Angie + Peter

April 11, 2010


We’ll get to hang out with these two again in September for their wedding, with the backdrop of the day being the Glensheen Mansion in Duluth.  Can’t wait!

The forecast was for a nice sunny – mid 60′s kinda morning… instead it was crazy windy and COLD! It just meant there would be some snuggling and windblown hair… we gotta love that!

1 580x8124 Angie + Peter

91 580x4144 Angie + Peter

22 580x8122 Angie + Peter

As we were chatting about the wedding details I asked what colors did you pick…

Peter: “purple and brown”

Angie: “lilac and mocha”

71 580x8124 Angie + Peter

At the end of the shoot I got to meet their child… he had waited so patiently in the car… His name is Atlas and he’s 7 years old.

51 512x1024 Angie + Peter

41 580x8122 Angie + Peter

Can’t wait for the wedding!

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Amy + Zach

April 3, 2010


MARCH 13 – 2010 – DULUTH, MN

I love asking couples how they met – this relationship started started back in college, more specifically… college choir. That might explain why the music during the wedding was amazing! The details, the church, the reception and everything else was put together to create a stunning – elegant day!

5 580x4146 Amy + Zach

2 580x8121 Amy + Zach

2c 580x414 Amy + Zach

I love when the mother of the bride gets to be apart of the getting ready time.

2b 580x414 Amy + Zach

3 580x5802 Amy + Zach

He hasn’t seen her yet…

3a 580x414 Amy + Zach

3b 580x812 Amy + Zach

4 580x3312 Amy + Zach

7 580x8125 Amy + Zach

6 580x4145 Amy + Zach

8 580x8124 Amy + Zach

Having a little fun while we waited for the ceremony to start.

9 580x5802 Amy + Zach

10 580x4149 Amy + Zach

11 580x8121 Amy + Zach

Not a dry eye in the place during this song. Including myself!

12 580x4147 Amy + Zach

12a 580x414 Amy + Zach

131 580x5801 Amy + Zach

Quick stop – it was COLD!

14 580x3312 Amy + Zach

Each table had it’s own cake… Blackberry, German Chocolate or Carrot…

15 580x4149 Amy + Zach

This guy just kept popping up…

21 580x812 Amy + Zach

15a 580x812 Amy + Zach

16 580x4147 Amy + Zach

Congrats Amy + Zach! Thank you for letting us be apart of your day!

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Lexi + Drew

March 18, 2010


FEBRUARY 26 – 2010 – ST PAUL, MN

Drew + Lexi are 100% perfect for each other! To be apart of their celebration was a true honor.

A few things I learned about Lexi right away. 1.  A go-with-the-flow kinda gal, willing to get dressed in the closest ladies room. Who cares if it’s tiny and other random ladies come in. 2. A pushy sales lady got her to buy the overpriced hairpiece… but turns out to be the perfect touch. 3. Has a heart of gold.

110 580x4142 Lexi + Drew

24 580x8122 Lexi + Drew

You can tell a lot about a guy by his reaction when he sees his bride for the first time…

34 580x4144 Lexi + Drew

44 580x4143 Lexi + Drew

54 580x580 Lexi + Drew

63 580x4144 Lexi + Drew

74 580x8123 Lexi + Drew

81 580x4142 Lexi + Drew

101 580x4142 Lexi + Drew

112 580x4143 Lexi + Drew

91 580x812 Lexi + Drew

The Nazareth Chapel at Northwestern College was a stunning backdrop for the ceremony.

121 580x8121 Lexi + Drew

131 580x8121 Lexi + Drew

141 580x4142 Lexi + Drew

This best man speech was in our top 10…

151 580x4142 Lexi + Drew

161 580x414 Lexi + Drew

191 580x414 Lexi + Drew

181 580x8121 Lexi + Drew

Really… when this is what we get to work with… how can we go wrong!

171 580x4141 Lexi + Drew

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Kylee + Matt

March 10, 2010

Kylee + Matt = Engaged

It was a treat to get to know these two love birds! Makes us super excited for the wedding… but we have to wait all spring, all summer, all fall and then to the end November!

18 580x8123 Kylee + Matt

22 580x8123 Kylee + Matt

32 580x4144 Kylee + Matt

42 580x812 Kylee + Matt

52 580x4144 Kylee + Matt

72 580x4141 Kylee + Matt

62 580x4141 Kylee + Matt

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Brook + Steve

March 8, 2010

We all need to see a little green grass right now so let’s go back to the end of last summer…



11 580x4147 Brook + Steve

The weather was rainy and gloomy but the atmosphere of the entire day was anything but that!

21 580x5801 Brook + Steve31 580x580 Brook + Steve

These ladies were a riot!

201 580x414 Brook + Steve

41 580x4145 Brook + Steve

51 580x8124 Brook + Steve

61 580x4146 Brook + Steve

71 580x4143 Brook + Steve

8 580x4145 Brook + Steve

9 580x8121 Brook + Steve

10 580x4144 Brook + Steve

111 580x8121 Brook + Steve

Proud parents of the bride.

12 580x4144 Brook + Steve

The wedding party went out for a little stroll…

13 580x4145 Brook + Steve

LOVE this one!

14 580x8124 Brook + Steve

15 580x4146 Brook + Steve

Back under the tent to dance the night away.

