Jamie & Jamey

October 29, 2010




The hugely anticipated wedding pictures of the NORDS!!!

Those of you who follow our blog will remember the Jamies!  We’ve gotten to know these two over the last year, girl Jamie (they are referred to as “boy Jamey and girl Jamie”) was a bridesmaid in a wedding we shot last summer, then we did a shoot for her little guy in the fall, then she was a bridesmaid again this spring…. engagement shoot in May and finally the WEDDING!!!  Good thing we love them!!

117 580x4143 Jamie & Jamey

There was a Packer theme to EVERYTHING. These two are NUTS for the Pack!

1a 580x580 Jamie & Jamey

211 580x8121 Jamie & Jamey

312 580x4141 Jamie & Jamey

411 580x386 Jamie & Jamey

59 580x414 Jamie & Jamey

It was a beautiful day on the lawn…

67 580x4142 Jamie & Jamey

72 580x8124 Jamie & Jamey

You’ve seen the unity candle… the sand ceremony… sweet and bitter wine… well here’s something we’d never seen. Unity Beer! They each picked their favorite and mixed them together and drank it down!

82 580x4141 Jamie & Jamey

92 580x290 Jamie & Jamey

After the ceremony we had a little time with the Jamies!

102 580x812 Jamie & Jamey

118 580x4141 Jamie & Jamey

122 580x4141 Jamie & Jamey

132 580x4141 Jamie & Jamey

142 580x4143 Jamie & Jamey

152 580x4142 Jamie & Jamey

161 580x8122 Jamie & Jamey

These two have the hulla-hoop dance down…

172 580x4142 Jamie & Jamey

182 580x812 Jamie & Jamey

192 580x812 Jamie & Jamey

Later in the evening they lit up Sky Lanterns… super cool…

201 580x812 Jamie & Jamey

Jamies ROCK!

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Jessica + Mike

October 26, 2010

I don’t think it could be possible to have more fun during a photo-shoot than what was had with Jessica and Mike! These two thought they wouldn’t know what to do in front of the camera… well it turns out when they are being completely themselves and crazy it works out perfectly!!!

310 580x812 Jessica + Mike

29 580x4141 Jessica + Mike

Al really – REALLY wants to steal Mike’s jacket…

49 580x4141 Jessica + Mike

115 580x4141 Jessica + Mike

On top of the world.

57 580x414 Jessica + Mike

Congrats you two!

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Angie & Peter

October 20, 2010




This wedding was the kick-off for a wildly fun-filled Labor Day weekend! We had been looking forward to shooting a wedding at the Glensheen and there couldn’t have been a more perfect couple to shoot there than Peter & Angie.  These two are dynamite!

19 580x8123 Angie & Peter

Love Angie’s taste…

24 580x331 Angie & Peter

35 580x4143 Angie & Peter

First look…

44 580x8121 Angie & Peter

53 580x4142 Angie & Peter

63 580x8121 Angie & Peter

71 580x4144 Angie & Peter

Another bridge… but it’s a different one, I promise.

81 580x8123 Angie & Peter

Waiting for the photographers to tell them what to do… 91 580x4147 Angie & Peter

The ceremony was beautiful…

101 580x8122 Angie & Peter

111 580x4148 Angie & Peter

11a 580x414 Angie & Peter

121 580x4141 Angie & Peter

After the ceremony we got to have a little fun with the wedding party.

131 580x4144 Angie & Peter

All Al said was “make a crazy face!”…

141 580x4146 Angie & Peter


14a 580x414 Angie & Peter

191 580x812 Angie & Peter

181 580x4143 Angie & Peter

Hands down, the BEST father/daughter dance we’ve seen!

151 580x4144 Angie & Peter

We’re pretty sure Angie is someone who makes everything more fun… she even makes cake cutting a party!

171 580x4145 Angie & Peter

20 580x4141 Angie & Peter

We loved spending your day with you! Thanks for bringing the awesome!

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Carrie + Ryan

October 14, 2010


AUGUST 23RD, 2010


This was a beautifully small, intimate, Monday evening affair! The weather, the lighting, the bride and groom… couldn’t have been better!

