McKayla + Paul

November 27, 2016

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We were so, SO excited to shoot with M+P on their wedding day because after two amazing engagement sessions (hey, when you live in Duluth you need a winter AND summer engagement shoot) we knew what we were in for. A whole lotta fun.  They started their day getting ready at the new Pier B Resort, then up to the top of the hill for their first look and photos of just the two of them before heading back to Pier B for fun with family and their wedding party. The ceremony was at Cathedral Of Our Lady of the Rosary, always a favorite place of ours to shoot. The day kept getting better as we got to make a stop at Fitgers before heading to the Clyde where NSE created a beautiful backdrop for the guests to party the night away. We had the absolute honor to shoot photos while The North Photography shot video… we had a BLAST working with them and really hope that magic can happen again!


Thinking of the two of you as you just wrapped up a weekend of Bauerly Racing! Hope it was perfect!


Ceremony – Cathedral of Our Lady of the Rosary   :   Reception – Clyde Iron Works   :   Flowers – Northland Special Events

DJ – ProSound   :   Dresses – The Wedding Shoppe   :   Wedding Dress –  The Wedding Shoppe    :   Hair – Alyssa Coyle

Makeup – Amanda Johnstone    :   Cake – Becky Nelson Sourque   :   Videographer – The North Photography



Blog Collage 1480251633046 McKayla + Paul

Blog Collage 1480251938291 McKayla + Paul

Blog Collage 1480252216283 McKayla + Paul

Blog Collage 1480252469732 McKayla + Paul

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Blog Collage 1480252971968 McKayla + Paul

Blog Collage 1480253244199 McKayla + Paul

Blog Collage 1480253604019 McKayla + Paul

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November 21, 2016

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It’s been a few years since we photographed Jacquie + Mike’s wedding but when I showed up in their house for a 1 year bday shoot for their daughter Mila it felt like it was just a few months ago. Seriously, time is weird like that. Their daughter has a striking resemblance to her dad and I’m thinking her spunky personality is all from her mom! Perfect combo, what a doll!! I hope the big party was a success and Mila is rocking her 1 year old self!


Blog Collage 1479755771538 Lundbergs

Blog Collage 1479755935389 Lundbergs

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Carissa + Caleb

November 20, 2016

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If we’re completely honest we were a little nervous about shooting Carissa + Caleb’s day.  We had never met, never even talked on the phone… just email. Carissa is a Duluth native but now lives in PA and Caleb is in the Twin Cities. Meeting before the wedding wasn’t going to happen! They both are pretty darn successful… Carissa is a women’s basketball coach in PA and Caleb a baseball player. (We didn’t allow ourselves to google them until after the wedding, we didn’t want to be even more nervous than we already were! ha.) We imagined them to be really loud and shouting plays or cheers all day. Quite the opposite! These two are the most humble, down-to-earth, laid back couple we’ve ever shot! Carissa told me they maybe have two photos together. They probably would have been ok with just 4 or 5 photos… Well, we needed to change that!

We started the day at the new Pier B Resort on Lake Superior.  Getting ready photos and a few of the groomsmen before heading to the church. After the ceremony everyone headed back to to Pier B for group photos and a “few” photos of C+C. (I’m thinking they’ll feel like they have enough of the two of them for a few years now!)  Their goal was to have a laid back reception with the crown jewel being Big Dave Wave and the Ripples. SO FUN!



Blog Collage 1479648019580 Carissa + Caleb

Blog Collage 1479648350051 Carissa + Caleb

Blog Collage 1479648646280 Carissa + Caleb

Blog Collage 1479649886839 Carissa + Caleb

Blog Collage 1479650107739 Carissa + Caleb

Blog Collage 1479650422037 Carissa + Caleb

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The Myers Family

November 17, 2016

Blog Collage 1479420333865 The Myers Family





Angela has been my friend since preschool… now we both have kids going through the elementary years and it’s honestly pretty crazy.  How in the world does time go by so fast!?  Getting to document their family as they have just added their newest daughter, Londyn, was such a treat. I decided it would be best to come to their house for an hour before the big sisters got home from school so I could set up a few shots with Londyn. It was perfect. She’s perfect. After Londyn was sick of me I convinced Bentley to come outside and take some photos. He was all for that!  Then the big sisters got off the bus and we were able to focus on them and a few family photos right in their backyard… with another amazing Nov evening.



Blog Collage 1479420507855 The Myers Family

Blog Collage 1479420694404 The Myers Family

Blog Collage 1479420872896 The Myers Family

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Meghan + Josh

November 15, 2016

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Meghan + Josh were married in the church where they grew up attending and across the street from where they met in Kindergarten.  Their friendship had stood the test of time and one day, during their senior year of college, Josh decided to ask Meghan out… on a date. We know how the story ends, or the next chapter begins! You’re looking at it!

It was yet another amazing fall day in Duluth, MN and we took full advantage of that. A bridal party full of siblings and friends kept the laughs coming and M+J were able to let the day unfold and enjoy every detail.


