Amy + John

January 21, 2017

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Amy + John’s wedding was our last of 2016 and our first of 2017!

New Years Eve weddings are so fun and extra glitzy and glamours!

One of my ideas for 2017 was to have words from THE bride and groom to go along with their images.

I think all of you reading would love to hear the real wedding stories from those who experienced it, am I right!? 

So without further ado…


What was the BEST part of your wedding day!?

Besides the actual “getting married” part of the day, the best part of the planning process and the day of was having our family and friends completely rally around us, blanket us in love, and help our wedding literally be the best day of either of our lives. We don’t think anything went wrong the day of, but if it did, we have no idea because any fires that may have exploded were burned out by our amazing family and friends and bridal party. The week of the wedding, there was an assembly of bridal party friends and family who helped us assemble centerpieces. This sounds minor, but when we stopped and realized that 4 of these friends flew in from London, and family came over and gave up their time just to help put together centerpieces, we were overwhelmed with gratitude. The day of the wedding was equally the best and most humbling day of our lives, and we can’t stop thinking about how amazing it is to be surrounded by people who love you and are rallying for you just because they love you and want you to have a perfect night. From people helping you put your shoes on to friends spending hours hauling your decor and setting it up/tearing it down again, to parents whose kids’ bedtimes schedules were completely messed up because they knew you wanted their kids to be a part of the celebration. There is no other way to describe the feeling besides feeling overwhelmingly humbled and loved. 


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Tell us about the planning of the wedding!

Initially, we weren’t exactly sure what our vision was, what we could afford, and what was important to us in our celebration of marriage. New Years Eve is our dating anniversary, and since we saw it was on a Saturday in 2016, we decided to go all out and have a big new years eve celebration. I always say my favorite color is “sparkle”, and nothing says sparkle like New Years Eve, so we went for a mixed metallic/gold color scheme. Music is also really important to us, so having live music both spoke to us. Ultimately, we ended up having Ovation (a local string quartet, play Christmas carols with a trumpet soloist. We both really enjoy and respect nature, and thought that incorporating elements of the woods into our wedding would be festive and represent our love for outdoors. As the planning continued, and Amy’s mom found a bunch of gold, sparkly brush on clearance at Bachman’s, the theme of Christmas/Winter-Woodsy Glam came to be what we designed our centerpieces around. The majority of the brass deer we had on the tables were mid-century/antique deer and one element we loved about our decor. The bridesmaids dresses all were different. Having 2 bridesmaids in California, 1 in London, and only 3 in MN, Amy left it up to her Bride Squad to pick dresses that were in the gold/rosegold/blush or champagne scheme. Each bridesmaid got to choose their style and hue that they felt comfortable in and was reflective of their personality. In the end, they all blended perfectly. Amy and John kept it simple and went with simple Black and White for the tuxes.



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OK, this is so fun! Tell us how you met?
Amy and her high school friend Connie were paddleboarding one day when Connie mentioned she thought Amy and John should meet. Connie arranged a game night, and as she puts it, “it was love at first roll”…even though we played Scrabble ;-). The proposal was incredibly personal and sweet. Context: Day was Dec. 19, Amy has always wanted a Husky, their first date was at a donut shop (Mel O Glaze), a coffee shop (Nokomis Beach Coffee) and the Minneapolis Farmers Market. John had volunteered to host a friends birthday at his house, and asked Amy to come over to help clean. Poor guy paced the house until 3 pm until Amy finally came over to help get the house ready icon wink Amy + John When she came in, the house had all the Christmas decorations lit up and John was dressed up. He started telling her how the last year of his life has been amazing since she and him met, that she had changed his life, and he gave her a box. Now this box was a hand made, wood dog crate with a lid on it, holes punched in the side of it, and covered in brown mailing paper. The man had made her a home-made wooden dog crate. Inside the box was their original order from the donut and coffee shop, a mug that says, “Does this ring make me look engaged,” and a small stuffed husky with an Iowa Hawkeyes Collar and Leash (Amy is a hawkeyes fan) and a dog tag with “Amy, will you marry me?” and 12-19-2015 on it. She cried and said yes.

Congratulations!! You two and your families were the best way we could have closed out 2016 and welcomed in 2017!

