134148033 Alexa + Ben

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Christine + Dale

October 28, 2014

There couldn’t be a better match out there! C+D are an amazing couple and we were SO excited to celebrate with them on Sat!

LOTS more to come soon…
Have fun in Hawaii!!!

Blog Collage 1414543074338 Christine + Dale

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Tyra + Ernest

October 27, 2014





So excited to share this amazing wedding and couple with everyone! Growing up in a small town is pretty amazing and it’s friendships like this that prove it. Tyra was a year ahead of me in school which meant we were on every sport team together, sat next to each other in choir and even played in the band together. (yes, it’s possible to be in all the sports, musicals, bands etc when you’re in a small school!) It was so fun to reconnect with her and hear all about where life has taken her and brought her back to the Mid-West and Ernest! Lots of last minute changes, due to insane amounts of rain, but the day of the wedding was perfect and Tyra’s parents lake home was a beautiful backdrop for photos. We hope nothing but the best to you both!!

PS It’s ok if you’re jealous of her perfectly curly hair…


Blog Collage 1414445030338 Tyra + Ernest

Blog Collage 1414445483168 Tyra + Ernest

Blog Collage 1414445905817 Tyra + Ernest

Blog Collage 1414446225238 Tyra + Ernest






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Amber + Adam

October 24, 2014

I can’t think of a better couple to kick off our 2015 season with!! Amber and Adam’s day is our first wedding of the New Year and we can’t wait! Destination Duluth!! Cheers -

Blog Collage 1414165212911 Amber + Adam

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Brittany + Dan

October 23, 2014

Beautiful fall weather, two “sled-heads” from Houghton MI, a perfectly behaved golden retriever, and lots of laughs! Brittany + Dan have a big party planned for July 2015 and we can’t wait!!

Blog Collage 1414092197325 Brittany + Dan

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Cassandra + Curtis

October 18, 2014





I have to preface this post with the fact that Cassandra has been a near and dear friend of ours since the summer of 1999. We met when she was a camper and we were counselors at Bible Camp. We bonded over 80 miles of biking, canoeing and horse back-riding and lots of heart to hearts and chats about the real stuff of life.  That was the beginning of many summers spent together. We have felt like she’s a sister to us and have stayed close no matter the oceans she travels. She has a fire for life and Jesus that inspires. Cass has lived more life than many and has traveled the world wide. When she told us there was a guy and then brought him to Northern WI to visit us… we knew it was serious and we knew there would be a wedding soon! Curtis is the ONE, the one and only to capture the heart of Cassandra. He’s just as amazing as she is. We were honored and excited to get to shoot their day, we love you guys both so very much!!!

Everything was beautiful, the dress, the venue, the decorations, the details galore, but Cass’s smile and Curtis’s zest and love for her out shined everything else by far.


Blog Collage 1413651195774 Cassandra + Curtis

Blog Collage 1413678200534 Cassandra + Curtis

Blog Collage 1413678365492 Cassandra + Curtis

Blog Collage 1413678692821 Cassandra + Curtis

Blog Collage 1413679056851 Cassandra + Curtis

Blog Collage 1413679321416 Cassandra + Curtis

Blog Collage 1413679525645 Cassandra + Curtis



Also, a huge high five to Ask for the Moon Events, Maddie – you are killer awesome!

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