Katie & Ryan

September 8, 2010



I was so looking forward to shooting this wedding at the Kitch, I’d never been inside the building before! It’s beautiful! The ceremony and dance were in the same hall, cocktails on the patio, dinner in the great hall and then cake and coffee in another room – it was as if the guests had a wedding tour of the place.

Then to top it off – Katie and Ryan were looking amazing too!

A 580x414 Katie & Ryan

B 580x580 Katie & Ryan

C 580x414 Katie & Ryan

D 580x812 Katie & Ryan

Some of my favorites pictures of the day were when the wedding party headed out to the beach!

The lighting couldn’t have been better for these…

E 580x331 Katie & Ryan

f 580x4144 Katie & Ryan

g 580x331 Katie & Ryan

H 580x812 Katie & Ryan

i 580x4142 Katie & Ryan

Skippin rocks!

j 580x4147 Katie & Ryan

The ceremony…

k 580x8123 Katie & Ryan

l 580x4144 Katie & Ryan

Cocktails on the patio…

m 580x4143 Katie & Ryan

n 580x8121 Katie & Ryan

Dancing the night away!

o 580x4142 Katie & Ryan

Congrats to you both!

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Julie & Tim

September 2, 2010


These two will be getting hitched in Duluth next summer! They were here for just a quick trip to solidify a few wedding plans and of course we squeezed in some fun engagement pictures! They are currently living in San Fransisco… so they are trying to convince their friends that Duluth is really just a mini version of San Fransisco.  Pretty close right?

1 580x5803 Julie & Tim

2 580x4146 Julie & Tim

3 580x8124 Julie & Tim


4 580x4145 Julie & Tim

Showing her love for Duluth!

5 580x4143 Julie & Tim

Had a blast getting to know you two! Can’t wait for the wedding day!

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Christina & Tom

September 1, 2010



You may recognize these two from their engagement shoot last winter… I think it was just above zero for that shoot.  Their wedding day was quite the opposite… just under 100 degrees!! It wasn’t just hot outside though, everyone was looking HOT!

T1 580x414 Christina & Tom

T2 580x580 Christina & Tom

Almost first glance…

T4 580x812 Christina & Tom

First glance.

T5 580x812 Christina & Tom

T6 580x414 Christina & Tom

T7 580x812 Christina & Tom

T8 580x812 Christina & Tom

T9 580x414 Christina & Tom

I always love this shot!

T10 580x331 Christina & Tom

T11 580x414 Christina & Tom

T12 580x812 Christina & Tom

T13 580x414 Christina & Tom


T14 580x331 Christina & Tom

The reception venue was awesome!

T15 580x580 Christina & Tom

T16 580x331 Christina & Tom

T17 580x414 Christina & Tom

We grabbed these two for a few more quick shots before the dance started… I’m glad we did!

T18 580x414 Christina & Tom

T19 580x414 Christina & Tom

Thanks for letting us celebrate with you!

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Kelly & Jon

August 21, 2010



Kelly and Jon are the kind of couple who is so welcoming and downright awesome that we felt like we’ve known them for years!

KJ1 580x812 Kelly & Jon

KJ2 580x738 Kelly & Jon

KJ4 580x414 Kelly & Jon

KJ3 580x414 Kelly & Jon

KJ5 580x812 Kelly & Jon

KJ6 580x414 Kelly & Jon

KJ7 580x414 Kelly & Jon

KJ8 580x812 Kelly & Jon

KJ9 580x414 Kelly & Jon

KJ10 580x414 Kelly & Jon

I think the flower girl was having cold feet…

KJ12 580x414 Kelly & Jon

KJ13 580x414 Kelly & Jon

KJ14 580x812 Kelly & Jon

Since we were at the ski hill…

KJ15 580x812 Kelly & Jon

KJ17 580x580 Kelly & Jon

KJ16 580x812 Kelly & Jon

Thanks again for letting us be apart of your day! Everyone and everything was beautiful!

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tabatha + jeremy

August 19, 2010

We cannot wait for this wedding… these two are SO fun together.

T5 580x8121 tabatha + jeremy

T7 580x414 tabatha + jeremy

T4 580x8121 tabatha + jeremy

T2 580x414 tabatha + jeremy

T6 580x812 tabatha + jeremy

And of course we can’t forget their adorable little pug!

T1 580x4141 tabatha + jeremy

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chrissy + eric

August 16, 2010



Many of you blog followers may not know that we were directors of a Bible camp for 9 years, we LOVED it!  Many amazing relationships were created during those years and Chrissy was one of them. We’ve know Chrissy since she was a little 5th grader coming out to Luther Dell, she came every summer as a camper and then our last year we worked there she was on summer staff. Then we get to shoot her wedding… it was a collision of many worlds! I can imagine what parents must feel – watching their kids grow up and then BAM their wearing a wedding dress and it’s not for dress-up! I know both Al and I shed a few tears during this ceremony!

