Erin + Nate

April 1, 2016

Blog Collage 1459560482530 Erin + Nate





There are so many fun details and stories to tell you about these guys and their day… I’ll try to keep it short. First off, we met these two 12ish years ago when we were the directors of Luther Dell Bible Camp. They had come to camp for confirmation… and to meet their future spouse! Nate was one of those campers who kept coming back and trying to stay just one more week… we loved that! Fast forward to now and they are both doing amazing things for the community. Nate is a firefighter and Erin an audiologist.

Their wedding was held at the amazing McNamara Alumni Center, a work of art all on its own.  A few moments that need explaining… in lieu of toddlers as their flower girls they asked their grandmothers to be the flower girls! They kinda stole the show…  At one point towards the end of the ceremony the pastor asked everyone to hold hands while he prayed, take a look at the groomsmen!

We LOVED celebrating with the Voyes and their entire wedding party. We know they have many years of fun to come!

Blog Collage 1459559288183 Erin + Nate

Blog Collage 1459559483562 Erin + Nate

Blog Collage 1459559621057 Erin + Nate

Blog Collage 1459559709766 Erin + Nate

Blog Collage 1459559965730 Erin + Nate

Blog Collage 1459560380682 Erin + Nate

Blog Collage 1459560499889 Erin + Nate

Blog Collage 1459560915805 Erin + Nate

Blog Collage 1459561156933 Erin + Nate

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Meghan + Josh

March 25, 2016

Blog Collage 1458928760863 Meghan + Josh


Meghan + Josh seriously lucked out with the incredible snowy backdrop for their shoot! We had actually cancelled the shoot two days prior since they would be driving a few hours to meet for the session. The National Weather Service was predicting bad road conditions… but the morning of the shoot we decided last min to reschedule back to the original plan because Duluth looked like a scene from Narnia. Thank goodness for flexible schedules and spontaneous folks!! This is winter at it’s very best! Enjoy!


Blog Collage 1458928793924 Meghan + Josh

Blog Collage 1458928967688 Meghan + Josh

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March 24, 2016

Blog Collage 1458853635554 Addison


This gal, she was FUN to shoot! Miss Addison could be a little model, she listened to my ideas AND had her own creative ideas and style to boot.  I guarantee you will smile as you look through these, I promise you she will steal your heart.  A bit of a gloomy day but that gave us some fun puddles to play in… see below.  Enjoy!


Blog Collage 1458853669234 Addison

Blog Collage 1458853781825 Addison

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Kelsey + Nick

March 23, 2016

Blog Collage 1458734355930 Kelsey + Nick







Kelsey + Nick threw a great big bash to celebrate their day. The Greysolon Ballroom was the ultimate backdrop for their ceremony and reception – especially with their beautiful addition of pine trees and gorgeous decor. All their Luther and UMD friends and family where there to help them out!  Our highlight of the day was going down into Canal Park with K+N for a little photo time and meeting up with Milo, their adorable pup. It happened to be a very warm Sat in Duluth and I’m pretty sure EVERYONE in the Duluth and surrounding area was out to enjoy the sunshine so K+N had a lot of on lookers and well wishers!

We couldn’t be happier for the two of them and we’re positive they have a long and happy marriage to look forward to!


Blog Collage 1458731883518 Kelsey + Nick

Blog Collage 1458732226838 Kelsey + Nick

Blog Collage 1458732463141 Kelsey + Nick

Blog Collage 1458732720207 Kelsey + Nick

Blog Collage 1458732911518 Kelsey + Nick

Blog Collage 1458733025113 Kelsey + Nick

Blog Collage 1458733195833 Kelsey + Nick

Blog Collage 1458733549226 Kelsey + Nick

Blog Collage 1458733721813 Kelsey + Nick

Blog Collage 1458734050944 Kelsey + Nick

Blog Collage 1458734171801 Kelsey + Nick


McKayla + Paul

March 17, 2016

Blog Collage 1458263333393 McKayla + Paul


McKayla is a girl after my own heart with that red dress of hers! And just look at their beaming smiles… I love them.  We had a beautiful Duluth day for the shoot, even though they had really wanted there to still be snow (there kinda was!) we took the warm temps and sunshine and made some magic.  We cannot wait to see these two say their I Do’s this fall and capture that amazing day to come!


