Katie + Maj-Britt

September 3, 2015





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It started out as a foggy, misty day on the North Shore of Lake Superior and the forecast wasn’t looking good for an outdoor ceremony.  But, as luck would have it, the rain held off and it was all simply beautiful!
Katie wore a classic, elegant dress and the most stunning floral crown – amazing work Saffron & Grey – and Maj sported a J Crew suit with a custom/hand tailored vest.  They decided to keep it traditional and not see each other before the ceremony so we had some fun with each side of the wedding party pre-ceremony.

The ceremony took place on the lawn overlooking Lake Superior. They were surrounded by family and friends who traveled the distance to celebrate their love.  Social hour on the patio followed by dinner in the historic Lutsen Lodge.  A favorite detail of mine from the day was the Lego Jeep cake topper, even geared up with matching mountain bikes, all made by a friend!  A handful of heartfelt and touching speeches finished up the meal.
After dinner we had the opportunity to sneak away with KT+MB for some photo fun on the shore!


Blog Collage 1441285181858 Katie + Maj Britt

Blog Collage 1441285536398 Katie + Maj Britt

Blog Collage 1441286044697 Katie + Maj Britt

Blog Collage 1441286635130 Katie + Maj Britt

Blog Collage 1441289975340 Katie + Maj Britt

Blog Collage 1441286875627 Katie + Maj Britt

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Katie + Jimmy

August 27, 2015





Blog Collage 1440717124038 Katie + Jimmy

When you combine a Duluth destination wedding with a college reunion/moving away/gathering of awesome people party it really just ends up being the perfect day!  These two have a ton of friends and family that wanted to make their day memorable. Hands down some of the best speeches we’ve heard (and we’ve heard A LOT of speeches). Cheers to that!

K+J went the traditional route and didn’t see each other before the ceremony. It was a rare HOT day in Duluth but everyone was willing to be outside for the photo fun. The ceremony was of course beautifully set on the large green lawn at Leif Erikson Park with a million flowers blooming just up the path.  Their promises were made and then we stole them away for a few photos before jumping on the party bus to head into Canal Park.   The Radisson was set up and looking great for them when they arrived to a room of cheers.  Sounds Unlimited brought the music and we brought the Photobooth… An absolutely great day! Congrats to the Stones!

Blog Collage 1440715939750 Katie + Jimmy

Blog Collage 1440716269258 Katie + Jimmy

Blog Collage 1440716458234 Katie + Jimmy

Blog Collage 1440716640417 Katie + Jimmy

Blog Collage 1440716808674 Katie + Jimmy

Blog Collage 1440716948842 Katie + Jimmy

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Brittany + Daniel

August 18, 2015




Blog Collage 1439944181301 Brittany + Daniel

I knew Brittany + Dan were going to have an amazing day, we’ve been looking forward to their day since their esession last fall! The stylists at Language of Hair got all the ladies looking amazing while the guys were working on getting the ballroom looking amazing. B+D got to see each other as soon as they were ready and we captured a few moments with just the two of them before the entire wedding party piled into a RV! Yes, that’s right, a RV. Brilliant. Who needs a limo or party bus!? They had given us their full support and said to pick a spot that was not touristy, more industrial, to capture a few of the wedding party having fun. So we guided the RV to a downtown location we’ve wanted to shoot at before but never had. Worked out amazingly and we love those images!

Back to the beautiful Greysolon for the ceremony, social hour and reception!

Hair and Makeup – Language of Hair (Rosie)     Cake – How Sweet It Is

DJ – Applause Entertainment    Flowers – Sam’s Club + amazing Aunt

Blog Collage 1439942592125 Brittany + Daniel

Blog Collage 1439942988520 Brittany + Daniel

Blog Collage 1439943224174 Brittany + Daniel

Blog Collage 1439943492072 Brittany + Daniel

Blog Collage 1439943754046 Brittany + Daniel

Blog Collage 1439944032767 Brittany + Daniel

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August 13, 2015

Oh baby… This little guy has stolen my heart.  Our dear friends, the Rassmussens, brought Caden into this world a few weeks ago and he’s absolutely the sweetest.  After editing these I’m certain he has his mothers lips and nose. icon smile Caden

We look forward to the many adventures we’ll get to share with Caden! We’ll be those old folks who get to say “I remember when you were born!”


