Zagelmeyer Family

August 17, 2016

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As wedding photographers we’ve gotten to meet a lot of amazing people and have become good friends with those vendors we keep bumping into! Mike happens to be an awesome DJ with Sounds Unlimited and we’re always happy to see him at the party! High School Math teacher, football coach, baseball coach, an incredible wife and four adorable daughters… he’s got it good.  We were honored when he asked if we’d do a family shoot for a Mothers Day gift. They all came out to our next of the woods and we showed them our favorite park, took photos, did a little fishing and then came back to our place for ice cream! Such a fun family!


Blog Collage 1471482998266 Zagelmeyer Family

Blog Collage 1471483226428 Zagelmeyer Family

Blog Collage 1471483327245 Zagelmeyer Family

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Alayne + Lawrence

August 16, 2016

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I love when two families come together to celebrate and you’d never know they haven’t known each other for years.  That’s how it felt during Alayne and Lawrence’s wedding. Lawrence is from Alabama and all his groomsmen and family came to Minnesota to celebrate with him and Alayne’s big, FUN family. After spending the day with them we felt like we were part of the family too!

The ceremony and all the photos were taken at Alayne’s childhood home. It felt like a park or urban oasis of huge trees, trails and horses right in the middle of the city. It was a beautiful, special backdrop for them to start this new chapter together.

After their first look and a little time for photos they had planned to exchange gifts and play a game of cribbage together. A table and chairs were set up in the woods and they took a moment to enjoy each other and slow down their day. Then we added in the wedding party which was a solid hour of laughing and step-bumping…. you’ll see….

After the ceremony everyone headed to the Golf Course for social hour and then a delicious dinner followed by donuts. Yes DONUTS!
Once everyone was sugared up they thoroughly burned off their energy on the dance floor and then sent the couple off with a sparkler exit!  A magical day for a beautiful couple!

Blog Collage 1471398935361 Alayne + Lawrence

Blog Collage 1471399198119 Alayne + Lawrence

Blog Collage 1471399403266 Alayne + Lawrence

Blog Collage 1471399595720 Alayne + Lawrence

Blog Collage 1471399797879 Alayne + Lawrence

Blog Collage 1471399951149 Alayne + Lawrence

Blog Collage 1471400180982 Alayne + Lawrence

Blog Collage 1471400324168 Alayne + Lawrence

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August 11, 2016

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I loved getting to spend some quality time with Aly! We’ve done family shoots with her family for… 6ish… years now but never JUST Aly. She’s pretty darn awesome.

Snow boarder/swimmer/all star student/sister/daughter and auntie. Have the best year yet Aly, so excited to see what your future holds!


Blog Collage 1470944959751 Aly

Blog Collage 1470945103047 Aly

Blog Collage 1470945234143 Aly

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Marni + Jacques

August 5, 2016

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It was the most perfect of perfect days. Lake Superior was in her full glory for Marni + Jacques and their closest family and friends came to celebrate with them at the Grand Superior Lodge. These two planned so many unique details for their day and each one painted the picture a bit more clearly of their relationship and personalities.  They wrote love letters to each other right before they had their first look on the rocky shore, read them while standing back to back and then used excerpts of them during the ceremony.  Marni’s sister was their officiant and she brought such a personal feel to the entire ceremony. Dried lavender confetti for the processional… which I nabbed a few satchels of and they are a lovely, smelly reminder in our car of their day! (Thank you!) After the ceremony we made our way over to Gooseberry Falls for some fun during the social hour and then back for dinner. Many of you may have heard of the Chambong but if you haven’t seen it in action I wish you could have seen M+J give a welcome/thank you toast then cheers the guests, mic drop….  it was the perfect combo of classy and sassy. Their first few dances were under the patio lights outside as the sun was setting… a big YES to that. And YES to the cigar and whisky bar AND the foxy lady dance in lieu of a dollar dance… oh and the “get lucky” toss bouquet full of lottery tickets. Yes, that’s right, like I said these two are a perfect match and created a day that reflected them! FUN.

Blog Collage 1470362600149 Marni + Jacques

Blog Collage 1470362805010 Marni + Jacques

Blog Collage 1470362995557 Marni + Jacques

Blog Collage 1470363126367 Marni + Jacques

Blog Collage 1470363344427 Marni + Jacques

Blog Collage 1470363558677 Marni + Jacques

Blog Collage 1470365570078 Marni + Jacques

Blog Collage 1470365773908 Marni + Jacques

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Hankins Family

July 27, 2016

Blog Collage 1469463857886 Hankins Family


I’ve been friends with Andi + Brian before there was an Andi + Brian! Brian and I started kindergarten together and graduated high school together and Andi was a year behind us but we played every sport together that our small town offered! It’s so much fun to see them now with their beautiful kids and see the both of them in each of the three kiddos. Personality and looks, the kids are the perfect combos of B+A. This shoot was done in their yard in about 30 min before a rain storm.


Blog Collage 1469463918983 Hankins Family

Blog Collage 1469464084386 Hankins Family

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July 24, 2016

Blog Collage 1469328923480 Dachen


Dachen is one of my annual shoots and man what a treat! It has been so much fun seeing him grow over the years and yet keep the same squealy giggle and snuggle-fest attitude.  We kept the shoot rolling with a fun playdate at a playground, walk on the boardwalk and to finish it off a dish of Cold Stone. I think I could do this every night…. haha! High fives to his mom, grandma and auntie for being the best 3 musketeers this guy could have!


