Lynette + Matt

April 6, 2017

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Before we even arrived we knew it was going to be a special day for us. I mean, it wasn’t even OUR wedding and it was a special day for US. Ha!  Many of you know Al and I were the directors at Luther Dell Bible Camp for 9 years before we started shooting weddings full time. Over those years we met thousands of people at the camp! Lynette (and both her sisters) was one of those folks, she came as a young camper and had a super memorable experience there. Camp had made an impact, as it tends to do. She then did what we all do and she went and grew up… but she opted to work for a camp and that is where the paths of these two cross. Camp love is the best. I’ll let them tell you about it!


From Lynette: Matt and I met in August of 2016 at a camp down in Texas to work side by side for a year long fellowship with 12 other people. It took us until about the middle of winter to realize and recognize we had feelings for one another. This is when our late night talks and walks around camp began. We loved spending time together, even when our work already required us to be around each other for 14+ hour days . Our community of friends that were working alongside us supported and kept our relationship accountable. It has always been important that the Lord is first in our relationship and we are so grateful for God’s grace in allowing us to find each other.


How did the proposal happen?  


Matt had wrote me a poem during the summer that spelled out my name ‘Lynette’ and told me that he loved me. After the fellowship ended we drove up to Minnesota to get a few of my things. One morning we were getting ready to go to lunch with my parents. My mom asked if I was going to get ready, I looked at my Nike shorts and t-shirt and told her that I was ready. Little did I know that after I went upstairs to put on some makeup (she insisted), Matt was outside underneath the climbing tree in the front yard. He had put out rose petals, tea lights, and had Michael Buble (my favorite) playing in the background. My dad was busy distracting me up in my room until Matt called me. He asked me to come outside because he didn’t know what something was. So down the stairs I went and after I opened the front door, I saw him there, standing under the tree with a rose. He had added to the poem he previously wrote me and it spelled out the name ‘Ray’ and asked me to marry him. It was perfect, nothing special or grand, but sentimental in using a setting that means more to me than most people know. Also, both my parents were included in the process, making it special for them as well.
What were some favorite parts of the wedding day?
We really enjoyed our ‘first look’ together. It gave us time together where we could actually talk and relax a little. Plus the photos with Al and Lyndsey were completely focused on what we wanted and our true emotions! Another favorite part of the wedding was just having our loved ones celebrate with us! We have never felt so loved and supported and we are forever grateful for all of you who were there and also there in spirit! Matt and I have agreed that another favorite part of our wedding day was having Al and Lyndsey as our photographers. Never did I imagine that my wedding photographers would leave such an impact on our day, but they did! Anything we wanted, they did it. They also helped direct the wedding and made things much easier for us and for our guests! Our friends and family are still coming to us and praising the two photographers we had! All in all Matt and I are so blessed by our friends and family, but the biggest blessing was that God allowed this to happen and He is the reason for our wedding. We give Him all the glory.
Congratulations! We loved getting to be apart of your day! Enjoy!
Vendors:Venue : FIVE Event Center      Hair & Makeup : Jenna Shaffer       Cake : Keyscafe        DJ : Bellagala       Videographer : Vern LaBorde        Dress : The Wedding Shoppe




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March 15, 2017

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She only has a few weeks left to go until she’s officially a high school graduate! One last softball season to rule the mound and then off to college in the fall to start the next chapter.  We had a lot of laughs and huddles behind trees to dodge the wind gusts but I kept saying the wind was giving her hair the super model look anyways, all is good!

Good luck  in the fall and congratulations Allison!




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March 10, 2017

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We got the beautiful fluffy snow the night before and it stuck around all day for us!  It made for such a pretty backdrop, especially with the bright and cheery outfits they chose to wear.


Documenting this awesome family from the beginning of their story has been a highlight over the years. Watching Sy and Maylee growing up before my eyes is pretty amazing and confirming in the fact that it’s worth it to do a family shoot annually! These moments today will become tomorrows memories soon. AHH, I can’t even handle thinking about that.


