Rachel + Josh

April 20, 2014





We met Rachel a year or so ago when she was a bridesmaid for a wedding we were shooting (Nick and Colleen, whoot whoot!) and we just loved her. So, obviously, we were honored and excited to get to spend her wedding day with her and her man Josh. Vadnais Heights Commons was a perfect setting for a ceremony, social hour and reception all in one place. Rachel had spring in mind while planning but Mother Nature was still set on winter temps! The sun was shining though and the blue dresses, yellow accents and spring flowers were perfect.

There were quite a few emotional moments throughout the day. Rachel’s dad has been fighting Parkinson’s and having him there to walk Rachel down the isle, give a toast and dance to My Girl were a bit overwhelming… and beautiful.  Moments we were honored to capture. It was an amazing day!


Blog Collage 1398037928626 Rachel + Josh

Blog Collage 1398038475400 Rachel + Josh

Blog Collage 1398039234005 Rachel + Josh

Blog Collage 1398039875658 Rachel + Josh

Blog Collage 1398040264898 Rachel + Josh

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Jenna + Jamie

April 12, 2014

When Jenna + Jamie mentioned they wanted to do some of their engagement shoot in a grocery store I knew immediately they were out-of-the-box kinda people. I like that. They love to cook together but they also wanted to do something a little different. I can’t wait for their wedding day next month… they are certainly doing their own thing! (I won’t tell any secrets here!)

We started off in the produce, then to pickles, donuts, ice cream… then outside! Personally, one of my favorites is towards the end… I said “make your best teacher face, 1.2.3″ and they nailed it. You’ll know it when you see it. They are both teachers and get to spend their days with middle-schoolers!

Blog Collage 1397271031945 Jenna + Jamie

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April 10, 2014

Warning… this is blatant horn tootage.

The newest Lake Superior Weddings and Events magazine is all over the Twin Ports and has a nice spread of Anna + Alex’s wedding at the Brule River Barn.  We  had the honor of shooting their wedding last August! We can hardly wait for the green grasses of summer to get here!

(cover photo by Derek Montgomery)

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Here’s proof that life on the range is as every bit crazy as anywhere else!

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Tina + Brian

April 2, 2014

Tina + Brian

St. Joseph’s Catholic Church

Valentini’s Supper Club

Chisholm, MN


The day started out with a bit of a treacherous drive to Chisholm, MN after yet another one of our wild winter storms! However, the moment we arrived to the family salon the heat from the curling irons and the laughter and buzz of the gals was enough to thaw us out and get us going! Tina’s mom did her hair perfectly while everyone else took turns getting their hair and makeup done as well.  St. Joseph’s was a beautiful backdrop for their “I DO’s” and the same church that many of Tina’s relatives had been married in.

After the ceremony the plan was to visit the legendary Iron Man Statue and a few other scenic spots, we did it… the full wedding party was amazing and braved the subzero temps and we have photos to prove it! These guys were incredible! Downtown Chisholm proved to be a great spot too. Valentini’s Supper Club served an Italian feast to die for… and Tina’s mom treated a few hundred guests to her desserts straight from heaven, one of which I’d never had – Patitsa… wow, a life changer.  One more little detail that made us smile was the surprise Tina had for Brian during their first dance, mid-way through their slow dancing the track slips into Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers belting out Islands In The Stream and I’m pretty sure everyone was singing along. What an amazing day, cheers to T+B!!!

Blog Collage 1396473653451 Tina + Brian

Blog Collage 1396474209562 Tina + BrianBlog Collage 1396474711692 Tina + Brian

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Rachel + Josh

March 28, 2014

A small sampling of last weekend’s beautiful crew!

Blog Collage 1396037824176 Rachel + Josh

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Tammi + Gordy

March 18, 2014




This was a day of firsts for us. The first time we’ve shot a 25th anniversary party, the first time we’ve shot a surprise 25th wedding anniversary party and the first time we were force fed wedding cake! (cake made by How Sweet It Is can be force fed to me everyday for all I care!)  It doesn’t get better than that!!  We had been looking forward to this party since we caught wind of the surprise and had no doubts it would an event to remember. When we arrived at T+G’s house non other than Derick Cich was getting Tammi all done up, looking her best. She takes one look at us and bursts out laughing… it was yet another surprise to have photographers show up!  T+G were awesome and went with the flow and laughed and embraced surprise after surprise as the day unfolded.  The dress was a total surprise, the limo, the Greysolon… all of it!

T+G’s kids and grand-kids had made the trip home (some from down the road and some from across the country) and were there to celebrate. They all played an important role in the day – especially their sweet rendition of You Are My Sunshine performed after dinner. It was an amazing day to be apart of. We hope all the couples we shoot will make it to their 25th anniversary and have a party packed full of people who love them and honor them. T+G are an incredible example of what a beautiful marriage looks like. Cheers!

Blog Collage 1395108605045 Tammi + Gordy

Blog Collage 1395109091380 Tammi + Gordy

Blog Collage 1395109766885 Tammi + Gordy

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Danielle + Ryan

March 14, 2014





It was our first time to Marshfield, WI and if all the locals are as awesome as Danielle + Ryan and their wedding party then we’re ready to pack our bags and move!  The day was filled with fun surprises which we got the privy of knowing ahead of time – to be sure to capture those expressions. First, Ryan had a gift (a beautiful necklace) for Danielle to open while she read a letter from him prior to the ceremony. Then, during the ceremony Danielle had swapped out Ryan’s wedding band for an upgraded version, which included some bling. Finally, after the ceremony it was a surprise for both of them that a horse drawn carriage was there to pick them up.  I love surprises! Congrats D+R, we hope your marriage continues to be full of awesome surprises!!

PS You gotta check out their wedding video from Vaughter Weddings Videography. They were a blast to work with!

Blog Collage 1394766497135 Danielle + Ryan

Blog Collage 1394767016577 Danielle + Ryan

Blog Collage 1394767448270 Danielle + Ryan

Blog Collage 1394768109687 Danielle + Ryan

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The Nords

March 11, 2014

A fun wintery family shoot with our friends the Nords! These kids keep growing… of course they do, I know… but it really is crazy and fun to see them a few times a year and capture their ever changing personalities. Sy is into his legos and Maylee is all about princesses and Minnie and is a pro at spit bubbles. J+J, you guys are awesome parents!


Blog Collage 1394332518025 The Nords

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March 7, 2014

Getting to spend an hour + with my dear friend Danielle was a treat in and of itself, but capturing this moment in time with her was really extra special.  Everything fell into place for this shoot to happen… first of all D was home visiting for a few days, her and her hubby Ryan live in Hawaii. Most people around here would be planning a trip to see them in Feb but she flew home in the midst of a snow storm anyways.  We had fresh, fluffy snow and temps above freezing. AND, best of all her parents raise sheep and it just so happened that that very morning a set of twins were born and we were able to use one as a prop! SO fun! D is a wardrobe consultant, stylizer and fashion guru so I knew we were going to have nothing but amazing to work with! Honestly, if you ever need help figuring out what to wear for a shoot you need to hire D.

We cannot wait to meet this little blessing and pray nothing but the best for you 3!!

Blog Collage 1394076116804 Danielle

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