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Kayla + Nick

January 17, 2017

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When you envision a winter engagement shoot I think you dream of this. I’m serious, like being in a snow globe. There was NO wind, which is incredible since we were on the shores of the great Lake Superior. The snowflakes were big and fluffy, but not TOO big and fluffy. Kayla and Nick were down with trudging through the snow, I even slipped on my way up a trail but landed on my butt to save my camera! Win!

Nick was the one who suggested Split Rock as our location since he had just been there and thought it would be perfect, he was right. Are you available for scouting/hire?

The next time we shoot together it will be the middle of the summer and hopefully just as beautiful.

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Jessica + Jordan

January 12, 2017

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We’re so excited for these two and the beginning of a new chapter of life for them.  Their wedding day was the perfect beginning paragraph for a long love story to unfold.  Complete with the most stunning ceremony location ever.

Getting to be apart of their day was such an honor, and when the guest list is under 20 people it’s a little nerve wracking too… haha! We really stick out with our big cameras!

The day started with Jessica and her closest girls getting ready in the St Paul Hotel.  So many laughs and such beautiful friendships. The girls all wore a monarch butterfly as a tribute to Jessica’s mother.  She was certainly there in spirit!  The Hotel also served as a great backdrop for their first look and then photos outside in the bustling “end of the holidays” crowds.  I must say that Jess had an amazing trio of outdoor wear to toss on over her dress… from the red coat to a fur stole and finally a full blown fur coat. LOVED them all and it’s so fun to switch it up.  Eventually we made our way over to the Como Conservatory where the private ceremony was held in among hundreds of red and gold poinsettias.  J+J were stunning, it was warm, smelled like heaven and the music of the sting quartet put the whole setting over the top.

To finish the evening off everyone headed back to the St Paul Grill for the meal of the year while we walked across the street with J+J for just a few more photos in the Christmas lights.

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Lindsie + Andrew

December 20, 2016



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Lots to be thankful for on this amazing Thanksgiving weekend wedding!  First things first, hounds-tooth shawls with green dresses… amazing.

Now that I got that out there here’s a little more about Lindsie + Andrew!  They are both northern kids at heart, Lindsie from Cloquet and Andrew from Iron River. They were living parallel lives as they grew up, which was perfectly shown through photos and table numbers at the reception, they even attended UMD at the same time but didn’t meet until they both moved to Minneapolis.  It didn’t take long for Andrew to propose and then it’s all of a sudden their wedding day.

As you’re scrolling through their day via photos I hope you notice the men in shawls, summer weather in Duluth in late Nov, the flowers and decor by NSE and the radiant smiles and glances between L + A.


Merry first Christmas as Mr and Mrs!



Ceremony &  Reception – Clyde Iron Works   :   Flowers – Northland Special Events

DJ – ProSound   :   Dresses – The Wedding Shoppe

Makeup – Monica Szypkowski    :   Hair – 2 Dye 4 Salon


Blog Collage 1482239486080 Lindsie + Andrew

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Siiri + Xavier

December 12, 2016

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High school sweethearts from small town Wisconsin, ready to go on their next adventure!

Siiri + Xavier are planning their wedding for this coming summer and we are so excited to be there to capture their day.  We just met Siiri at the Greysolon Open House about a month ago and after a few moments of chit chat we fell in love too… We can see what Xavier sees!

Blog Collage 1481548091519 Siiri + Xavier

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Blog Collage 1481548551400 Siiri + Xavier

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McKayla + Paul

November 27, 2016

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We were so, SO excited to shoot with M+P on their wedding day because after two amazing engagement sessions (hey, when you live in Duluth you need a winter AND summer engagement shoot) we knew what we were in for. A whole lotta fun.  They started their day getting ready at the new Pier B Resort, then up to the top of the hill for their first look and photos of just the two of them before heading back to Pier B for fun with family and their wedding party. The ceremony was at Cathedral Of Our Lady of the Rosary, always a favorite place of ours to shoot. The day kept getting better as we got to make a stop at Fitgers before heading to the Clyde where NSE created a beautiful backdrop for the guests to party the night away. We had the absolute honor to shoot photos while The North Photography shot video… we had a BLAST working with them and really hope that magic can happen again!


Thinking of the two of you as you just wrapped up a weekend of Bauerly Racing! Hope it was perfect!