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Hannah + Austen

March 8, 2017

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A note from the Bride…

High school sweethearts? Yeah, they still exist! Austen and I met when I was 15 and he was 17… crazy right?! Austen and I knew who each other were and our families new each other, but Austen and I never really had chatted. It just so happened that Austen was hanging out with his buddies and he asked the guys who he should maybe try talking to. One of his friends said, “you should go for Hannah Walter she’s pretty cool!” Austen’s first response was “the pastor’s daughter?”
But sure enough…Austen messaged Hannah and before long, they were spending almost everyday together.
5 years went by and on August 8, 2015, Austen got down on one knee (after a long day of planning and re planning- thanks to my crazy work schedule) and asked me to marry him. We went back to my parents right away and started to celebrate this new beginning! The wedding planning started almost immediately. The date we set for the wedding was totally random, we had just both agreed on winter and pulled out the calendar and decided on February 18th! The first thing to get booked regarding the wedding were our amazing photographers (yay Al and Lyndsey!) and second was our venue. We knew that we would have a lot of people at the wedding since Austen and I both have big families…we called around and finally decided to go with the DECC! We love Duluth and the area and we wanted all of our guests to enjoy it as much as we do.
The planning of the wedding was so much fun! I wouldn’t have done it any other way. I made all of our save the dates, invites and wedding programs- I love DIY’s!
The best part of getting married was knowing we were vowing to spend the rest of our lives with our best friend. The past 7 years really helped to shape who we are today, and we wouldn’t change a thing. We are beyond blessed and so thankful to have had so many loved ones with us to celebrate our special day!
Reception: DECC
Flowers : Bella Flora
Cake : Diana Ruopp
Hair: A Le Salon
Makeup : Stephanie Peters

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Blog Collage 1488978175821 Hannah + Austen

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Claire + Zach

February 26, 2017

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You never really know what you’re getting yourself into when a client suggests having the photo shoot at their private residence. A family farm was promising but when I turned left to head down the canopied driveway I knew I was in for a treat. Being greeted by Zach’s dad and their huge German Shepherd was the beginning of a great shoot!

It took all of 3 seconds for these two to warm up to the camera and having a surprising warm Feb afternoon was helpful! We basically did a little walking photo tour of the yard and ended up at the edge of the river with a bonfire to roast a few marshmallows. Pretty darn dreamy. Plus, I was sent home with a dozen farm fresh eggs!


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Blog Collage 1488071550166 Claire + Zach

Blog Collage 1488071820047 Claire + Zach

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Karen + Lucas

February 24, 2017

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So excited to share this wedding with you all!  You are going to fall in love with these two, I guarantee it.  Make sure to scroll to the bottom, the last photo of the day might be my favorite!

A message from the bride:

We met 14 years ago this coming April. One of my figure skating students thought we should meet so she had us exchange phone numbers. I called Lucas one evening, about a week or so after obtaining his number. He returned my call later that night and after talking on the phone for over an hour, he asked if he could come over and actually meet me in person. I wasn’t too sure about it so I wouldn’t give him my address. I gave him some clues on how to find my house and told him if he could find it in the next 30 minutes I would still be awake if not, I was going to bed. Needless to say, he found it. We ended up talking until 4:00 in the morning. We built up our friendship over the next year before actually “labeling” ourselves in a relationship. There have been some bumps along the way but our work on our friendship has always prevailed. I can honestly say we both feel we married our best friend.


We had a lot of fun planning the wedding. We ended up choosing a winter wedding after talking one night and realizing that even after all these years we both had the same favorite date night…going to Heritage Park in Superior and sledding down the snow covered skateboard ramps, having a snowball fight, building a bunch of snowmen, and capping if off with a trip back home to make “adult” hot chocolate to warm up with. We also really enjoy playing games. We decided to incorporate the two together. Everyone thought we were nuts and that there was no way we could combine the two. After a lot of convincing and meetings with Yana at NSE, we were able to get our ideas to meld.


We went with a navy and steel gray color theme. I also wanted a lot of sparkle and snowflakes. To keep with the winter theme I wanted all white flowers. However, Lucas has really bad allergies so I was trying to figure out a way to do an alternative boutonniere for him. Playing off the game theme I designed dice boutonnieres for him and his groomsmen. Each one was designed to represent the importance of the day. The grooms dice had the 2-11-17 up for the date, and each groomsman had the numbers up to represent the specific number of years they have known the groom. NSE added some greenery to them for us and they ended up looking cooler than we thought they would.


The hardest part of planning actually involved our venue, Pier B Resort. The resort was actually still being built when we put the down payment on it…we had to rent it sight-unseen. It made it very difficult to plan any of the details until July when we finally were able to get in to see it. Luckily we had the most amazing vendors who were willing to work with us on a tighter timeline.


