The Bleeckers

September 28, 2016

Blog Collage 1475026486890 The Bleeckers



We haven’t seen these two since we shot their wedding (almost) 3 years ago! (Click here for those highlights!) It was so fun to meet their darling son and capture them as parents and as expecting parents. They had a few days of vacation on the North Shore and we managed to line up a beautiful evening to meet up.  As photographers we get to be apart of some really special days and moments and we’re really honored they asked us to capture this next chapter of their story. So happy for you!!


Blog Collage 1475026148650 The Bleeckers

Blog Collage 1475026311437 The Bleeckers

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Lakyn + Kevin

September 26, 2016

AC 5a 1024x1024 Lakyn + Kevin






8th grade is when this all started. That is awesome. At a track and field event Kevin decided he needed to get Lakyn’s attention and he has kept her laughing ever since. Their long history played a lot into their wedding day and I have to admit one of my all time favorite “father of the bride” speeches was because Lakyn’s dad had a story to share from their high school years! Let’s just say there was a “stolen” car, gun shots and police all involved!

The ceremony and reception was at the Northern Pines Golf Course in Iron River. They have added a beautiful outdoor pavilion for wedding ceremonies and it was a perfect early fall day to be outside.  Lakyn and Kevin decided to keep it traditional and wait to see each other until the ceremony. I don’t think there was a dry eye among the guests, Kevin was really trying to hold it together but that aisle is LONG and Lakyn was taking her sweet time and soaking it all in.

After the ceremony and family photos we had a bit of time to steal L+K off to a pine plantation we had scoped out earlier. I love the big woods of Northern WI!

A party full of guests who mostly all know each other is SO fun! The dance floor was packed, the photobooth was rolling, everyone was having a great time! Congrats!


Blog Collage 1474939588280 Lakyn + Kevin

Blog Collage 1474939986044 Lakyn + Kevin

Blog Collage 1474940522648 Lakyn + Kevin

Blog Collage 1474940732814 Lakyn + Kevin

Blog Collage 1474940943742 Lakyn + Kevin

Blog Collage 1474941164955 Lakyn + Kevin

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Ashley + Brendan

September 20, 2016

AJ 2b 1024x716 Ashley + Brendan


Grand Superior Lodge

Two Harbors, MN


It was raining for our entire drive north to Grand Superior Lodge and it rained the whole time they were getting ready… it even rained a little bit during their first look… but then… then it cleared up for the photos, ceremony and social hour. Yay! Then it rained again throughout the dance! It was an absolutely beautiful rainy day on the shores of Lake Superior and everyone was having a blast between playing spike ball and getting married.  A couple gals from the Color Lounge came to the lodge and styled hair and makeup for the ladies and Brendan’s aunt worked her magic with the flowers and everything came together as it should.  You will fall in love with the ring bearer Sochi, we almost dog-napped her!

Ashley + Brendan had their first look on the rocks looking out over the lake, then we added in the wedding party and the ladies were up for the challenge of conquering the rocks in high heels. The ceremony took place on the brick patio and then everyone ducked inside for visiting and a family style dinner. Sounds Unlimited brought a fun show with even a little serenading for the couple! Congrats again to Ashley + Brendan!


Blog Collage 1474372888602 Ashley + Brendan

Blog Collage 1474373220616 Ashley + Brendan

Blog Collage 1474373827065 Ashley + Brendan

Blog Collage 1474374174656 Ashley + Brendan

Blog Collage 1474376126332 Ashley + Brendan

Blog Collage 1474376891051 Ashley + Brendan

Blog Collage 1474377193093 Ashley + Brendan

Blog Collage 1474377538333 Ashley + Brendan

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Coffin-Langdon Family

September 19, 2016

Blog Collage 1474310501384 Coffin Langdon Family


Coffin-Langdon Family




We got our annual fall family photo shoot done early this year with my sister Cynthia and her family. I’m telling you it can be hard to get all our schedules to line up but this year I got a text on a Wednesday and we set it all up for Thursday. BOOM. Our youngest niece Annie Joy is now calling me Auntie, instead of Lady Al… which was pretty amazing while it lasted. She’s growing up and even letting me take photos of her, on her terms of course. Sam is the prankster of the group whipping out those good ol bunny ears! It’s hard to get a picture in edgewise while Kiana is telling me all about school but when she stops to breath I’m ready. And Maleeah is in Junior High, oozing with fashion sense and coolness.  These kids I get to call family are priceless. And their parents are pretty amazing too! Enjoy!


