Cassandra & Curtis

August 26, 2014

Weddings are always awesome, but when it’s one of your bestest friends marrying THE PERFECT MATCH it brings it to an entirely new level of awesomeness. C+C we love you, love you, love you and cannot wait to see what the next chapter of your story holds!

A little taste of Sunday’s happenings…

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Riah + Jerome

August 25, 2014

Saturday we celebrated with 350+ others the wedding of Jerome + Riah.

Words can’t express how amazing these two were…

Blog Collage 1409026584702 Riah + Jerome

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The Ellis Family

August 22, 2014

An evening on Park Point with these 5 proved to be a success!

PS Tell your kids to stop growing up!


Blog Collage 1408723052243 The Ellis Family

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Jessica + Tim

August 21, 2014

Here’s a look at what we were doing on Saturday, right on the shores of Lake Superior. Jess + Tim were a complete blast as well as their big wedding party!

Blog Collage 1408592896483 Jessica + Tim

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Megan + Peter

August 19, 2014

Friday night, destination Duluth.

Megan and Peter were a class act!

Blog Collage 1408418456898 Megan + Peter

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Melanie + Matt

August 18, 2014





It was drizzling as we pulled in to the resort where Melanie was getting ready with her girls, just north of Grand Marais.  The fog was thick and the lake created a constant, soothing sound in the background.  Inside the cabin it was a furry of hair, makeup and laughter. A few moments of photo-time on the shoreline with Melanie while Al was with the guys back in town strolling the alleys. Then off to the church for the ceremony. Can I just say I love when couples exit the church with a mass of friends and family blowing bubbles at them!

After the ceremony and family photos the wedding party piled into two classic cars and we cruised around town and jumped out here and there for photos. M+M had a padlock to put on the lighthouse so we made our way out there too! The reception hall was decked out and more than one guest commented that they couldn’t believe it was the community center… homemade wine at each table and more sweets than a candy store. It was truly a night to remember! Congrats Melanie + Matt!

Blog Collage 1408325770871 Melanie + Matt

Blog Collage 1408326308544 Melanie + Matt

Blog Collage 1408326547613 Melanie + Matt

Blog Collage 1408327018720 Melanie + Matt

Blog Collage 1408327403369 Melanie + Matt

Blog Collage 1408327631953 Melanie + Matt

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Shannon + Dylan

August 12, 2014




These two shine… straight from the inside out.

We were excited to be apart of S+D’s day, we all attend the same church and a bunch of their wedding party too, so it was a blast to get to go beyond the casual hellos and smiles to spending the best day of their lives together! As Shannon was busy getting ready Dylan was jamming with his groomsmen… evidently it was quite the show!

So many highlights from their day but a favorite of mine was the red licorice “lady and the tramp” moment.  See for yourself!

After watching these two say their vows we’re convinced these two are a power couple and that God has big plans for their lives. Congrats Shannon + Dylan!!

Blog Collage 1407886550574 Shannon + Dylan

Blog Collage 1407886817446 Shannon + Dylan

Blog Collage 1407887100731 Shannon + Dylan

Blog Collage 1407887620684 Shannon + Dylan

Blog Collage 1407887971074 Shannon + Dylan

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Carli + Shaine

August 6, 2014

Saturday was amazing.  A couple who wears yellow cons for their wedding is right up our alley. Here’s a look!

Blog Collage 1407379411283 Carli + Shaine

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The Swanson Family

August 5, 2014

Our family friends since forever, the Swansons! Nothing better than a morning at the mouth of the Brule River to play, take some family photos, play some more and then eat our hearts out at the Delta Diner. There will never be enough days in a summer for all the hangouts we’d like to have, so we certainly cherished our date on the lake!

Blog Collage 1407280165694 The Swanson Family

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Amy + Travis

August 4, 2014




The energy that flows from these two is so positive and contagious! It was a true honor and a blast to get to document their day and celebrate with them. From the first look on the porch of the Cathedral to the removal of the garter at the reception – Travis wore his emotions on his sleeve. Did I mention how much I love the first look images? I do.

The ceremony was perfect. Afterwards we headed to their old stomping grounds, Billings Park, for some fun photos with the wedding party. Everything was so green it seemed a little tropical for WI. Then off to party at the Clyde. We even had a few moments to steal the two after dinner and get a few more photos.  The dance was nothing short of pure entertaining. I think Travis had to dance for a solid 5 min to be able to take the garter off! Hilarious.

Cheers to you two!!

Blog Collage 1407191156360 Amy + Travis

Blog Collage 1407191485092 Amy + Travis

Blog Collage 1407196221974 Amy + Travis

Blog Collage 1407196458936 Amy + Travis

Blog Collage 1407196811459 Amy + Travis