Ceremony – Cathedral of Our Lady of the Rosary   :   Reception – Greysolon Ballroom   :   Flowers – Saffron & Grey

DJ – ProSound   :   Dresses – The Wedding Shoppe   :   Wedding Dress – Posh Bridal Couture   :   Hair – Avenue 45

Makeup – Dani Regenscheid   :   Cake – The Cupcake Lady



Blog Collage 1479249578287 Meghan + Josh

Blog Collage 1479249864598 Meghan + Josh

Blog Collage 1479250168598 Meghan + Josh

Blog Collage 1479250324914 Meghan + Josh

Blog Collage 1479250582669 Meghan + Josh

Blog Collage 1479250816940 Meghan + Josh

Blog Collage 1479250939721 Meghan + Josh


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Savannah + Matt

November 6, 2016

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When we talk about Savannah + Matt’s wedding day we remember how everything fell into place perfectly. Honestly, it really did. The timeline of the day was pretty tight, they had a zillion awesome bridesmaids and groomsmen and all the locations were spread out…  So, we were thrilled when every-tiny-little detail (even the rain stopped) fell into place. Maybe it was the fact that they were on holy grounds at St John’s!
The day started in St Cloud where the guys were getting ready in one hotel and the gals were getting ready across the parking lot at another. Then off to St John’s for photos with the wedding party, but the bride and groom were keeping it traditional and didn’t want to see each other! The fall colors were stunning and everywhere you turned had a beautiful backdrop for photos so we were basically in heaven. PLUS a bridal party of absolute rock-stars.

The ceremony was in the Abbey, which in and of itself is an incredible building. I wish we had 5 more days to shoot there… but they said their vows and then we got to steal S+M for a stroll around the campus. They are both alumni and this was where the romance had started so they naturally had a few favorite spots to take us to for photos. Meanwhile the wedding party was patiently waiting for them to jump on the party bus and head for the reception.

Crow River Winery was all set up and  full of a couple hundred guests ready to celebrate! We had 5 min to shoot… like I said PERFECT TIMING! 5 min of sunset lighting in a vineyard… YES!  We loved every moment of their day and wish S+M all the best!


Ceremony – St John’s Abbey   :   Reception – Crow River Winery   :   Videography – Dan West Films   :   Flowers – Wonderworks   :   DJ – Bellagall   :   Dresses – Davids Bridal



Blog Collage 1478468865146 Savannah + Matt

Blog Collage 1478469177051 Savannah + Matt

Blog Collage 1478469399528 Savannah + Matt

Blog Collage 1478469847152 Savannah + Matt

Blog Collage 1478470013550 Savannah + Matt

Blog Collage 1478470215294 Savannah + Matt

Blog Collage 1478470384745 Savannah + Matt

Blog Collage 1478470720780 Savannah + Matt

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Nicole + Chris

November 3, 2016

Blog Collage 1478174510626 Nicole + Chris






It was about a year and two months ago when we got to celebrate with Nicole + Chris on their wedding day up the North Shore at Lutsen Resort! Fast forward to now and they’ve just added Maddie to their family and had planned another trip up the North Shore to do some hiking and see what fun they could find. One quick stop at Enger Tower to do a family photoshoot on the way!  It feels pretty amazing to see a couple who you witnessed on their wedding day make all these promises and have a ton of dreams for the future and then getting to see those come true.


Blog Collage 1478174294490 Nicole + Chris

Blog Collage 1478174535929 Nicole + Chris

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Blog Collage 1477962473305 Meyers Family (Halloween)







I’ve gotten to capture the Meyers family a bunch over the years, and I do think Dan actually has come to the point where he has fun with the shoots. (It’s only taken a few years!) Now, however, I’m completely convinced he loves them because it was HIS idea to plan for the fall photo-shoot… including a family themed Halloween costume shoot. YES.  I absolutely love a family who can laugh at themselves and that is exactly what happened. My favorite moment of the shoot is when they realize a few different neighbors are watching them march down the street in their Ghostbuster get-ups! They just bought their house this summer so they haven’t really gotten to know the neighbors, I’m sure they all think they are either insane or pretty much amazing.  Even Richard the cat got in on some of the action!

Enjoy their lovely family photos at the park but make sure to scroll to the end and get a chuckle from their killer outfits and the grumpy Stay Puft Marshmallow Man!



Blog Collage 1477962512794 Meyers Family (Halloween)

Blog Collage 1477962647349 Meyers Family (Halloween)

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Melissa + Brooks

October 28, 2016

Blog Collage 1477703430626 Melissa + Brooks






I remember meeting with these two over coffee last year and thinking their wedding day would be absolutely perfect.  Their romance started back in High School when they went on an adventure with their mutual friends on a trip to Valley-fair! They ended up riding on the Wild Thing together and sparks flew!! Haha. They are both UMD alumni and have now settled into Duluth and are making it their home. They were excited to invite all their family and friends to their new hometown and Duluth was certainly showing off for their guests. It was a perfect day to shoot outdoors (yes, an overcast day is perfect) so we got to hit all the special spots they had planned on. The lift bridge, the pier, the beach on Park Point and then back at Spirit Mountain for the ceremony and reception.


We hope nothing but the absolute best for you guys!


DJ : Sounds Unlimited   Cake : Cold Stone   Florist : Northland Special Events   Hair/Makeup : Fitger’s Salon & Spa



Blog Collage 1477686081600 Melissa + Brooks

Blog Collage 1477687716762 Melissa + Brooks

Blog Collage 1477688055630 Melissa + Brooks

Blog Collage 1477688336305 Melissa + Brooks

Blog Collage 1477688580615 Melissa + Brooks

Blog Collage 1477688745044 Melissa + Brooks

Blog Collage 1477689075043 Melissa + Brooks

Blog Collage 1477703200251 Melissa + Brooks

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October 26, 2016

Blog Collage 1477523730521 Carlsons




I’m a little biased, but these are some of my favorite folks! Ashley happens to be my early morning running/kettle bell/kick my butt buddy so all of you who are lucky enough to have someone like that in your life know the kind of friendship that can form! She just celebrated (IN VEGAS) a non-monumental birthday… and before they left we were able to schedule a family shoot in. Between jobs, hockey, school and baseball this shoot has been in the works for a long time and we timed it perfectly. Ryan’s brother joined in for a few photos and Ashley’s parents did too.

All this beautiful backdrop is within a few blocks of their house!


Blog Collage 1477523778857 Carlsons

Blog Collage 1477523905812 Carlsons

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