Blog Collage 1458263037813 McKayla + Paul

Blog Collage 1458263248312 McKayla + Paul

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Tabitha + Brad

March 15, 2016

Blog Collage 1458096722811 Tabitha + Brad


I’m telling you, from the start I knew these two were going to do their own thing. First off, they are having their wedding on a Thursday just because they’re cool like that. Secondly, they have an honest love that is so admirable and uniquely them it’s fun to be around. We’re really REALLY looking forward to their wedding day!

During their shoot we had some serious wind, one of the last images might be my favorite.

Enjoy -


Blog Collage 1458096775611 Tabitha + Brad

Blog Collage 1458097010820 Tabitha + Brad

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Shannon + Dave

March 13, 2016

Blog Collage 1457838940200 Shannon + Dave




Shannon really wanted snow for her wedding day, she even had a brand spankin new pair of Steger Mukluks to wear.  It wasn’t looking great for snow though, Duluth was having another 40′s day and it was raining. However, they had planned to take photos at her dad’s place in Esko with the wedding party and wouldn’t you know… it was snowing there! It was a beautiful. Shannon and Dave are two of the most calm, loving, gentle people we’ve gotten to capture. Their love for each other was so genuine! After the ceremony everyone trekked over to the Buffalo House to celebrate and dance the night away. Topped off with a Dilly Bar.

Blog Collage 1457814166419 Shannon + Dave

Blog Collage 1457838284305 Shannon + Dave

Blog Collage 1457838557449 Shannon + Dave

Blog Collage 1457838817809 Shannon + Dave

Blog Collage 1457838959777 Shannon + Dave

Blog Collage 1457839137998 Shannon + Dave

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Sara + Jon

March 3, 2016

Blog Collage 1457059838685 Sara + Jon


I absolutely loved getting to hang out with these two and capture them being THEM.  S+J came up North from the cities so we could have a little snow in the photos and even capture a few snowboarding images… because you have to do that when the proposal happened at Whistler while snowboarding.  AWESOME.

Warning, I kinda fell in love with their pup Macy… you will too, I promise.

Enjoy these two, they are a perfect pair!



Blog Collage 1457059893486 Sara + Jon

Blog Collage 1457061481430 Sara + Jon

Blog Collage 1457061739300 Sara + Jon

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Natasha + Jon: part 3

February 18, 2016

Blog Collage 1455806015401 Natasha + Jon: part 3






On the wedding day we started out with photo time with just Natasha and Jon (make sure you didn’t miss that, check here if you did!). In the afternoon it was phase 2 with wedding dress #2 and all the family and friends. The ceremony was simply beautiful. The folks at Tabanucos created a structure flanked with palms and flowers for the occasion and we even had a crew of beach-bums watching from a (short) distance. Jon’s vows had everyone in tears… and then it was on to party time!

I absolutely love small wedding receptions for the sole reason that anyone can give a toast. There were so many beautiful things shared and wishes granted to J+N. It was the perfect ending to the perfect week.  Enjoy!


Blog Collage 1455798591173 Natasha + Jon: part 3

Blog Collage 1455798982592 Natasha + Jon: part 3

Blog Collage 1455804555451 Natasha + Jon: part 3

Blog Collage 1455805139725 Natasha + Jon: part 3

Blog Collage 1455805596049 Natasha + Jon: part 3

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Natasha + Jon : Part 2

February 17, 2016

Blog Collage 1455732649229 Natasha + Jon : Part 2






I’m just going to apologize right now… there a way to many photos here… it was impossible to just pick a few highlights. And, just to warn you, this is just the wedding day morning and dress numero uno! Natasha is a genius and decided to go  big and have two dresses, one for a morning shoot (before it was deathly hot) and change into a different dress for the ceremony and reception. Brilliant.


We’ll start off with a few images from the night before the wedding day and then onto dress number one and our amazing morning shoot with Jon and Natasha. After a bit Jon had other things to tend to but Natasha was still game for more photos… she said “Let’s get the dress wet, why not?? I’m changing into a different one later anyways!” … Al and I just about died. Did I mention I’m related to this girl? Yep.


Blog Collage 1455727519482 Natasha + Jon : Part 2

Blog Collage 1455728036167 Natasha + Jon : Part 2

Blog Collage 1455728323656 Natasha + Jon : Part 2

Blog Collage 1455728538836 Natasha + Jon : Part 2

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