Family Traditions

July 23, 2016

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Sara found us online and sent a message to see if we could come out to the cabin they rent and do a family shoot. Their family has been coming “Up North” from Indiana every summer for 20 years and her dad about 60 years! Lots of fishing, marbles and relaxing are the common items on the list when they come. This is likely to be their last year at the cabin so they wanted to have it documented professionally. We were honored to capture this family tradition.


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Paige + Luke

July 22, 2016

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If I’m completely honest I have to say this wedding was one we’ve been looking forward to since last summer! Paige (and her family!) have been such amazing friends and clients to us since we met back when she was starting her senior year.  Just for fun here’s a session from 2013…

Many of you know we used to be camp directors so we know camp staff romance is THE BEST and when we found out that is how they met we knew we were going to love Luke too. (I’m telling you, camp staff are a unique breed.) Another throwback to their esession here! They met at a YMCA camp in 2013, started falling for each other over frozen yogurt while on their first date along the St Croix River then Luke sealed the deal when he proposed while snowshoeing. They love the outdoors and you’ll see how they incorporated that love into their wedding day.

Speaking of their wedding day… Everyone was getting ready at Fitgers so we were able to use that as the perfect backdrop for their first look and a few more photos of the two of them. Then off to a park for some woods with the wedding party and a quick stop at Bent Paddle for a beer. Then it was time to get married! We’ve never seen the Clyde looking so romantic! Unreal. And let me just give a virtual high-five to the bride and groom for picking an amazing dinner. I’ve never heard so many guests RAVE about the food. A build your own burger buffet and a Cold Stone build your own sundae buffet for dessert. Wowie.

One more detail of the day that stole my heart was that in lieu of party favors and including all the cash from the dollar dance they made a donation to HEAL Ministries.


Enjoy these two beautiful people!


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Blog Collage 1469190321992 Paige + Luke

Blog Collage 1469190577028 Paige + Luke

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Devon + Scott

July 8, 2016

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You will absolutely love the vintage vibe that Devon + Scott wove into their day. From the beautiful head piece she wore, the lace gloves, the long pearls, the feathers… all of it was beautifully done.  Even the PhotoBooth props were furs and hats, pearls and diamonds!

We had a beautiful start to the day and we got to photo out on the street and under the historic awning in front of the Greysolon Plaza with the wedding party before the ceremony.  Then the guys had a celebration smoke of cigars and the gals got to see the big reveal of the broach bouquet that Devon’s mother had made.

The ceremony took place during a thunderstorm but I’m pretty sure that means good luck! I’m not even sure Devon + Scott noticed the lightening flashing in the windows or if they were focused on their vows! During our email conversations Devon had mentioned she really wanted to get a few photos with the Duluth Lift Bridge during their social hour… but it was storming and I’m talking BIG storms. But, we took a chance and it paid off! You’ll love the few we managed to get, even though I was a little nervous (or a lot nervous!)

The rest of the evening was a blur of dinner, toasts, cake and dancing! Lots of dancing!  Congrats to the new Mr + Mrs!



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Lakyn + Kevin

July 3, 2016

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I love getting to shoot at the Bird Sanctuary, especially on a perfect evening with such a beautiful couple! Plus, it’s on my running route so I’ve had plenty of opportunity to scope out the good spots. Lakyn + Kevin were so fun and natural together… which I’d assume since this love started between them all the way back in Junior High! We are excited to get to celebrate them as they start their next chapter this fall!



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June 30, 2016

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It has been so fun meeting up with Dakota and his family over the years for family shoots. Click here for a blast from the past… (sorry Dakota! We’ve all come along way, including our blog!) We hope your senior year is the absolute best year yet! We think that you’ll own the football field and the basketball court, have loads of fun and create memories.

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Stano Family

June 24, 2016

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Stano Farm



I wish everyone could know the Stano family. There are the real deal, salt of the earth kinda people. We’ve had the privilege to shoot a couple weddings, a senior shoot and a surprise family shoot with this crew over the years so having Olivia ask us to capture them as they are now in 2016 was a treat!  It’s not an easy thing to gather 8 kids, spouses, grand-kids etc all for a shoot but they did it! Olivia is leaving this fall for a long term missions trip and teaching position in Taiwan so I think she pulled that weight to convince her brothers to do the shoot! We will certainly miss her but know that she is going to have an amazing year and grow in SO many ways and Taiwan is lucky to have her!


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Sara + Jon

June 22, 2016

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Let me just say that Sara + Jon might become our new BFFs. We had way to much fun together and continue to smile every time we look at their photos. It’s obvious they are deeply loved by their friends and family who traveled near and far to celebrate them.

We started off the day at Beacon Point where they both had separate rooms to get ready in. Their first look was on the shores of Lake Superior and Macy, their golden retriever, joined them shortly after their first hug and kisses. Then up to the top of the hill for more photos with the wedding party and family at Enger Tower. The Clyde was the perfect backdrop for their balcony ceremony and social hour and then everyone moved downstairs for dinner, followed by dancing (and one of our all time best Photobooths!) and all out party mode.  During social hour the wedding party headed to Little Angie’s, since that was where the romance began years ago, for a drink and cheers. We were able to steal away with Sara and Jon and a few hundred tourists to have some fun in Canal Park.


It was honestly a perfect day. All the details fell into place, everyone was there to celebrate and Sara + Jon were the focus of it all.  Thanks to Saffron & Grey for the beautiful flowers and Sounds Unlimited for the party!


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Blog Collage 1466596586421 Sara + JonBlog Collage 1466597463355 Sara + Jon

Blog Collage 1466597859498 Sara + Jon

Blog Collage 1466598066711 Sara + Jon

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Karen + Lucas

June 17, 2016

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We met these two at a wedding reception this past winter (thank you Becki + Rob!) and instantly loved them!  So, to say we were excited when Karen emailed to inquire about shooting their wedding this coming up winter would be an understatement!  I met them at Captain J’s mini golf and started laughing the moment I saw them in their opposing jerseys. I knew instantly it was going to be an entertaining shoot. Lots of comments and congratulations from the fellow golfers and even an arm wrestling match on the picnic table… because these two are competitive!
We ended the session on WI point with a beautiful lake and evening. Cannot wait to see these two on their wedding day!

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Blog Collage 1466171406180 Karen + Lucas

Blog Collage 1466171556367 Karen + Lucas

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Ruopp Family

June 15, 2016

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It has become a spring tradition to meet up with Nate, Diana and Grace to celebrate D+G’s birthdays and to do a family shoot. As the years pass I’m realizing how important (or more so cherished) these family shoots are. To have one evening a year set aside to capture your family at that specific moment in time is priceless. Grace just turned 10 and this year is going to fly by! To see how much she’s changed since we started these shoots is really amazing! So happy to be apart of the tradition!


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Hannah + Cavan

June 11, 2016

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Hannah and Cavan have known each other since hitting it off over lunch in Junior High! They’ve come along way since then and have a few more moves to make before the big wedding next summer – Twin Cities, Colorado, Duluth…  For their shoot we had a fun evening in Canal Park and at Enger Tower (where Cavan had proposed!).  The weather was insane all day but we nailed it, even a rain delay to spice it up.

It’s always fun to find the connections with our couples, one being that Hannah is running her first marathon in a week! We’ll keep our eyes open for you at the start!! Good luck!

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