Finally, the best part of our wedding day was…getting married! We’ve been waiting so long for this that we actually couldn’t believe it was happening. We were so excited to be able to share it with all of our family and friends! We literally felt like we were dreaming. We had our very own fairy tale come to life!!!


Makeup artist: Derick Cich

Cake: How Sweet It Is

DJ: Sounds Unlimited


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Blog Collage 1487938842185 Karen + Lucas

Blog Collage 1487939070901 Karen + Lucas

Blog Collage 1487939290990 Karen + Lucas

Blog Collage 1487939691859 Karen + Lucas

Blog Collage 1487940029807 Karen + Lucas

Blog Collage 1487940276774 Karen + Lucas

Blog Collage 1487940601618 Karen + Lucas

Blog Collage 1487940822029 Karen + Lucas

Blog Collage 1487941013556 Karen + Lucas

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Janelle + Eric

February 8, 2017

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I almost cancelled on these two because the wind was freezing my face off only two hours before the shoot. But… they’re from Fargo and Chicago and I knew I couldn’t be the wimp to cancel! I’m so glad I didn’t! We were warm enough in the woods and the sun was shining and it was perfection.


I have an old standby – whenever you’re in doubt about what to wear -  I say wear red and Janelle is a perfect example of why that works. Right?
Let’s not forget their adorable dogs either, just take a look at these two, they remind me of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito in Twins. Ha!


Looking forward to warmer spring weather to shoot their wedding day!! Cheers!



Blog Collage 1486521723935 Janelle + Eric

Blog Collage 1486521907215 Janelle + Eric

Blog Collage 1486522146799 Janelle + Eric

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Amber + Blake

February 6, 2017

Blog Collage 1486299353186 Amber + Blake







Having known Amber for many years made it especially sweet to be there on her wedding day to capture all the big and little moments.  The wedding party included all of the bride and grooms siblings and Amber’s dad preformed the ceremony as well, it as quite the family affair!

Love at first sight, not the case for these two. They met at Amber’s sister’s wedding a few years ago and the sparks did not fly… but Blake eventually stole her heart when he gave “the best Best Man” speech at a wedding of mutual friends. They said the planning of the wedding was fun and easy! Amber is a good delegator and Blake loves to complete tasks so they made a great team! They wanted the day to represent a little both of them, city chic for Amber, and country for Blake. (I think bullet boutonnieres vs. burgundy suede boots nailed it. )

Amber said “Both of our favorite parts of the day was the first look and the hour of alone time we got to spend together running around Hayward taking pictures! Also, having my dads blessing during the ceremony was pretty awesome.”

It was a beautiful day, congrats Mr. and Mrs. Johnson!


Reception : Steakhouse Lodge  //  Florist : Family Friend //   Cake : Cindy Gidley //   DJ : Sounds Unlimited //   Hair : Abby Raskie //   Wedding Dress : The Wedding Shoppe //   Men’s Attire : Cas’ Men’s Store



Blog Collage 1486298363521 Amber + Blake


Blog Collage 1486298706841 Amber + Blake

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Blog Collage 1486300318846 Amber + Blake

Blog Collage 1486300749092 Amber + Blake

Blog Collage 1486300997473 Amber + Blake

Blog Collage 1486301517369 Amber + Blake


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The Roberts Family

January 26, 2017

Blog Collage 1485438059190 The Roberts Family






When you grow up in a small town like Solon Springs you know (and are known) by everyone! The Roberts siblings to me were always laughing and just straight up fun to be around.  Fast forward to now and you know what?? They are STILL laughing and fun to be around! There are now 9 grand-kids in the mix and it’s clear they are carrying on the good traditions.
It’s not often when they can all gather together so we hoped for decent winter weather when we planned the date weeks in advance…  and got rain… they’re tough northerners and we carried on!  We shot in family shifts and ended the session with an all out snowball fight. Like I said, they know how to have some fun!


Blog Collage 1485438095893 The Roberts Family

Blog Collage 1485438416581 The Roberts Family

Blog Collage 1485438581444 The Roberts Family

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Amy + John

January 21, 2017

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Amy + John’s wedding was our last of 2016 and our first of 2017!

New Years Eve weddings are so fun and extra glitzy and glamours!