Blog Collage 1474310524482 Coffin Langdon Family Blog Collage 1474310785941 Coffin Langdon Family


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the Rassmussens

September 15, 2016

Blog Collage 1473938848741 the Rassmussens


Lindstrom, MN

I’ve said it a 100 times but getting to capture our friends in their everyday life is really fun. We’ve watched this awesome family go from Leah and Ryan dating to now 2 kids and a dog (the lovely dog wasn’t invited along for this shoot though.) We don’t get to spend nearly enough time with them but whenever we do it’s like time hasn’t passed… except when we look at our children and think “Who the heck are these guys!? Stop growing!”

We drove a couple miles from their house and took a few moments at a park to capture them as a family in 2016.  We love you guys!



Blog Collage 1473938890454 the Rassmussens

Blog Collage 1473939001184 the Rassmussens

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Cindy + Nathan

September 14, 2016

Blog Collage 1473889819859 Cindy + Nathan



Rice Park and Richfield Fire Department

Minneapolis, MN


We’ve been friends with Nathan since he was in High School and we got to chaperone a trip with his HS choir to Disney world. Al had to stay in Nathan’s room in Disney for a week… the rest is history! Haha! We were incredibly honored when they asked us to be their wedding photographers and couldn’t wait to meet Cindy. We started the shoot in Rice Park where they had gotten engaged earlier this year and within about 5 seconds flat we felt like we’d known Cindy forever.  They were set up on a date by a mutual friend who hardly knew either of them at the time. Many of their dates at the beginning were sitting on the front of the fire trucks and talking while Nathan was working.  After Rice Park we made our way to the fire dept where he works. So many fun ideas to shoot in a fire hall!! The whole morning was a blast and we really look forward to celebrating with them next fall!

Blog Collage 1473890227657 Cindy + Nathan

Blog Collage 1473890383058 Cindy + Nathan

Blog Collage 1473891567638 Cindy + Nathan

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McKayla + Paul

September 13, 2016

Blog Collage 1473739479785 McKayla + Paul



Park Point

Duluth, MN


I pull into the parking lot and see surfboards resting on the side of a truck. I’m noticing the wind is a touch intense… I walk out to the beach and we’re talking HUGE waves, surfers and hair going in all directions. I quickly text McKayla and throw out the option to move the location of the shoot but they’re on their way. We “toughed” it out and dang, I’m SO glad we did!! Yeah, there may have been about a few images that didn’t make the cut due to hair in the eyes/mouth/nose/comb-over look. But over all we couldn’t have asked for a better night! A few weeks until these two say I DO!!



Blog Collage 1473739217550 McKayla + Paul

Blog Collage 1473739336777 McKayla + Paul

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Anne + Marc

September 1, 2016

Blog Collage 1472697094101 Anne + Marc


Private Residence

Bovey, MN


True story, on the Sunday morning following Anne + Marc’s wedding I was on a run with a girlfriend retelling her about the wedding. (Side note: she’s really great and gets to hear all the funny details of the weddings we shoot!) I actually told her at one point during the day we got to sneak away with the bride and groom to this gorgeous river, the lighting was perfection, the groom had his fishing rod and the two of them looked like they stepped out of a movie scene. It was one of the most beautiful wedding moments I’ve ever shot.  It’s true. You’ll see.


Anne + Marc invited all their friends and family to trek up to Northern MN to Anne’s family cabin/compound.  Most of the guests were bused from the nearest hotel because honestly none of them would have been able to find it! The setting was everything you image a secluded cabin to be and then WAY more.  It was a team effort to bring the wedding together and all the details were taken care of by friends and family. Sister of the bride/florists, neighbor/cake and cookie baker, brother of the bride/officiant, friend/hair stylist,  all the groomsmen were hustling around in the morning setting up and the groom himself made the bouts.  They added so many Anne + Marc touches in the details that even the glass clinking game had a fun spin which included the game Operation.

It was a perfect day and we were honored to be there to celebrate with them! Enjoy!


