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Maggie Soo + Steven

August 10, 2017

  MAGGIE SOO + STEVEN ENGER TOWER PARK DULUTH, MN   One of the absolute best perks about being a wedding photographer is when one of our family members becomes engaged we get to plan afternoon hangout sessions and make them smooch in front of the camera!   It was the best to meet Steven and see my sweet cousin Maggie in love! They had planned a weekend getaway to Duluth and packed it full of good

Amanda + Scott

August 8, 2017

  AMANDA + SCOTT GREYSOLON BALLROOM DULUTH, MN   I know everyone who sees photos of Amanda and Scott on their wedding day (and any day really!) will think Sheesh, they are such a beautiful couple, people shouldn't be allowed to be so beautiful. And that's true, they shouldn't be... :)  But, they are also just as beautiful to be around. Their friends and family love them dearly and it was such an honor to


August 3, 2017

  BENNETT HELLIE AMERY, WI CLASS OF 2018 It was such a treat to do Bennett's senior photos and be around his family for an evening. (They fed me burgers pre shoot! YUM) The last time I saw them all together was just a FEW years ago... check it out here, it's amazing what happens in 5 short years.  That last image from the old shoot has Bennett in a hockey jersey,  he's grown

Rachel + Lucas

July 28, 2017

RACHEL + LUCAS PARK POINT DULUTH, MN It happened to be (probably) the hottest evening of the year yet... so there really was only one place to be and that was on the shores of Lake Superior. Add a beautiful lady in a red dress and we are ready for a perfect shoot!! (And of course the handsome fiance Lucas as well!) Swing dancing on the sand, kicking off sandals, lots of laughing

The Fruehauf Family

July 27, 2017

  FRUEHAUF FAMILY BILLINGS PARK SUPERIOR, WI   Such a great family and a beautiful evening at Billings Park! The kids of the family all surprised their mom with a gift certificate to do a family shoot this summer. Just a few requirements...Packer jerseys be worn and board games be played. Sounds just about perfect!    


July 27, 2017

  DACHEN & FAMILY DULUTH, MN   I don't know how it's possible but every year it happens... Dachen keeps getting cuter and his energy levels keep rising. The one thing that remains constant is his contagious laugh. While playing on the playground he was laughing so hard that another lady who was at the park commented on how his laugh was making her laugh! I hope he has that quality all his life!   Big

Siiri + Xavier

July 26, 2017

    SIIRI + XAVIER GREYSOLON BALLROOM DULUTH, MN With names like Siiri and Xavier we knew we were working with really cool people, movie stars practically.  Their personalities match their names too! They are both from small towns in Wisconsin (we approve!) and met during their senior year of high school. Different schools though, so it was a bit of a scandal. They've had lots of traveling and hunting adventures together and I'm sure

Lauren + Justin

July 25, 2017

  LAUREN + JUSTIN SUPERIOR SHORES TWO HARBORS, MN   We met these two one year ago at Justin's best friends wedding. (Happy Anniversary Marni + Jaq!) He was the best man and Lauren was there as a guest and the two of them were so fun to be with. So, when they reached out to us to see if we'd be available to shoot their wedding we instantly knew we were in! We can't


July 20, 2017

BRANDEN SENIOR CLASS 2018 Branden's mom and grandparents have been life long friends with Al and his family, however we've actually NEVER met Branden until his senior shoot. He thought that the "Al & Lyndsey" he's heard about all these years was one person named Alan Lyndsey... so he was surprised to meet us! I love that! We had so much fun shooting on the river and getting to talk life. Good luck

Hannah + Cavan

July 18, 2017

HANNAH + CAVAN GREYSOLON BALLROOM DULUTH, MN   Hannah + Cavan planned a perfect Duluth day and invited all their family and friends from their home town and beyond to come and experience Duluth and all that they love about the city.  Personally, my favorite part of the day was walking the boardwalk with the wedding party from their ceremony at Leif Ericson Park to The Boat Club where they all had drinks on