16 580x4144 Brook + Steve

17 580x8122 Brook + Steve

Thanks Brook + Steve! Congrats on the expanding family!!

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Britta + Peter

February 25, 2010


JANUARY 30 – 2010 – DULUTH, MN

We loved everything about this wedding… the people, the style, the dress, the location… did I mention the bride and groom?! Amazing. It’s been a few weeks since the wedding and we’re still talking about how crazy cool it was!

Britta + Peter, you two are rock stars!

110 580x8121 Britta + Peter

Two words…  simple and beautiful.

22 580x5802 Britta + Peter

42 580x8124 Britta + Peter

32 580x4149 Britta + Peter

52 580x8124 Britta + Peter

62 580x8125 Britta + Peter

72 580x8125 Britta + Peter

A little silliness before the ceremony started.

82 580x4142 Britta + Peter

93 580x414 Britta + Peter

102 580x4145 Britta + Peter

112 580x4144 Britta + Peter

122 580x8121 Britta + Peter

132 580x8122 Britta + Peter

As they turn around to walk down the aisle someone throws a paper airplane at them… and then they are bombarded with dozens of planes!  It was a total surprise to them (and us, to be honest I initially thought someone threw their napkin at them!) It was a fantastic twist!

142 580x8121 Britta + Peter

I must say the Sacred Heart Music Center is one of our absolute favorite wedding locations to date! We were free to play and explore the building and the atmosphere was perfect.  That is if you love cracks, peeling paint and all things awesome.

152 580x812 Britta + Peter

162 580x4143 Britta + Peter

172 580x812 Britta + Peter

181 580x4145 Britta + Peter

191 580x5801 Britta + Peter20 580x580 Britta + Peter

We stepped just outside the door for a few clicks and then ran back in! The pictures though… they were worth the goose bumps!

211 580x4142 Britta + Peter

Britta + Peter, thanks for letting us be apart of your day! Here’s a little Irish Wedding Blessing for you:

May God be with you and bless you.
May you see your children’s children.
May you be poor in misfortunes
and rich in blessings.
May you know nothing but happiness
from this day forward.

221 580x4144 Britta + Peter

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Jessica + Wade

February 17, 2010


JANUARY 9 – 2010 – POPLAR , WI

Just put Jessica and Wade’s immediate families in a room and you’re having a party! They are both the oldest children (Jessica of 8 and Wade of 5) and the first to be married on either side… so you can imagine the excitement, energy, fun and celebrating that would make up the day.

We’re so excited for you two! Congrats!!

1a 580x414 Jessica + Wade

19 580x8122 Jessica + Wade

LOVE the gloves, flowers, pearls, netting… the details were NOT overlooked here!

21 580x5802 Jessica + Wade

31 580x414 Jessica + Wade

41 580x4146 Jessica + Wade

51 580x8125 Jessica + Wade

61 580x4147 Jessica + Wade

131 580x414 Jessica + Wade


81 580x4143 Jessica + Wade

New brothers…

101 580x8121 Jessica + Wade

111 580x4144 Jessica + Wade

92 580x414 Jessica + Wade

121 580x8122 Jessica + Wade

ceremony 580x580 Jessica + Wade

We LOVED the LOONNGGGGG veil! I’m having a mental breakdown just trying to pick a few of my favorites for this post… there are too many beautiful blue sky, red shoes and amazing expressions pictures to pick from!

151 580x4143 Jessica + Wade

141 580x4143 Jessica + Wade

161 580x4141 Jessica + Wade

171 580x4142 Jessica + Wade

bloglast 580x580 Jessica + Wade

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Kelsey + Mitch

February 7, 2010



Ringing in the New Year with 500 + guests and a party like none other was the perfect mix for ending 2009 and welcoming 2010. Kelsey + Mitch were a blast to hang out with all day! After their engagement shoot we knew the wedding was going to bring on the craziness… and it did.

1 580x8125 Kelsey + Mitch

2 580x5805 Kelsey + Mitch

3 580x8126 Kelsey + Mitch

4 580x8123 Kelsey + Mitch

5 580x8126 Kelsey + Mitch

6 580x4146 Kelsey + Mitch

The sun was blasting in through a few skinny windows and as we walked by we had to put on the breaks and get some shots.

7 580x8126 Kelsey + Mitch

8 580x5802 Kelsey + Mitch

I think we were outside for a total of 30 seconds. It was FREEZING!

91 580x8121 Kelsey + Mitch

9a 580x4141 Kelsey + Mitch

As guests were being seated and the lovely mood music was playing… we were playing a little too downstairs with the wedding party. We found a blank wall and things just happened!

9b 580x580 Kelsey + Mitch

9c 580x414 Kelsey + Mitch

9d 580x414 Kelsey + Mitch

Al said it felt like Kelsey was a Queen as she came down the aisle.

10 580x41410 Kelsey + Mitch

11 580x8122 Kelsey + Mitch

Off to the party!

12 580x4148 Kelsey + Mitch

13 580x8124 Kelsey + Mitch

14 580x5801 Kelsey + Mitch

15 580x41410 Kelsey + Mitch

16 580x8125 Kelsey + Mitch

Every wedding should hire a best man like Mitch’s… he could dance like nobody’s business…

17 580x5801 Kelsey + Mitch

18 580x4144 Kelsey + Mitch

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