Blog Collage 1469328949933 Dachen

Blog Collage 1469329048196 Dachen

Blog Collage 1469329154432 Dachen

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Family Traditions

July 23, 2016

Blog Collage 1469300507105 Family Traditions


Sara found us online and sent a message to see if we could come out to the cabin they rent and do a family shoot. Their family has been coming “Up North” from Indiana every summer for 20 years and her dad about 60 years! Lots of fishing, marbles and relaxing are the common items on the list when they come. This is likely to be their last year at the cabin so they wanted to have it documented professionally. We were honored to capture this family tradition.


Blog Collage 1469300526129 Family Traditions

Blog Collage 1469300687782 Family Traditions


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Paige + Luke

July 22, 2016

Blog Collage 1469188187787 Paige + Luke





If I’m completely honest I have to say this wedding was one we’ve been looking forward to since last summer! Paige (and her family!) have been such amazing friends and clients to us since we met back when she was starting her senior year.  Just for fun here’s a session from 2013…

Many of you know we used to be camp directors so we know camp staff romance is THE BEST and when we found out that is how they met we knew we were going to love Luke too. (I’m telling you, camp staff are a unique breed.) Another throwback to their esession here! They met at a YMCA camp in 2013, started falling for each other over frozen yogurt while on their first date along the St Croix River then Luke sealed the deal when he proposed while snowshoeing. They love the outdoors and you’ll see how they incorporated that love into their wedding day.

Speaking of their wedding day… Everyone was getting ready at Fitgers so we were able to use that as the perfect backdrop for their first look and a few more photos of the two of them. Then off to a park for some woods with the wedding party and a quick stop at Bent Paddle for a beer. Then it was time to get married! We’ve never seen the Clyde looking so romantic! Unreal. And let me just give a virtual high-five to the bride and groom for picking an amazing dinner. I’ve never heard so many guests RAVE about the food. A build your own burger buffet and a Cold Stone build your own sundae buffet for dessert. Wowie.

One more detail of the day that stole my heart was that in lieu of party favors and including all the cash from the dollar dance they made a donation to HEAL Ministries.


Enjoy these two beautiful people!


Blog Collage 1469188244008 Paige + Luke

Blog Collage 1469188620172 Paige + Luke

Blog Collage 1469188761818 Paige + Luke

Blog Collage 1469189090128 Paige + Luke

Blog Collage 1469189318086 Paige + Luke

Blog Collage 1469189539970 Paige + Luke

Blog Collage 1469189847958 Paige + Luke

Blog Collage 1469190024782 Paige + Luke

Blog Collage 1469190321992 Paige + Luke

Blog Collage 1469190577028 Paige + Luke

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Devon + Scott

July 8, 2016

Blog Collage 1468025722575 Devon + Scott






You will absolutely love the vintage vibe that Devon + Scott wove into their day. From the beautiful head piece she wore, the lace gloves, the long pearls, the feathers… all of it was beautifully done.  Even the PhotoBooth props were furs and hats, pearls and diamonds!

We had a beautiful start to the day and we got to photo out on the street and under the historic awning in front of the Greysolon Plaza with the wedding party before the ceremony.  Then the guys had a celebration smoke of cigars and the gals got to see the big reveal of the broach bouquet that Devon’s mother had made.

The ceremony took place during a thunderstorm but I’m pretty sure that means good luck! I’m not even sure Devon + Scott noticed the lightening flashing in the windows or if they were focused on their vows! During our email conversations Devon had mentioned she really wanted to get a few photos with the Duluth Lift Bridge during their social hour… but it was storming and I’m talking BIG storms. But, we took a chance and it paid off! You’ll love the few we managed to get, even though I was a little nervous (or a lot nervous!)

The rest of the evening was a blur of dinner, toasts, cake and dancing! Lots of dancing!  Congrats to the new Mr + Mrs!



Blog Collage 1468023440867 Devon + Scott

Blog Collage 1468023721832 Devon + Scott

Blog Collage 1468023905003 Devon + Scott

Blog Collage 1468024386011 Devon + Scott

Blog Collage 1468024665284 Devon + ScottBlog Collage 1468024831997 Devon + Scott

Blog Collage 1468025783140 Devon + Scott

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Blog Collage 1468025148903 Devon + Scott

Blog Collage 1468025560304 Devon + Scott

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Lakyn + Kevin

July 3, 2016

Blog Collage 1467548739783 Lakyn + Kevin





I love getting to shoot at the Bird Sanctuary, especially on a perfect evening with such a beautiful couple! Plus, it’s on my running route so I’ve had plenty of opportunity to scope out the good spots. Lakyn + Kevin were so fun and natural together… which I’d assume since this love started between them all the way back in Junior High! We are excited to get to celebrate them as they start their next chapter this fall!



Blog Collage 1467548802955 Lakyn + Kevin

Blog Collage 1467549033937 Lakyn + Kevin

Blog Collage 1467549248807 Lakyn + Kevin

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