Adam + Jordan

August 6, 2010

I love it when two ridiculously cool people fall in love – with each other – at the same time… sweet.

These two lovebirds are nothing short of amazing…

15 580x4144 Adam + Jordan

24 580x4141 Adam + Jordan

35 580x812 Adam + Jordan

Their mode of transportation…

45 580x4142 Adam + Jordan

55 580x8121 Adam + Jordan

61 580x4145 Adam + Jordan

7 580x4142 Adam + Jordan

We love you guys! Thanks for having an afternoon play-date with us!

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Chad + Jenny

July 31, 2010



What an amazing day… we had so much fun with these two! Their love for each other was so easy to capture, it made our day a snap!!

Untitled 1 580x331 Chad + Jenny

32 580x4148 Chad + Jenny

22 580x331 Chad + Jenny

I love these two bridesmaids!

42 580x4146 Chad + Jenny

52 580x4147 Chad + Jenny

61 580x8125 Chad + Jenny

71 580x4145 Chad + Jenny

81 580x4144 Chad + Jenny

91 580x4148 Chad + Jenny

102 580x4144 Chad + Jenny

111 580x4149 Chad + Jenny

11a 580x812 Chad + Jenny

121 580x4142 Chad + Jenny


131 580x8122 Chad + Jenny

141 580x5801 Chad + Jenny

151 580x8122 Chad + Jenny

161 580x4145 Chad + Jenny

171 580x8122 Chad + Jenny

We had a little time to kill before the reception so we got to grab these two for a few more shots on the beach.

181 580x4144 Chad + Jenny

191 580x8121 Chad + Jenny

Loved the tables…

20 580x4142 Chad + Jenny

211 580x8123 Chad + Jenny

221 580x4143 Chad + Jenny

The day was wonderful – thanks for letting us be apart of it!


katelyn & brandon

July 15, 2010



Our entire days photo plans were turned upside down due to torrential rains… but getting to hang out with these two was SO fun regardless of the weather!

1 580x290 katelyn & brandon

2 580x5804 katelyn & brandon

3 580x8125 katelyn & brandon

4 580x4146 katelyn & brandon

5 580x4144 katelyn & brandon

6 580x4142 katelyn & brandon

7 580x5801 katelyn & brandon

8 580x4143 katelyn & brandon

The ceremony and reception were held at the Vineyard church in Duluth, which is where we hang out every weekend and Katelyn and Brandon have invested tons of time.  It was transformed into a swanky party venue with more sweets than you could dream of!

Father of the bride…

9 580x4146 katelyn & brandon

101 580x4141 katelyn & brandon

11 580x4146 katelyn & brandon

12 580x331 katelyn & brandon

13 580x4144 katelyn & brandon

14 580x8123 katelyn & brandon

15 580x4145 katelyn & brandon

Yes, that is a volleyball…

16 580x4143 katelyn & brandon


17 580x4144 katelyn & brandon

18 580x8122 katelyn & brandon


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lauren and liam

June 28, 2010



These two are the perfect combination of crazy and cool. (Liam = crazy, Lauren = cool!)

This picture says it all…

14 580x4144 lauren and liam

24 580x580 lauren and liam

The first glance…

44 580x331 lauren and liam

54 580x8125 lauren and liam

64 580x8122 lauren and liam

71 580x8123 lauren and liam

Our photo plans for the day were totally turned upside down due to the rain… but sometimes foiled plans are just the thing to make the creative juices flow… We explored a bit and Al found this train tunnel near by…

8 580x4144 lauren and liam

9 580x812 lauren and liam

10 580x4143 lauren and liam

111 580x4143 lauren and liam

The ceremony was at the Mercy Vineyard.

131 580x331 lauren and liam

Then off to the Weisman Art Museum for the reception.

Chicken anyone?

141 580x4141 lauren and liam

15 580x8121 lauren and liam

16 580x8121 lauren and liam

17 580x8121 lauren and liam

18 580x580 lauren and liam

20 580x8121 lauren and liam

19 580x4143 lauren and liam

Congrats! Share some of your coolness with your new crew in Iowa!!

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desiree + bill

June 22, 2010



Let me introduce to you the Mr and Mrs…

DQ 580x414 desiree + bill

D 1 580x1015 desiree + bill

These two are a perfect fit in all ways! We had so so so so much fun getting to hang out with them and be apart of their day.

All things about this day were beautiful!

D 2 580x1015 desiree + bill

D 3 580x580 desiree + bill

The first glance…

D 4 580x812 desiree + bill

D 5 580x812 desiree + bill

D 6a 580x414 desiree + bill

D 6b 580x414 desiree + bill

We WERE at a ski resort..

D 6c 580x414 desiree + bill

D 6e 580x414 desiree + bill

LOVE this shot.

D 6d1 580x331 desiree + bill

D 6f1 580x414 desiree + bill

D 6g1 580x414 desiree + bill

The ceremony location was gorgeous.

D 6i1 580x812 desiree + bill

And breezy…

D6j1 580x414 desiree + bill

D 6 h1 580x248 desiree + bill

Walking into the reception was dreamy…

D 71 580x812 desiree + bill

D 81 580x580 desiree + bill

Dv 580x812 desiree + bill

This girl can dance!!!

Dz 580x812 desiree + bill

Thanks so much for letting us celebrate with you two!