Blog Collage 1472695624210 Anne + Marc

Blog Collage 1472695953643 Anne + Marc

Blog Collage 1472696277852 Anne + Marc

Blog Collage 1472696609049 Anne + Marc

Blog Collage 1472696854812 Anne + Marc

Blog Collage 1472697127730 Anne + Marc

Blog Collage 1472697351974 Anne + MarcBlog Collage 1472697872370 Anne + MarcBlog Collage 1472698134077 Anne + MarcBlog Collage 1472698898508 Anne + Marc

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Hannah + Jonah

August 25, 2016

Blog Collage 1472126366846 Hannah + Jonah





Jonah (and his entire family) have been life-long friends of ours and if I’m really honest I have to tell you we even babysat for Jonah way back in the day… and even farther back, like a hundred years, Jonah’s mom babysat Al! You get the picture.  Being asked to capture their wedding day was extra special for us.   We’re SO happy for the two of them to start a new chapter together!

From start to finish their wedding day was at the Oldenburg House. We had never been there, never even heard of it but fell in love with the place the moment we arrived. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves, but I can guarantee you’ll want to go there yourself! The wrap around porch was the perfect spot to set up their first look and then everywhere we turned there was a beautiful backdrop to shoot in front of.  Hannah is one of 7 sisters (and 2 brothers!) and they were all in the wedding! They each chipped in from hair, makeup, dress decisions, decorating etc. Plus Hannah’s personal attendant happens to work for Northland Special Events and was amazing at doing a last min emergency dress tailoring to creating the bouquets (flowers came from the Duluth Flower Farm) to decorating the tent… she wins the gold medal for a PA!

It was a beautiful outdoor wedding ceremony.  Social hour had the classic lawn games, lemonade and popcorn stand and dinner was served under the tent. The dancing was right out under the stars! MN wedding at its finest.


Blog Collage 1472125193313 Hannah + Jonah

Blog Collage 1472125422998 Hannah + Jonah

Blog Collage 1472125562775 Hannah + Jonah

Blog Collage 1472125676613 Hannah + Jonah

Blog Collage 1472125961993 Hannah + JonahBlog Collage 1472126153517 Hannah + Jonah

Blog Collage 1472126399706 Hannah + Jonah

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Amanda + Kris

August 20, 2016

Blog Collage 1471694479628 Amanda + Kris






There is nothing quite as flattering as when a former bridesmaid asks us to be the photographers for her day. Seriously, when Amanda messaged us awhile back and said she had been in a wedding we shot and had so much fun and loved what we captured it made us SO excited to shoot her day. Plus it’s super fun for us to catch up with couples we’ve celebrated with along the way!

The day started off at the Canal Park Lodge where both A+K were getting ready. The gals from 2 Dye 4 Salon are amazing and pampered Amanda and her ladies all morning. We set up their first look on the board walk and from that moment on I’m pretty sure Kris made us all cry at least a dozen times throughout the day. Amanda had a journal that she wrote in over time about why she was excited to marry Kris and when they saw each other she read him some of the passages. I couldn’t even hear what she was saying and it made me cry! We were able to shoot in Canal for awhile before we met up with the wedding party at Grandma’s Sports Garden. This is the place where it all started a few years back when Amanda + Kris both worked there and became friends.  We captured a few of the iconic Duluth spots and then headed up to the Glensheen Mansion for the ceremony and party. The ceremony was set up at the mouth of the river and was absolutely beautiful. From there the guests had the perfect Duluth evening to mingle in the garden and then have a stations style dinner that was amazing, I’ll just hint at that and say shredded pork and corn bread with this honey/cinnamon butter sent from heaven.  Yum. We loved every moment of their day! Now onto the next adventure, Bozeman, Montana! We’ll see you guys this winter when we come for a visit with our snowboards!!


Blog Collage 1471692713976 Amanda + Kris

Blog Collage 1471692932049 Amanda + Kris

Blog Collage 1471693131414 Amanda + Kris

Blog Collage 1471693415025 Amanda + Kris

Blog Collage 1471693881002 Amanda + Kris

Blog Collage 1471694038525 Amanda + Kris

Blog Collage 1471694361948 Amanda + Kris

Blog Collage 1471694557172 Amanda + Kris

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