Niemann Family

July 15, 2017

Cockrill Family 1 Niemann Family





Two summers ago we got to meet the extended Cockerills and do a family shoot for them on the shores of Lake Superior. Evidently it was a success because Jen’s mother decided this was just what she wanted for her milestone birthday and 48th wedding anniversary as well. It was a beautiful evening on the lake and the lupines were in full force. We hope we kicked off their week on the North Shore with a fun family shoot!

Cockrill Family 2 Niemann Family

Cockrill Family 3 Niemann Family

Cockrill Family 4 Niemann Family

Cockrill Family 5 Niemann Family

Cockrill Family 6 Niemann Family

Cockrill Family 7 Niemann Family

Cockrill Family 8 Niemann Family

Cockrill Family 9 Niemann Family

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Caralyn + Jake

July 13, 2017

Kiepers2 5 Caralyn + Jake






Such an amazing couple with a hilarious story of how they started dating… you’ll love it! But first, we just need to say we were beyond honored to be apart of Caralyn + Jake’s wedding day. Both C+J are architects and it was super fun to see how they were able to bring that eye for detail and design into their wedding. They have a classic, modern, simplistic style that wove through the details in such a fun way and of course highlighted their love for each other. We loved their desire to throw a big beach side party for their family and friends and keep the celebration front and center. (Can we say CHEERS to a dinner of hors d’oeuvres and PIE) And one last note, 2 days after their wedding they jetted off to Norway for their honeymoon… highlight was paragliding over the Aurland fjord. Unreal.

Words from the bride:

We met in our master of arch program at NDSU. Started dating after our first year, and following an Almuni event with dueling pianos Jake and our officiant Dan were on stage doing “head shoulders knees and toes”, the pianists asked them to bring their dates on stage of which neither had. Our friends volunteered me up and when the pianist sang out “eyes, ears, mouth…” I kissed him on stage in front of everyone. He was unexpectedly surprised and couldn’t stop staring at me the rest of the night lol.


Keipers 1 Caralyn + Jake

Keipers 7 Caralyn + Jake

Keipers 8 Caralyn + Jake

Keipers 2 Caralyn + Jake

Keipers 9 Caralyn + Jake

We graduated the following spring,  Jake took a job in Grand Forks, ND, I moved back home to Duluth. Eventually we scouted out options to continue our lives together, ruling out ND, trying MSP, then falling in love with Duluth together. We’re very happy here, having been calling Duluth home together for ~4 years. Been dating for ~5.5/6 years now.

In falll/winter of 2015 we started designing my engagement ring. Jake insisted I be part of the initial process, then I was kicked out of all exchanges. He planned an amazing proposal for our boundary waters trip in June 2016. Mid-June however he had an emergency appendectomy, and the surgeon told us our trip was not happening. Me, having no idea of Jakes plans, I quickly moved on to planning another weekend getaway Jakes body could handle. Meanwhile Jake was practically in tears, which now I totally get, he had a lot into the plans at that point. We ended up going to Door County with another couple, camping, biking, snorkeling all over and checking out wineries/distilleries. He proposed at sunset on the water after a 10 mile bike ride on a sunset trail. It was beautiful icon smile Caralyn + Jake


Keipers 3 Caralyn + Jake

Keipers 4 Caralyn + Jake

Keipers 5 Caralyn + Jake

Keipers 6 Caralyn + Jake

Kiepers2 1 Caralyn + Jake

Kiepers2 2 Caralyn + Jake

Kiepers2 4 Caralyn + Jake

Kiepers2 3 Caralyn + Jake

Kiepers2 6 Caralyn + Jake

Kiepers2 7 Caralyn + Jake

Kiepers2 8 Caralyn + Jake

Designing and building our arbor, and making our concrete candles was our favorite part of the wedding process. We had guests all sign the top wood piece of the arbor and plan to make a table out of the wood. Picking our favorite colors, and neon green accents was pretty fun too. Gotta love those flower girls, or “neon green poofs” as I liked to call them. Jake loved picking out the perfect bow tie and his wood grain watch, I loved finding my dropped back Pearl necklace and open back dress.

Jake says the best part of the wedding day was “getting married, and seeing everyone”. My favorite part was definitely the ceremony, probably our vows and the wine part of the ceremony!


