Jessica + Wade

February 17, 2010


JANUARY 9 – 2010 – POPLAR , WI

Just put Jessica and Wade’s immediate families in a room and you’re having a party! They are both the oldest children (Jessica of 8 and Wade of 5) and the first to be married on either side… so you can imagine the excitement, energy, fun and celebrating that would make up the day.

We’re so excited for you two! Congrats!!

1a 580x414 Jessica + Wade

19 580x8122 Jessica + Wade

LOVE the gloves, flowers, pearls, netting… the details were NOT overlooked here!

21 580x5802 Jessica + Wade

31 580x414 Jessica + Wade

41 580x4146 Jessica + Wade

51 580x8125 Jessica + Wade

61 580x4147 Jessica + Wade

131 580x414 Jessica + Wade


81 580x4143 Jessica + Wade

New brothers…

101 580x8121 Jessica + Wade

111 580x4144 Jessica + Wade

92 580x414 Jessica + Wade

121 580x8122 Jessica + Wade

ceremony 580x580 Jessica + Wade

We LOVED the LOONNGGGGG veil! I’m having a mental breakdown just trying to pick a few of my favorites for this post… there are too many beautiful blue sky, red shoes and amazing expressions pictures to pick from!

151 580x4143 Jessica + Wade

141 580x4143 Jessica + Wade

161 580x4141 Jessica + Wade

171 580x4142 Jessica + Wade

bloglast 580x580 Jessica + Wade

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Kelsey + Mitch

February 7, 2010



Ringing in the New Year with 500 + guests and a party like none other was the perfect mix for ending 2009 and welcoming 2010. Kelsey + Mitch were a blast to hang out with all day! After their engagement shoot we knew the wedding was going to bring on the craziness… and it did.

1 580x8125 Kelsey + Mitch

2 580x5805 Kelsey + Mitch

3 580x8126 Kelsey + Mitch

4 580x8123 Kelsey + Mitch

5 580x8126 Kelsey + Mitch

6 580x4146 Kelsey + Mitch

The sun was blasting in through a few skinny windows and as we walked by we had to put on the breaks and get some shots.

7 580x8126 Kelsey + Mitch

8 580x5802 Kelsey + Mitch

I think we were outside for a total of 30 seconds. It was FREEZING!

91 580x8121 Kelsey + Mitch

9a 580x4141 Kelsey + Mitch

As guests were being seated and the lovely mood music was playing… we were playing a little too downstairs with the wedding party. We found a blank wall and things just happened!

9b 580x580 Kelsey + Mitch

9c 580x414 Kelsey + Mitch

9d 580x414 Kelsey + Mitch

Al said it felt like Kelsey was a Queen as she came down the aisle.

10 580x41410 Kelsey + Mitch

11 580x8122 Kelsey + Mitch

Off to the party!

12 580x4148 Kelsey + Mitch

13 580x8124 Kelsey + Mitch

14 580x5801 Kelsey + Mitch

15 580x41410 Kelsey + Mitch

16 580x8125 Kelsey + Mitch

Every wedding should hire a best man like Mitch’s… he could dance like nobody’s business…

17 580x5801 Kelsey + Mitch

18 580x4144 Kelsey + Mitch

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