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Mariya + Andy

June 2, 2017

    MARIYA + ANDY LESTER PARK + HERMANTOWN HIGH SCHOOL GYM DULUTH, MN   We honestly cannot wait to celebrate with these two coming up in July!  I can still remember meeting them for the first time over coffee last August, I'm always a little nervous to meet new potential clients but seriously, about 3 seconds after introducing ourselves I felt like these two could be lifelong buds of ours. . Their first meeting was  back in

Mary Kate + Pat

May 19, 2017

  MARY KATE + PAT LESTER PARK + BRIGHTON BEACH DULUTH, MN   I love a good love story and these two have a fun one. They had a lot of different connecting points along the way from having gone to the same High School, but never knowing each other, having Pat's grandparents as next door neighbors to Mary Kate, to having sisters who knew each other... but it was Mary Kate's dad who became

Claire + Zach

February 26, 2017

    CLAIRE + ZACH FAMILY FARM TWO HARBORS, MN     You never really know what you're getting yourself into when a client suggests having the photo shoot at their private residence. A family farm was promising but when I turned left to head down the canopied driveway I knew I was in for a treat. Being greeted by Zach's dad and their huge German Shepherd was the beginning of a great shoot! It took all of

Janelle + Eric

February 8, 2017

  JANELLE + ERIC LESTER PARK DULUTH - MN   I almost cancelled on these two because the wind was freezing my face off only two hours before the shoot. But... they're from Fargo and Chicago and I knew I couldn't be the wimp to cancel! I'm so glad I didn't! We were warm enough in the woods and the sun was shining and it was perfection.   I have an old standby - whenever you're in

Kayla + Nick

January 17, 2017

  KAYLA + NICK SPLIT ROCK LIGHTHOUSE TWO HARBORS, MN When you envision a winter engagement shoot I think you dream of this. I'm serious, like being in a snow globe. There was NO wind, which is incredible since we were on the shores of the great Lake Superior. The snowflakes were big and fluffy, but not TOO big and fluffy. Kayla and Nick were down with trudging through the snow, I even slipped

Siiri + Xavier

December 12, 2016

    SIIRI + XAVIER LESTER PARK DULUTH, MN High school sweethearts from small town Wisconsin, ready to go on their next adventure! Siiri + Xavier are planning their wedding for this coming summer and we are so excited to be there to capture their day.  We just met Siiri at the Greysolon Open House about a month ago and after a few moments of chit chat we fell in love too... We can see what

Amanda + Scott

October 24, 2016

  AMANDA + SCOTT LESTER PARK + BRIGHTON BEACH DULUTH, MN   We hadn't met in person yet, so it was a little awkward waiting in the parking lot for Amanda + Scott to arrive. I'm sure all the other patrons coming to enjoy a beautiful afternoon at Lester Park felt like they were being watched by the creepy photographer lady.  However, as soon as they pulled in I knew we were going to have

Caralyn + Jake

October 21, 2016

  CARALYN + JAKE HARTLEY NATURE CENTER DULUTH, MN One of the best perks of being a wedding photographer is all the beautiful fall engagement sessions you get to take part in! I'm serious! I got invited along for a hike in Hartley with Caralyn + Jake to capture the overlook, the pines and the colors of some of their favorite spots. It's been just over a week since the shoot and I'm sure

Angela + Matt

October 17, 2016

ANGELA + MATT INDIAN MOUNDS PARK ST PAUL, MN     We were so excited to finally meet Matt!! We've known Angela... gosh... 10 years? Heard all about him, felt like we knew him because we stalked him on Facebook of course. Well, in person he lives up to all the hype. These two are the dynamic duo, power couple, two peas in a pod. I have a feeling they'll be our "famous" friends someday!   We

Alli + Cody

September 30, 2016

ALLI + CODY LESTER RIVER DULUTH, MN   A beautiful couple, a relaxed engagement shoot, outside, at a park, with a dog, right before a storm.... all of that together made for a perfect evening with these two.  So much fun to capture their love and goofiness! I might add their darling lab was such a sweetie.  Looking forward to capturing their wedding day in 2017!