Kiepers2 9 Caralyn + Jake

Kiepers2 10 Caralyn + Jake

Kiepers2 11 Caralyn + Jake

Kiepers2 12 Caralyn + Jake

Kiepers2 13 Caralyn + Jake

Kiepers3 1 Caralyn + Jake

Kiepers3 15 Caralyn + Jake

Kiepers3 16 Caralyn + JakeKiepers3 17 Caralyn + Jake

Kiepers3 18 Caralyn + Jake

Kiepers3 19 Caralyn + Jake

Kiepers3 2 Caralyn + Jake

Kiepers3 3 Caralyn + Jake

Kiepers3 4 Caralyn + Jake

Kiepers3 5 Caralyn + Jake

Kiepers3 6 Caralyn + Jake

Kiepers3 7 Caralyn + Jake

Kiepers3 8 Caralyn + Jake

Kiepers3 9 Caralyn + Jake

Kiepers3 10 Caralyn + Jake

Kiepers3 11 Caralyn + Jake

Kiepers3 12 Caralyn + Jake

Kiepers3 13 Caralyn + Jake

Kiepers3 14 Caralyn + Jake

Venue: Superior Shores

Flowers: Saffron & Grey

Dessert: Betty’s Pies

DJ: Jarrid Houston

Hair: New Hairitage, Two Harbors

Makeup: Personal Friend

Wedding Dress: Flutter Boutique


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Joleigh + John

June 26, 2017

Joleigh John 25 Joleigh + John






When a mutual friend of Joleigh’s and ours contacted us a few WEEKS before the wedding, on a whim, wondering if by chance we had the date open to shoot a super small “top secret” wedding for someone we all know and love we were intrigued.  When she told me it was Joleigh, we were all in.  They were married in the backyard at her childhood house, the same house I remember thinking was so cool as a kid. I mean who wouldn’t, they had a ping pong table and a trampoline IN their garage, the best rope swing that hung out over the lake and a revolving door of friends coming and going at all times.


If you know Joleigh you know she’s a gifted writer and I couldn’t wait to hear what she would say about their wedding day. The following is from her and it’s beautiful, witty and perfect…. much like the two of them. We were so honored to get to capture their wedding and witness the merging of two families and cheer them on as they start this new chapter. Enjoy!


Our wedding day was exactly what it was supposed to be: a small, intimate gathering of family to celebrate the merging of two families in what we like to think is a pretty storybook level middle-aged romance. The bride, being the introvert that she is, never wanted a huge wedding. (She only likes people looking at her if she’s doing something for a cause. Otherwise she’s happiest at home doing something domestic.) The groom, being the kind soul that he is, didn’t want his new wife all stressed out. So they quietly plotted a small, intimate, super-secret wedding in the yard of the home where she grew up. (His idea.) Her sister (who had previously demonstrated her love and devotion by traveling to China to bring her second niece home) graciously stepped in as wedding planner. Oh, and event host. The friend who played a huge role in getting the bride and groom together (and out on a first date) also helped with details and secretly hired the best photography team in the Twin Ports region. She told the bride only “I have hired a photographer. It’s my wedding gift to you guys.” Imagine the bride’s unspeakable joy when she discovered that said photography team would fit so beautifully into her small, intimate “family and friends who are family” theme. (She babysat Lyndsey from the time she was tiny, and has adored Al since Lyndsey brought him home a few decades ago. And they traveled the path to adoption at roughly the same time, with the Johnsons paving the way and giving the bride advice when she needed it most.)


Joleigh John 1 Joleigh + John

Joleigh John 2 Joleigh + John

Joleigh John 3 Joleigh + John

Joleigh John 4 Joleigh + John

Joleigh John 5 Joleigh + John

Joleigh John 6 Joleigh + John

Joleigh John 7 Joleigh + John

The wedding day, after threatening rain from morning until night in the 48 hour forecast, ended up being absolute perfection. The venue was amazing, thanks to all the details the bride’s sister (in-law, but who’s counting) and brother put into making it so. The flowers, delivered by the same friend who hired the photographer, were supplemented by the most beautiful lilacs possible, from some friends’ farm. The matchmaking friend assembled the bouquets while the bride’s brother, new step-son, and Al put together one of the grills for the reception, and other friends draped quilts (made by the bride and her mother) over hay bales in the yard. This all happened while the bride’s friend and favorite former barista-turned-hairdresser coiffed her into fairy tale perfection and then, without even pausing to breathe, curled the hair of two squirmy flower girls, one from Bulgaria and one from China. The ceremony was conducted by a good friend and former professor of both bride and groom. The bride forgot the rings and had to pause the ceremony to send the matchmaking friend and Girl Friday off to find them in her childhood bedroom. (You get now why she wanted it to be small and intimate, right? Fewer people to witness the awkward moments she knew she’d provide.) The vows, written by the groom, were said. The rings (delivered safely and in record time) were exchanged. The kiss was magical. And then they partied with a fabulous barbecue with the bride’s brother and nearly/almost/for all practical purposes other brother and the matchmaker’s best guy grilling. The bride, never one to realize her limits, made her own cake and put the finishing touches on it seconds before donning her dress.