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laura + justin

June 11, 2010

If what these two brought to this shoot is an indicator of what’s to come… we’re SO lucky we get to hang out with them on their wedding day!  They can make construction look good…

12 580x8122 laura + justin

22 580x8121 laura + justin

32 580x4143 laura + justin

52 580x8122 laura + justin

62 580x8122 laura + justin

42 580x4144 laura + justin

7 580x8122 laura + justin


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tiffany & glen

June 8, 2010

These two are engaged to be married spring of 2011… which seems like an infinity away… only because they are beyond amazing and getting to shoot their wedding would obviously equal beyond amazingness!!!

4 580x8122 tiffany & glen

6 580x8125 tiffany & glen

5 580x8124 tiffany & glen

3 580x4144 tiffany & glen

1 580x4142 tiffany & glen

2 580x812 tiffany & glen

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kelly & jim

June 5, 2010


MAY 22, 2010  -  STILLWATER, MN

Pulling into the Camrose Hills Flower Farm was like walking into a dream… one of the most beautiful places we’ve been! BUT is was pouring and thundering and scary… however, about an hour after Kelly showed up and we were supposed to be starting pictures it stopped raining… then when the ceremony started the clouds cleared and it was an absolutely beautiful afternoon.  I think Kelly and Jim must have an “in” with God and weather control.

Welcome to  the farm…

KJ 1 580x738 kelly & jim

We’ve known Jim for…. hummm… seems like forever, I think we meet him in 2002. He’d come up to Luther Dell (where we worked) every fall for 3 weeks. He would harass our dog, stack our plates in perfect order, drive a jeep that Al coveted and he actually taught me a few sweet tips in the kitchen.  Meeting Kelly and watching the two of them was like finding the last piece of a puzzle! You two are perfect together – much like Boy Lake and Goat Island.

Kelly got ready in this sweet little cottage…

KJ 2 580x414 kelly & jim

Jim was in the stable…

KJ 3 580x812 kelly & jim

KJ 4 580x812 kelly & jim

JK 5 580x1015 kelly & jim

KJ 6 580x414 kelly & jim

KJ 7 580x414 kelly & jim

KJ 8 580x812 kelly & jim

KJ 9 580x414 kelly & jim

KJ 10 580x812 kelly & jim

There ceremony was held on the lawn surrounded by flowers… flowers… and flowers.

KJ 11 580x331 kelly & jim

Just the slightest breeze…

KJ 12 580x812 kelly & jim

KJ 13 580x812 kelly & jim

KJ 18 580x812 kelly & jim

I saw many ladies kick off their heels and slip into a pair of these! LOVED this.

KJ 19 580x580 kelly & jim

KJ 14 580x414 kelly & jim

KJ 16 580x1015 kelly & jim

KJ 15 580x414 kelly & jim

So I’m outing Jeremy here… Kelly and Jim – thoughts?!!

KJ 17 580x331 kelly & jim

Hugs, congrats and cheers to you Jim & Kelly!! Thanks for letting us be apart of the celebration!!

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Jamie + Jamey

May 1, 2010


You might be wondering why Jamie looks so familiar… she was a bridesmaid in Crystal and Dan’s wedding from a few weeks back, a bridesmaid in a wedding from last summer AND we took some pics of Symon (her little boy) last fall… SO we’re basically best friends now! We can’t wait for these two to tie the knot in September!

JJ 1 580x812 Jamie + Jamey

We took a quick flight to England to get these at Stonehenge…

JJ 2 580x331 Jamie + Jamey

JJ 3 580x812 Jamie + Jamey

Yes please, crawl up into those pipes… we promise they won’t start rolling away…

JJ 4 580x414 Jamie + Jamey


JJ 5 580x580 Jamie + Jamey

JJ 6 580x812 Jamie + Jamey

JJ 7 580x414 Jamie + Jamey

JJ 8 580x812 Jamie + Jamey

See you two soon!!

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Crystal & Dan

April 28, 2010



This entire day was a photographers dream… everything and everyone was so beautiful and we had lots of time to have FUN! We had two hours of “Al and Lyndsey, you get to pick where we go and what we do” time!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE! There are way to many crazy cool images that should be posted… I guess you’ll just have to become friends with Crystal and Dan to see them.

19 580x8121 Crystal & Dan

The ceremony was at the Fairlawn Mansion in Superior…

25 580x5801 Crystal & Dan

33 580x4143 Crystal & Dan

43 580x331 Crystal & Dan53 580x331 Crystal & Dan

64 580x4143 Crystal & Dan

74 580x8122 Crystal & Dan

82 580x8121 Crystal & Dan

Love this overpass…

93 580x812 Crystal & Dan

151 580x4141 Crystal & Dan

102 580x414 Crystal & Dan

It would be awesome to see the process of getting this shot as a video… I think a few groomsmen got knocked on the head with the flowers… or very close!

112 580x1015 Crystal & Dan

122 580x812 Crystal & Dan

133 580x414 Crystal & Dan

Owe owe owe! It’s as though we just stumbled across these two smoochin in the grass!

142 580x414 Crystal & Dan

Beta fish on the tables… very fun!

161 580x5801 Crystal & Dan

The dance was a wild one!!! These two pics are just the tip of the iceberg!

181 580x812 Crystal & Dan

171 580x812 Crystal & Dan

C + D, you two were so great to work with! Thank you for letting us be apart of your day!!

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