Blog Collage 1439430567943 Caden

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The Beier Family

August 12, 2015

I really love getting to meet up with Tabatha and Jeremy for all the big life events! It’s amazing to watch a family grow, honestly… I know that sounds corny but it’s true! Over the years we’ve gotten to capture T+B for an engagement shoot, their wedding, maternity shoot for baby #1, a monster b-day partiy, a 25th wedding anniversary surprise partiy and now baby #2. I’m so honored to document it. Can’t wait to meet the newest baby Beier soon.

Blog Collage 1439386664232 The Beier Family

Blog Collage 1439386808880 The Beier Family

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Anna + Justin

August 12, 2015

We couldn’t have had more fun if we tried! Seriously, these two are about as easy going and natural with a camera in their face as you could possibly be. This shoot makes me super excited for their TWO day wedding weekend coming up this October. Fun is going to be had.

We started out at my personal favorite Lucius Woods park with just A+J and ended at the ball-field with their darling daughter for a few family pics to wrap the night up.  Enjoy!


Blog Collage 1439350265549 Anna + Justin

Blog Collage 1439350394385 Anna + Justin

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Sometimes, later in the evening, after the ceremony and dinner are over and the dance has been going on for awhile… this is when things get interesting and if you want to remember it forever you might consider having us bring the Photobooth!
My face still hurts from laughing at these good folks!

Blog Collage 1438649253272 Jennifer + Robert : Photobooth

Blog Collage 1438649343694 Jennifer + Robert : Photobooth

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Jennifer + Robert

August 3, 2015





Blog Collage 1438630432164 Jennifer + Robert


We couldn’t wait to get back to the Brule River Barn Wedding + Event Center! It’s a geogrous venue that perfectly combines the rustis barn vibe with charming elegance.  Even with the temps in the 80′s there was a nice breeze and lots of shade to assure guests enjoyed the perfect outdoor summer wedding.

We hadn’t had the chance to meet Robert or Jennifer before the big day but during a phone conversation Jennifer had notified me that they could be challenging to shoot… due to the fact that he is 6’8″ and she’s a bit shorter… Haha! They were awesome and we embrace our differences, right!?

They had their first look under the massive willow tree, which only a few hours later they said their vows under. The wedding party joined in for some seriously silly photos… take a look for yourself.  The ceremony was a tearjerker due to the hand written vows. Sheesh.  Then a night of fun followed! It’s impossible not to love a bride who can rip it up with a hula-hoop AND a wedding dress!

Stay tuned for their Photobooth images to come next…


Floweres – Bella Flora  AND  Hoffbauers Flowers    Cupcakes – How Sweet It Is    DJ – Diamond Max Entertainment

Blog Collage 1438627698907 Jennifer + Robert

Blog Collage 1438627911193 Jennifer + Robert

Blog Collage 1438628210315 Jennifer + Robert

Blog Collage 1438628749342 Jennifer + RobertBlog Collage 1438629411787 Jennifer + RobertBlog Collage 1438629605958 Jennifer + Robert

Blog Collage 1438629847345 Jennifer + Robert

Blog Collage 1438630013432 Jennifer + Robert

Blog Collage 1438630228219 Jennifer + Robert

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Bethany + Josh

July 30, 2015






Blog Collage 1438303265414 Bethany + Josh


Bethany and Josh are an amazing couple and everyone who came to their wedding knows it! It was a beautiful ceremony and a fun filled night of partying and dancing!

They had their ceremony at their home church, where Bethany works, and the reception at the new and ultra modern UWS Student Union. (Go Yellow Jackets! Both Al and I are alumni and the Art Dept is where our lives collided – Special place for us!) We were able to stroll the campus grounds and get lots of great images with B+J and the wedding party before the ceremony.  Then back to the church for the I-Do’s.

It was a really great day and we were so honored to be apart of it!  Blessings to you guys!!


Blog Collage 1438303303145 Bethany + Josh

Blog Collage 1438303499767 Bethany + Josh

Blog Collage 1438303716291 Bethany + Josh

Blog Collage 1438303933098 Bethany + Josh

Blog Collage 1438304179343 Bethany + Josh

Blog Collage 1438304435963 Bethany + Josh

Blog Collage 1438304676689 Bethany + Josh

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July 28, 2015

Blog Collage 1438120994398 Jeremiah

Jeremiah put up with my ideas and yet managed to look cool at the same time… this can be pretty challenging.  Walking, climbing, jumping and yoga posing his way around West Duluth was highly enjoyable for me to watch!


Blog Collage 1438121034113 Jeremiah

Blog Collage 1438121148071 Jeremiah

Blog Collage 1438121279391 Jeremiah

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