A good time was had by all, the food was fantastic, and, most importantly, at the end of the day two people who love each other deeply, laugh often, and were tired of saying “goodnight and good-bye” every evening, got to go home. Together.


Joleigh John 8 Joleigh + John

Joleigh John 9 Joleigh + John

Joleigh John 10 Joleigh + John

Joleigh John 11 Joleigh + John

Joleigh John 12 Joleigh + John

Joleigh John 13 Joleigh + John

Joleigh John 14 Joleigh + John

Joleigh John 15 Joleigh + John

Joleigh John 16 Joleigh + John

Joleigh John 17 Joleigh + John

Joleigh John 18 Joleigh + John

Joleigh John 19 Joleigh + John

Joleigh John 20 Joleigh + John

Joleigh John 21 Joleigh + John

Joleigh John 22 Joleigh + John

Joleigh John 23 Joleigh + John

Joleigh John 24 Joleigh + John

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Alex Bentley

June 21, 2017

Alex Bentley 1 Alex Bentley






This guy has a deep appreciation for new shoes, the Packers and his family. (I’m sure he has many other appreciations but these are what we talked about during the shoot!)  I love hearing about the plans, dreams and ideas of the soon to be senior class. Alex has some good plans, staying near to family for one!


I completely enjoyed getting to explore Jay Cooke State Park with him and his mom, the two of them know how to make each other laugh. I hope you, Alex, have a nice relaxed summer, you can enjoy it now that we got these photos taken care of!



Alex Bentley 2 Alex Bentley

Alex Bentley 3 Alex Bentley

Alex Bentley 41 Alex Bentley

Alex Bentley 5 Alex Bentley

Alex Bentley 6 Alex Bentley

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Ruopp Family

June 19, 2017





Grace 1 Ruopp Family

We look forward to our annual family shoot and picnic with the Ruopp Family every spring. This year it was pushed off a little because all our kids are getting busy and scheduling is only going to get tougher the older they get! We met at Enger Tower this year and it was truly a beautiful evening. I loved getting to steal Grace for a bit and hear all about 5th grade in Esko. She loves Harry Potter and playing soccer and basically consumes books. I’m pretty sure she’ll be running the world in a few years.


Grace 2 Ruopp Family

Grace 3 Ruopp Family

Grace 4 Ruopp Family

Grace 5 Ruopp Family

Grace 6 Ruopp Family

Grace 7 Ruopp Family

Grace 8 Ruopp Family

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Janelle + Eric

June 16, 2017






Eric Janelle 35 Janelle + Eric


If there was ever a couple who we wish we could have jumped on their airplane and joined them on their honeymoon it would be these two!  For one they went to Costa Rica, which is our favorite place on the planet. For two, they are adventurous and bring the fun wherever they go. The type of couple who you want to just be around and learn more about. It was certainly obvious how much they are loved by the outpouring of friends and family who came from all over the US to celebrate in Duluth, MN a few weeks ago. Duluth was showing off and gave them a beautiful late spring day and we were able to get to Enger Tower for their first look photos and then braved the busy Canal for wedding party fun.  As you’ll read below, they waited along time for this day and we’re so honored to have gotten to celebrate with them!


The following written by the bride herself!

Eric and I met in college many moons ago-ha! We had mutual friends so we would see each other out and about quite often. It wasn’t until 5 years after college that we really started to notice each other on more than just a friend level. One of our mutual friends was getting married in Vegas. He was going to Vegas for the wedding and I was going there for my 26th birthday celebration with a few of my friends. We had been talking on Facebook prior to that weekend and he offered to pick me up from the airport because I didn’t have a car. Needless to say we ended up spending the entire weekend together. After that weekend, I went back to Arizona and he went back to Chicago but he would come and visit me in Arizona every 2- 4 weeks. Talk about dedication huh! After a year of a long distance relationship, he decided to move to AZ! And the rest is history.