This is a favorite…

17 580x4143 Carrie + Ryan

a 580x4141 Carrie + Ryan

Yes, these are REAL orange and blue roses!

b 580x290 Carrie + Ryan

c 580x4145 Carrie + Ryan

Waiting for his bride…

d 580x4145 Carrie + Ryan

e 580x4142 Carrie + Ryan

Al waded into the frigid waters to get this one… I LOVE this shot.

f 580x8124 Carrie + Ryan

g 580x8124 Carrie + Ryan

h 580x4143 Carrie + Ryan

i 580x8122 Carrie + Ryan

j 580x4146 Carrie + Ryan

k 580x8122 Carrie + Ryan

Congrats to you both!!

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Laura & Tony

October 6, 2010


AUGUST 28, 2010


CRAZY FUN is how we would describe this wedding day! Just look at these two… it’s moments like these that make me consider doing video… Tony probably jumped 6 times and each jump was… shall I say… unique!

1 580x4141 Laura & Tony

Tony had an app showing steps on how to properly tie a tie – which, by the way, we now have on our phone. It’s amazing how many people don’t know how to tie a tie (ourselves included!)

Flowers done by the one and only Bella Flora.

2 580x5803 Laura & Tony

The ceremony took place in the Rose Gardens.

3 580x4143 Laura & Tony

4 580x4144 Laura & Tony

5 580x8123 Laura & Tony

6 580x4141 Laura & Tony

This group even came up with their own “poses”… LOVED them.

7 580x4141 Laura & Tony

8 580x4142 Laura & Tony

9 580x4145 Laura & Tony

One of my favorite shots… ever…

10 580x8121 Laura & Tony

11 580x4145 Laura & Tony

A few from the dance to finish it off!

12 580x8121 Laura & Tony

13 580x4143 Laura & Tony

Last photo we took that night… these guys were having FUN!

14 580x4143 Laura & Tony

We loved getting to spend the day with you two! Hope your trip was AMAZING!

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Sarah + Andy

September 25, 2010


AUGUST 17TH, 2010


These two may have gotten married on the most beautiful day Duluth had this summer! AND it was on a Tuesday – maybe that’s why it was so nice out.

A1 580x414 Sarah + Andy

Sarah has 4 sisters who were all in the wedding – it was fun to see their incredible bonds… getting ready and throughout the day they only had beautiful things to say to each other.  Here’s Sarah getting “made-up”

S11 580x580 Sarah + Andy

S21 580x414 Sarah + Andy

S31 580x331 Sarah + Andy

S41 580x812 Sarah + Andy

S51 580x248 Sarah + Andy

S6 580x414 Sarah + Andy

S7 580x414 Sarah + Andy

S8 580x812 Sarah + Andy

S9 580x812 Sarah + Andy

Cuteness maximus!

S10 580x414 Sarah + Andy

Sisters and mom.

S111 580x414 Sarah + Andy

S12 580x414 Sarah + Andy

268 580x812 Sarah + Andy

S13 580x414 Sarah + Andy

The reception was a perfect beach party!

S14 580x414 Sarah + Andy

S15 580x580 Sarah + Andy

We stole them for a few more shots because the lighting was just too good to pass up…

S16 580x414 Sarah + Andy

S17 580x414 Sarah + Andy

This is actually Sarah’s mothers bike… but it was begging to be photographed!

S19 580x414 Sarah + Andy

We’ll end with this one…

S18 580x414 Sarah + Andy

Thanks again Sarah + Andy! You Canadians really know how to celebrate!!

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Anne & David

September 18, 2010


JULY, 31st – 2010


I really don’t think this day could have been more perfect. The location was at the Nordic Bay B&B on the shores of Lake Superior, the weather was lovely, Anne and David were amazing and the family and friends knew how to have a good time!

37 580x5801 Anne & David

I have to say the flowers were a personal favorite, every table was different…AND the tablecloths were hand made by Anne and then given away as gifts!