Chrissy, you were a stunning bride.

C3 580x812 chrissy + eric

C12 580x580 chrissy + eric

First look…

C13 580x331 chrissy + eric

C11 580x331 chrissy + eric

C21 580x812 chrissy + eric

C41 580x414 chrissy + eric

C51 580x414 chrissy + eric

I LOVE these wedding party pics…

C61 580x414 chrissy + eric

C15 580x812 chrissy + eric

C7 580x414 chrissy + eric

C8 580x414 chrissy + eric

C9 580x290 chrissy + eric

C10 580x414 chrissy + eric

C111 580x414 chrissy + eric

A very sweet moment during the ceremony…

C16 580x812 chrissy + eric

Party time!

C17 580x580 chrissy + eric

C14 580x812 chrissy + eric

Love you guys!

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Adam + Jordan

August 6, 2010

I love it when two ridiculously cool people fall in love – with each other – at the same time… sweet.

These two lovebirds are nothing short of amazing…

15 580x4144 Adam + Jordan

24 580x4141 Adam + Jordan

35 580x812 Adam + Jordan

Their mode of transportation…

45 580x4142 Adam + Jordan

55 580x8121 Adam + Jordan

61 580x4145 Adam + Jordan

7 580x4142 Adam + Jordan

We love you guys! Thanks for having an afternoon play-date with us!

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Chad + Jenny

July 31, 2010



What an amazing day… we had so much fun with these two! Their love for each other was so easy to capture, it made our day a snap!!

Untitled 1 580x331 Chad + Jenny

32 580x4148 Chad + Jenny

22 580x331 Chad + Jenny

I love these two bridesmaids!

42 580x4146 Chad + Jenny

52 580x4147 Chad + Jenny

61 580x8125 Chad + Jenny

71 580x4145 Chad + Jenny

81 580x4144 Chad + Jenny

91 580x4148 Chad + Jenny

102 580x4144 Chad + Jenny

111 580x4149 Chad + Jenny

11a 580x812 Chad + Jenny

121 580x4142 Chad + Jenny


131 580x8122 Chad + Jenny

141 580x5801 Chad + Jenny

151 580x8122 Chad + Jenny

161 580x4145 Chad + Jenny

171 580x8122 Chad + Jenny

We had a little time to kill before the reception so we got to grab these two for a few more shots on the beach.

181 580x4144 Chad + Jenny

191 580x8121 Chad + Jenny

Loved the tables…

20 580x4142 Chad + Jenny

211 580x8123 Chad + Jenny

221 580x4143 Chad + Jenny

The day was wonderful – thanks for letting us be apart of it!


katelyn & brandon

July 15, 2010



Our entire days photo plans were turned upside down due to torrential rains… but getting to hang out with these two was SO fun regardless of the weather!

1 580x290 katelyn & brandon

2 580x5804 katelyn & brandon

3 580x8125 katelyn & brandon

4 580x4146 katelyn & brandon

5 580x4144 katelyn & brandon

6 580x4142 katelyn & brandon

7 580x5801 katelyn & brandon

8 580x4143 katelyn & brandon

The ceremony and reception were held at the Vineyard church in Duluth, which is where we hang out every weekend and Katelyn and Brandon have invested tons of time.  It was transformed into a swanky party venue with more sweets than you could dream of!

Father of the bride…

9 580x4146 katelyn & brandon

101 580x4141 katelyn & brandon

11 580x4146 katelyn & brandon

12 580x331 katelyn & brandon

13 580x4144 katelyn & brandon

14 580x8123 katelyn & brandon

15 580x4145 katelyn & brandon

Yes, that is a volleyball…

16 580x4143 katelyn & brandon


17 580x4144 katelyn & brandon

18 580x8122 katelyn & brandon


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lauren and liam

June 28, 2010



These two are the perfect combination of crazy and cool. (Liam = crazy, Lauren = cool!)

This picture says it all…

14 580x4144 lauren and liam

24 580x580 lauren and liam

The first glance…

44 580x331 lauren and liam

54 580x8125 lauren and liam

64 580x8122 lauren and liam

71 580x8123 lauren and liam

Our photo plans for the day were totally turned upside down due to the rain… but sometimes foiled plans are just the thing to make the creative juices flow… We explored a bit and Al found this train tunnel near by…

8 580x4144 lauren and liam

9 580x812 lauren and liam

10 580x4143 lauren and liam

111 580x4143 lauren and liam

The ceremony was at the Mercy Vineyard.

131 580x331 lauren and liam

Then off to the Weisman Art Museum for the reception.

Chicken anyone?

141 580x4141 lauren and liam

15 580x8121 lauren and liam

16 580x8121 lauren and liam

17 580x8121 lauren and liam

18 580x580 lauren and liam

20 580x8121 lauren and liam

19 580x4143 lauren and liam

Congrats! Share some of your coolness with your new crew in Iowa!!

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