One of my ideas for 2017 was to have words from THE bride and groom to go along with their images.

I think all of you reading would love to hear the real wedding stories from those who experienced it, am I right!? 

So without further ado…


What was the BEST part of your wedding day!?

Besides the actual “getting married” part of the day, the best part of the planning process and the day of was having our family and friends completely rally around us, blanket us in love, and help our wedding literally be the best day of either of our lives. We don’t think anything went wrong the day of, but if it did, we have no idea because any fires that may have exploded were burned out by our amazing family and friends and bridal party. The week of the wedding, there was an assembly of bridal party friends and family who helped us assemble centerpieces. This sounds minor, but when we stopped and realized that 4 of these friends flew in from London, and family came over and gave up their time just to help put together centerpieces, we were overwhelmed with gratitude. The day of the wedding was equally the best and most humbling day of our lives, and we can’t stop thinking about how amazing it is to be surrounded by people who love you and are rallying for you just because they love you and want you to have a perfect night. From people helping you put your shoes on to friends spending hours hauling your decor and setting it up/tearing it down again, to parents whose kids’ bedtimes schedules were completely messed up because they knew you wanted their kids to be a part of the celebration. There is no other way to describe the feeling besides feeling overwhelmingly humbled and loved. 


Blog Collage 1485045624465 Amy + John

Blog Collage 1485046075554 Amy + John

Blog Collage 1485046443944 Amy + John


Tell us about the planning of the wedding!

Initially, we weren’t exactly sure what our vision was, what we could afford, and what was important to us in our celebration of marriage. New Years Eve is our dating anniversary, and since we saw it was on a Saturday in 2016, we decided to go all out and have a big new years eve celebration. I always say my favorite color is “sparkle”, and nothing says sparkle like New Years Eve, so we went for a mixed metallic/gold color scheme. Music is also really important to us, so having live music both spoke to us. Ultimately, we ended up having Ovation (a local string quartet, play Christmas carols with a trumpet soloist. We both really enjoy and respect nature, and thought that incorporating elements of the woods into our wedding would be festive and represent our love for outdoors. As the planning continued, and Amy’s mom found a bunch of gold, sparkly brush on clearance at Bachman’s, the theme of Christmas/Winter-Woodsy Glam came to be what we designed our centerpieces around. The majority of the brass deer we had on the tables were mid-century/antique deer and one element we loved about our decor. The bridesmaids dresses all were different. Having 2 bridesmaids in California, 1 in London, and only 3 in MN, Amy left it up to her Bride Squad to pick dresses that were in the gold/rosegold/blush or champagne scheme. Each bridesmaid got to choose their style and hue that they felt comfortable in and was reflective of their personality. In the end, they all blended perfectly. Amy and John kept it simple and went with simple Black and White for the tuxes.



Blog Collage 1485047059077 Amy + John

Blog Collage 1485047674863 Amy + John

Blog Collage 1485048009101 Amy + John

Blog Collage 1485048345059 Amy + John

OK, this is so fun! Tell us how you met?
Amy and her high school friend Connie were paddleboarding one day when Connie mentioned she thought Amy and John should meet. Connie arranged a game night, and as she puts it, “it was love at first roll”…even though we played Scrabble ;-). The proposal was incredibly personal and sweet. Context: Day was Dec. 19, Amy has always wanted a Husky, their first date was at a donut shop (Mel O Glaze), a coffee shop (Nokomis Beach Coffee) and the Minneapolis Farmers Market. John had volunteered to host a friends birthday at his house, and asked Amy to come over to help clean. Poor guy paced the house until 3 pm until Amy finally came over to help get the house ready icon wink Amy + John When she came in, the house had all the Christmas decorations lit up and John was dressed up. He started telling her how the last year of his life has been amazing since she and him met, that she had changed his life, and he gave her a box. Now this box was a hand made, wood dog crate with a lid on it, holes punched in the side of it, and covered in brown mailing paper. The man had made her a home-made wooden dog crate. Inside the box was their original order from the donut and coffee shop, a mug that says, “Does this ring make me look engaged,” and a small stuffed husky with an Iowa Hawkeyes Collar and Leash (Amy is a hawkeyes fan) and a dog tag with “Amy, will you marry me?” and 12-19-2015 on it. She cried and said yes.

Congratulations!! You two and your families were the best way we could have closed out 2016 and welcomed in 2017!

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