Eric Janelle Janelle + Eric

Eric Janelle 2 Janelle + Eric

Eric Janelle 3 Janelle + Eric


Eric and I had been together for 5 years and I was starting to really push the question…..”so when are you gonna marry me? The clock is ticking…..I’m not going to wait around forever!” ha


Eric Janelle 5 Janelle + Eric

Eric Janelle 6 Janelle + Eric

Eric Janelle 8 Janelle + Eric

Eric Janelle 9 Janelle + Eric


It was my 30th birthday and I thought maybe just maybe he is going to propose. Well my actual birthday came and went and no ring. Bummer huh! Well the Saturday after my birthday a good friend texted me and said “Hey I know you have been super busy and haven’t been able to properly celebrate your birthday so let’s get all dressed up and go for drinks!” Needless to say I walked into the restaurant to a loud “SURPRISE!!!!” All of my friends and family were in the room there to celebrate my birthday! I couldn’t believe it. I was completely shocked! Eric and my friend had planned a surprise birthday party! I had no idea. It was so wonderful with decoration, balloons, and a cake! Everyone was sitting around talking and having a good time and all of a sudden Eric gets up to say a speech. He thanked everyone for coming and looked at me and said “there are three things that I have been getting a lot of crap for lately. 1) Throwing you a birthday celebration….. so here’s your birthday celebration 2) getting you a birthday cake… there’s your birthday cake and 3)……He got down on one knee and asked me if I would marry him!!!!! Of course I said YES!!! – (I’m getting teary eyed writing this just thinking back on that moment). It was perfect, just perfect. It’s one of those days that you dream about as a little girl someday coming true and it exceeded that dream!


Eric Janelle 10 Janelle + Eric

Eric Janelle 11 Janelle + Eric.
The best part of our wedding day for me was getting to see Eric for the first time up on Enger Tower. I was so nervous all morning to the point where my stomach was in knot!. But once I saw him and he turned around all those nerves went away and I knew I was about to marry my best friend and the love of my life.

I’m sure for most brides the planning process can be exhausting and you work so hard to make sure everything is going to be perfect on that wedding day. I felt the same way but once the day came everything was absolutely perfect, even beyond me expectations! We couldn’t have asked for a better day and we are still on Cloud 9!


Al and Lyndsey were so amazing throughout the entire process. Talk about two wonderful people inside and out!


Eric Janelle 12 Janelle + Eric

Eric Janelle 13 Janelle + Eric

Eric Janelle 14 Janelle + Eric

Eric Janelle 15 Janelle + Eric

Eric Janelle 16 Janelle + Eric

Eric Janelle 17 Janelle + Eric

Eric Janelle 18 Janelle + Eric

Eric Janelle 19 Janelle + Eric

Eric Janelle 20 Janelle + Eric

Eric Janelle 21 Janelle + Eric

Eric Janelle 22 Janelle + Eric

Eric Janelle 23 Janelle + Eric

Eric Janelle 24 Janelle + Eric

Eric Janelle 25 Janelle + Eric

Eric Janelle 26 Janelle + Eric

Eric Janelle 27 Janelle + Eric

Eric Janelle 28 Janelle + Eric

Eric Janelle 29 Janelle + Eric

Eric Janelle 30 Janelle + Eric

Eric Janelle 31 Janelle + Eric

Eric Janelle 32 Janelle + Eric

Eric Janelle 33 Janelle + Eric

Eric Janelle 34 Janelle + Eric

Church : First United Methodist Church

Reception Venue : Holiday Inn

Wedding Coordinator, Flowers and Deco : Northland Special Events

Wedding Cake : The Exchange Bakery

DJ : Sounds Unlimited

Videography: Bryan Jonathan Weddings



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Erin + Nicholas

June 8, 2017

EN047 Erin + Nicholas




It seems like yesterday but it’s been a year and a half since we traveled to Punta Cana to spend a few days in paradise and capture the wedding (and all the other fun happenings) of these two! And now they are expecting their first baby in a couple weeks!   I was so excited to see their new home and see Erin with an adorable baby belly! They’ve opted to be surprised and don’t know if they’re having a boy or a girl. Baby Seymore is going to be loved beyond compare and has a dog sister, Grace, who can’t wait to play!

Seymore Baby 1 Erin + Nicholas

Seymore Baby 2 Erin + Nicholas

Seymore Baby 3 Erin + Nicholas

Seymore Baby 4 Erin + Nicholas

Seymore Baby 5 Erin + Nicholas

Seymore Baby 6 Erin + Nicholas

Seymore Baby 7 Erin + Nicholas

Seymore Baby 8 Erin + Nicholas

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Mariya + Andy

June 2, 2017

Andy Mariya Esession 7 1024x715 Mariya + Andy







We honestly cannot wait to celebrate with these two coming up in July!  I can still remember meeting them for the first time over coffee last August, I’m always a little nervous to meet new potential clients but seriously, about 3 seconds after introducing ourselves I felt like these two could be lifelong buds of ours.


