Lisdahl Family

July 3, 2015

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Robin and I have been friends since 4-K and I have to say there is something so crazy cool about seeing her now as mom to two little girls… one who pretty much looks just like Robin when I met her!

Random fact from this photo shoot… our local cop/friend happened upon us all in the ditch of lupines and had to come and investigate!


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Rosa + Kevin

June 29, 2015





Blog Collage 1435591519284 Rosa + Kevin


Kevin + Rosa filled the Ballroom with a few hundred friends and family and celebrated their wedding day in a beautifully traditional way.  They opted to not see each other until the ceremony and kept the suspense going while a tear-jerking slide show played before Rosa and her father came down the aisle.  We loved everything about their timeless look and feel of the day. Plus, Rosa just happens to be contagiously happy and who doesn’t love that!


High fives to the other fab vendors! Sounds Unlimited   How Sweet It Is   Derick Cich  


Blog Collage 1435592816104 Rosa + Kevin

Blog Collage 1435593746341 Rosa + KevinBlog Collage 1435593963527 Rosa + KevinBlog Collage 1435594231888 Rosa + KevinBlog Collage 1435594558983 Rosa + KevinBlog Collage 1435594777192 Rosa + KevinBlog Collage 1435595545679 Rosa + Kevin

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The Skoog Crew

June 19, 2015

Blog Collage 1434727566751 The Skoog Crew

A crazy fun family shoot on the shores of the Big Lake!

We have SO enjoyed the entire Skoog family over the years and love that we’ve gotten to be apart in capturing them as their family grows.


Blog Collage 1434727603503 The Skoog Crew

Blog Collage 1434727813884 The Skoog Crew

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Katey + Tim

June 17, 2015






Blog Collage 1434549117151 Katey + Tim

A big crazy wedding party and the worlds cutest flower girl (their daughter!) helped Katey + Tim whoop it up at the Greysolon Ballroom a week ago.  They threw a destination wedding to remember. Monica Lee Artistry helped Katey to look her absolute best and a friend/co-worker pulled together the beautiful flowers.  Sounds Unlimited and How Sweet It Is delivered the evenings entertainment and dessert.

Katey + Tim, cheers to the next chapter!


Blog Collage 1434549149695 Katey + Tim

Blog Collage 1434549544973 Katey + Tim

Blog Collage 1434549752338 Katey + Tim

Blog Collage 1434549909530 Katey + Tim

Blog Collage 1434550204011 Katey + Tim

Blog Collage 1434550579189 Katey + Tim

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Alicia + Jared

June 9, 2015

Blog Collage 1433894867839 Alicia + Jared

 We seriously loved getting to walk around Minneapolis and swap stories and create art with these two!  Who knew renting a bike could be so dang fun and challenging!

Just take a look and you will fall in love as well.


Blog Collage 1433894906851 Alicia + Jared Blog Collage 1433895071099 Alicia + Jared

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Hannah + Billy

June 5, 2015






Blog Collage 1433516470264 Hannah + Billy


Big life events like weddings, graduating Med School, moving across the country, starting new jobs… most people like to spread those out. These two decided to do it all in the span of a couple weeks!  You’d never have known though, they were able to enjoy their day and soak up every moment.  I like cool people like that.

I loved the colors Hannah picked out for her ladies to wear and the flowers by Melissa at Little Orange Flower were the perfect compliment.  Then the men sported some wild socks and shades, see below!

Congrats on it ALL H+B!! Blessings as you start a whole new chapter of life in AZ!



Blog Collage 1433516526852 Hannah + Billy

Blog Collage 1433516819984 Hannah + Billy

Blog Collage 1433517153285 Hannah + Billy

Blog Collage 1433518489772 Hannah + Billy

Blog Collage 1433518824360 Hannah + Billy

Blog Collage 1433519054653 Hannah + Billy

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May 30, 2015

Blog Collage 1433030553372 Grace


Our annual “Grace” shoot! We get to hook up for a photoshoot and dinner with our friends every spring around Grace’s (and her mom’s) Bday. This year the trees were in bloom and we had fun tromping through the woods and picking up ticks. Too bad all shoots couldn’t start out with burgers on the grill, fruit salad etc… and end with rice krispie treats!


Blog Collage 1433030584274 Grace


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Blog Collage 1432925312778 Kaycee + Gavin : Engagement


I took a little road trip to meet up with these two last week. I had never been to St John’s or St Benedict in St Cloud… wow.  If you haven’t been there I suggest you make a trip yourself! Just driving up to the Abbey was breathtaking. I arrived early to walk around and I had a sense of being taken back in history. It could have been the fact that monks were strolling around the grounds.

Anyways, this is where Kaycee + Gavin’s love story began. I loved everything about these two and can’t wait to ring in the NEW YEAR with them.


Blog Collage 1432925352769 Kaycee + Gavin : Engagement

Blog Collage 1432926020261 Kaycee + Gavin : Engagement

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Jen + Rishi

May 24, 2015

Blog Collage 1432471263563 Jen + Rishi







The idea of “two becoming one” is so powerful when you can see the two had such different backgrounds, upbringings and life experiences. Yet, they have a connection and love that trumps all else. Jen + Rishi brought together their families and closest friends from the east coast all the way to the west coast to celebrate right smack-dab in the middle.  We had the honor to celebrate with them on Friday night as well as the wedding day on Saturday. Friday evening was the Sangeet, the ladies were wrapped up and absolutely stunning. Check out that post here!

Just the fact that these two planned an outdoor ceremony in May, in MN speaks of their gutsy, adventurous spirits! Behold, it was a gorgeous day and they met, behind balloons, in a park near their house.  We met up with the wedding party for a walk through a park and a run in with security… haha! After the photos J+R  made their promises to each other on the front lawn of the Gale Mansion.  Jen’s uncle married them and delivered a beautiful and personal message complete with the Saptapadi and exchange of flower garlands. Then onto a fun filled evening of live music by The Covers. Jen and her dad had a hilarious surprise dance that left everyone laughing!

Let’s do this again! Cheers!


Blog Collage 1432471325357 Jen + Rishi

Blog Collage 1432471560159 Jen + Rishi

Blog Collage 1432471951760 Jen + Rishi

Blog Collage 1432472751295 Jen + Rishi

Blog Collage 1432473928146 Jen + Rishi

Blog Collage 1432474466759 Jen + Rishi

Blog Collage 1432474886301 Jen + Rishi

Blog Collage 1432475155168 Jen + Rishi

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Blog Collage 1431741310610 Jen + Rishi : Sangeet


Let me just say this, as a person whose entire house is filled with primary colors and bright, bold furniture etc… I LOVED this party!! So vibrant, fun and an all out celebration.  I hope the images portray the laughter and fun that was had. There was a Mehndi artist there for all to take part in and food. Oh. food.

Jen + Rishi are outstanding! I’m certain you will fall in love with them over the next few posts!!

Lots more from their wedding day SOON!

Blog Collage 1431741403032 Jen + Rishi : Sangeet

Blog Collage 1431743129676 Jen + Rishi : Sangeet

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