Ceremony – Cathedral of Our Lady of the Rosary   :   Reception – Clyde Iron Works   :   Flowers – Northland Special Events

DJ – ProSound   :   Dresses – The Wedding Shoppe   :   Wedding Dress –  The Wedding Shoppe    :   Hair – Alyssa Coyle

Makeup – Amanda Johnstone    :   Cake – Becky Nelson Sourque   :   Videographer – The North Photography



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November 21, 2016

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It’s been a few years since we photographed Jacquie + Mike’s wedding but when I showed up in their house for a 1 year bday shoot for their daughter Mila it felt like it was just a few months ago. Seriously, time is weird like that. Their daughter has a striking resemblance to her dad and I’m thinking her spunky personality is all from her mom! Perfect combo, what a doll!! I hope the big party was a success and Mila is rocking her 1 year old self!


Blog Collage 1479755771538 Lundbergs

Blog Collage 1479755935389 Lundbergs

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Carissa + Caleb

November 20, 2016

Blog Collage 1479650404373 Carissa + Caleb







If we’re completely honest we were a little nervous about shooting Carissa + Caleb’s day.  We had never met, never even talked on the phone… just email. Carissa is a Duluth native but now lives in PA and Caleb is in the Twin Cities. Meeting before the wedding wasn’t going to happen! They both are pretty darn successful… Carissa is a women’s basketball coach in PA and Caleb a baseball player. (We didn’t allow ourselves to google them until after the wedding, we didn’t want to be even more nervous than we already were! ha.) We imagined them to be really loud and shouting plays or cheers all day. Quite the opposite! These two are the most humble, down-to-earth, laid back couple we’ve ever shot! Carissa told me they maybe have two photos together. They probably would have been ok with just 4 or 5 photos… Well, we needed to change that!

We started the day at the new Pier B Resort on Lake Superior.  Getting ready photos and a few of the groomsmen before heading to the church. After the ceremony everyone headed back to to Pier B for group photos and a “few” photos of C+C. (I’m thinking they’ll feel like they have enough of the two of them for a few years now!)  Their goal was to have a laid back reception with the crown jewel being Big Dave Wave and the Ripples. SO FUN!



Blog Collage 1479648019580 Carissa + Caleb

Blog Collage 1479648350051 Carissa + Caleb

Blog Collage 1479648646280 Carissa + Caleb

Blog Collage 1479649886839 Carissa + Caleb

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The Myers Family

November 17, 2016

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Angela has been my friend since preschool… now we both have kids going through the elementary years and it’s honestly pretty crazy.  How in the world does time go by so fast!?  Getting to document their family as they have just added their newest daughter, Londyn, was such a treat. I decided it would be best to come to their house for an hour before the big sisters got home from school so I could set up a few shots with Londyn. It was perfect. She’s perfect. After Londyn was sick of me I convinced Bentley to come outside and take some photos. He was all for that!  Then the big sisters got off the bus and we were able to focus on them and a few family photos right in their backyard… with another amazing Nov evening.



Blog Collage 1479420507855 The Myers Family

Blog Collage 1479420694404 The Myers Family

Blog Collage 1479420872896 The Myers Family

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Meghan + Josh

November 15, 2016

Blog Collage 1479250293439 Meghan + Josh







Meghan + Josh were married in the church where they grew up attending and across the street from where they met in Kindergarten.  Their friendship had stood the test of time and one day, during their senior year of college, Josh decided to ask Meghan out… on a date. We know how the story ends, or the next chapter begins! You’re looking at it!

It was yet another amazing fall day in Duluth, MN and we took full advantage of that. A bridal party full of siblings and friends kept the laughs coming and M+J were able to let the day unfold and enjoy every detail.


Ceremony – Cathedral of Our Lady of the Rosary   :   Reception – Greysolon Ballroom   :   Flowers – Saffron & Grey

DJ – ProSound   :   Dresses – The Wedding Shoppe   :   Wedding Dress – Posh Bridal Couture   :   Hair – Avenue 45

Makeup – Dani Regenscheid   :   Cake – The Cupcake Lady



Blog Collage 1479249578287 Meghan + Josh

Blog Collage 1479249864598 Meghan + Josh

Blog Collage 1479250168598 Meghan + Josh

Blog Collage 1479250324914 Meghan + Josh

Blog Collage 1479250582669 Meghan + Josh

Blog Collage 1479250816940 Meghan + Josh

Blog Collage 1479250939721 Meghan + Josh


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