27 580x331 Anne & David

17 580x4148 Anne & David

First look…

47 580x8121 Anne & David

57 580x8121 Anne & David

61 580x8124 Anne & David

I love this.

7 580x8124 Anne & David

8 580x4149 Anne & David

While I was getting pictures of Anne getting ready Al was out exploring the area and found this beautiful field of yellow…

and the neighbors said have at it!

9 580x8122 Anne & David

10 580x8124 Anne & David

a 580x3311 Anne & David

The Chuppah was made from Anne’s mother’s wedding dress – it was beautiful.

b 580x8121 Anne & David

c 580x4146 Anne & David

d 580x8122 Anne & David

e 580x8125 Anne & David

f1 580x4142 Anne & David

Then let the party begin!

g1 580x8121 Anne & David

There was such a sense of intimacy during the toasts, everyone there was truly celebrating Anne and David!  Also, something David’s brother said about Anne has stuck with me… and now every morning when I’m grinding our coffee beans I do a happy dance!

h 580x4146 Anne & David

ha 580x414 Anne & David

i1 580x4141 Anne & David

j1 580x8123 Anne & David

k1 580x8121 Anne & David

Thank you for letting us celebrate with you two and your families!

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Katie & Ryan

September 8, 2010



I was so looking forward to shooting this wedding at the Kitch, I’d never been inside the building before! It’s beautiful! The ceremony and dance were in the same hall, cocktails on the patio, dinner in the great hall and then cake and coffee in another room – it was as if the guests had a wedding tour of the place.

Then to top it off – Katie and Ryan were looking amazing too!

A 580x414 Katie & Ryan

B 580x580 Katie & Ryan

C 580x414 Katie & Ryan

D 580x812 Katie & Ryan

Some of my favorites pictures of the day were when the wedding party headed out to the beach!

The lighting couldn’t have been better for these…

E 580x331 Katie & Ryan

f 580x4144 Katie & Ryan

g 580x331 Katie & Ryan

H 580x812 Katie & Ryan

i 580x4142 Katie & Ryan

Skippin rocks!

j 580x4147 Katie & Ryan

The ceremony…

k 580x8123 Katie & Ryan

l 580x4144 Katie & Ryan

Cocktails on the patio…

m 580x4143 Katie & Ryan

n 580x8121 Katie & Ryan

Dancing the night away!

o 580x4142 Katie & Ryan

Congrats to you both!

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Julie & Tim

September 2, 2010


These two will be getting hitched in Duluth next summer! They were here for just a quick trip to solidify a few wedding plans and of course we squeezed in some fun engagement pictures! They are currently living in San Fransisco… so they are trying to convince their friends that Duluth is really just a mini version of San Fransisco.  Pretty close right?

1 580x5803 Julie & Tim

2 580x4146 Julie & Tim

3 580x8124 Julie & Tim


4 580x4145 Julie & Tim

Showing her love for Duluth!

5 580x4143 Julie & Tim

Had a blast getting to know you two! Can’t wait for the wedding day!

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Christina & Tom

September 1, 2010



You may recognize these two from their engagement shoot last winter… I think it was just above zero for that shoot.  Their wedding day was quite the opposite… just under 100 degrees!! It wasn’t just hot outside though, everyone was looking HOT!

T1 580x414 Christina & Tom

T2 580x580 Christina & Tom

Almost first glance…

T4 580x812 Christina & Tom

First glance.

T5 580x812 Christina & Tom

T6 580x414 Christina & Tom

T7 580x812 Christina & Tom

T8 580x812 Christina & Tom

T9 580x414 Christina & Tom

I always love this shot!

T10 580x331 Christina & Tom

T11 580x414 Christina & Tom

T12 580x812 Christina & Tom

T13 580x414 Christina & Tom


T14 580x331 Christina & Tom

The reception venue was awesome!

T15 580x580 Christina & Tom

T16 580x331 Christina & Tom

T17 580x414 Christina & Tom

We grabbed these two for a few more quick shots before the dance started… I’m glad we did!

T18 580x414 Christina & Tom

T19 580x414 Christina & Tom

Thanks for letting us celebrate with you!

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