Their first meeting was  back in 2007 at the beautiful Gustavus Adolphus College and had spanned long distance for five years and now finally they get to be close to each other in Duluth.  I love that Andy is a 4th grade teacher and had a bunch of good book ideas for me (and my kids, not for ME! haha!)  and fabulous 4th grade stories. While Mariya is super fashionista and hones her skills for Maurices as a buyer… ahem, very cool.  They make each other smile and I have a feeling there will be loads of laughs on their wedding day!



Andy Mariya Esession 2 Mariya + Andy

Andy Mariya Esession 3 Mariya + Andy

Andy Mariya Esession 1 Mariya + Andy

Andy Mariya Esession 4 Mariya + Andy

Andy Mariya Esession 5 Mariya + Andy

Andy Mariya Esession 6 Mariya + Andy


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Ashlee + Caleb

May 29, 2017

Blog Collage 1495983245174 Ashlee + Caleb






These two have an extra special place in our book. Caleb is one of my (Lyndsey’s) stepbrothers and I’ve gotten to watch him and his triplet brothers grow up from little boys jumping around on Pogo sticks to the amazing adults they are today. It has been fun to watch Ashlee bring out the best in Caleb and we all truly believe they are the perfect match.  They’ve grown up together from that very first awkward meeting at the baseball field when they were in high school all the way to their wedding day a few weeks ago.


Getting to be their photographers gave us the inside scoop on their day and seeing how much they love each other and what it means to have all your family gather around you for support was such a good reminder of why weddings are a HUGE CELEBRATION!  They are so loved!


Words from the bride, Ashlee:

“Caleb and I met through our mutual friend, Katelynn back in high school. I attended Northwood High School in Minong, WI and Caleb attended Solon Springs High school. She was pretty adamant on us meeting, and I did not feel same!! She eventually convinced me to go with her to see Caleb, and his brothers baseball game, and we’ve been inseparable ever since! Caleb asked me out about a month later through Facebook… We were very young at the time, so it didn’t matter to me. I do still like to bring it up to him every now and again to redden his cheeks”


Blog Collage 1495981883293 Ashlee + Caleb


Caleb took me to Wisconsin Point one evening in early August of 2013. We laid next to each other for a long time talking about about life and our future together. All of sudden Caleb presented me my grandmothers wedding ring, and asked if I would spend the rest of my life with him! Of course I said yes without hesitation. I did end up asking him to ask me again, but this time on one knee!! He did, and of course my answer was still a yes! We knew at that time we were young, neither of us were going anywhere. So, we decided to wait a little while before we picked a wedding date. Just having that ring on my finger, that my grandmother once wore, given to me by the man I knew I was going to spend the rest of my life with, was satisfying enough for me!



Blog Collage 1495982233074 Ashlee + Caleb


We had set a wedding date a few times, but always ended up pushing it off. We ended up setting the date last spring for May 13th of this year. We of course did what people tell you not to do… and planned a lot of it just a few months before our big day! It actually ended up working best for us though. We didn’t have time to be indecisive about napkin colors, or if we were going to have only two different centerpieces opposed to three! You just had to make a decision, and stick with it! Which I often have a hard time doing, so this was perfect.

The best part of our wedding day (besides marrying my best friend) was hands down visiting with all of our guest! It’s great seeing people from all walks of life coming together to celebrate us. It’s the greatest feeling! Caleb and I truly are blessed with great friends, and family.



Blog Collage 1495982504327 Ashlee + Caleb

Blog Collage 1495982827520 Ashlee + Caleb

Blog Collage 1495983034503 Ashlee + Caleb

Blog Collage 1495983265117 Ashlee + Caleb


Venue: Barkers Island

Wedding Coordinator: Northland Special Events

Florist: Northland Special Events

Cake: Johnson’s Bakery

DJ: Pro Sound and Light Show

Hair + Makeup: Abby Raskie

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Mary Kate + Pat

May 19, 2017

Blog Collage 1495198958980 Mary Kate + Pat






I love a good love story and these two have a fun one. They had a lot of different connecting points along the way from having gone to the same High School, but never knowing each other, having Pat’s grandparents as next door neighbors to Mary Kate, to having sisters who knew each other… but it was Mary Kate’s dad who became the connector. He and Pat became friends over “construction talk” and the rest is history. They’ve endured a few years of the “long distance relationship” and are really excited for the wedding next winter! Talks of ice fishing, woolen blankets and cobbler have us very excited for their wedding next winter too!




Blog Collage 1495198999194 Mary Kate + Pat

Blog Collage 1495199262353 Mary Kate + Pat

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