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Johnson Family

October 11, 2016

  JOHNSON FAMILY LESTER PARK DULUTH, MN   These guys just happen to be some of our most favorite people on the planet. Yep. LOVE them. PLUS they're family, so bonus for us all! And, we need to figure out how to slow down these years... these "little" kids are growing up and turning into super awesome big kids.  

The Vanden Boschs

April 7, 2016

  Dara has been a dear friend of ours for 15 years +.  Her story has impacted ours directly in so many ways! When she texted to say that she and her awesome family would be at her parents house, only 3 hours away, we had to make the trip... and take a few photos.  Staying up late talking and hearing stories about what they are doing in Mozambique was the

Mazzy at 5

October 12, 2014

Celebrating our youngest wild child today! 5 years old and has the world in her hands. Mazz, you bring nothing but pure joy to this world and we LOVE YOU!

We’ve been Minked

April 30, 2014

A lovely surprise to be featured on Be Minked today!  It's almost been a year since we did this shoot. It would be fun to go back out to these woods this spring and see what a difference a year makes! It amazes me how a forest comes back after a fire, always different but still how resilient nature is.  


April 24, 2014

An unexpected peek into the life of our kids... our girls! Yesterday was a gloomy day here in Northern WI, there had been one to many games of memory played. I needed a little inspiration to get outdoors... so we made a pact: 10 minutes of photo time for a movie night and popcorn! Bargains with an 8 + 4 year old are a win/win around here. I just had


April 10, 2014

Warning... this is blatant horn tootage. The newest Lake Superior Weddings and Events magazine is all over the Twin Ports and has a nice spread of Anna + Alex's wedding at the Brule River Barn.  We  had the honor of shooting their wedding last August! We can hardly wait for the green grasses of summer to get here! (cover photo by Derek Montgomery)

Amy + Samantha

June 10, 2013

A couple weeks ago there was a wildfire a few miles from where we live. It was a a pretty scary day for lots of folks but the incredible firefighters and volunteers were able to get it under control quickly. The next day Al went to check out the damage and came home to say we needed to do a photoshoot in the charred woods... Amy was the first to contact

Steger Mukluks

February 7, 2013

Al and I could be billionaires if we were given $1 for every person we told about Mukluks and how awesome they are.  Honestly! I had the worst case of frozen toes until I purchased my Mukluks 8 winters ago... I'll never wear another winter boot again. We live in the Arctic (Wisconsin) where temps have dipped down in the the -20's this winter and these little slippers, I mean

the Knot

January 22, 2013

Fun to see our work splashed in the Knot's Minnesota spring/summer 2013 magazine! Yay for Tim + Julie... aka Timuli!

The Off Beat Bride

October 9, 2012

High five to our lovely bride Stephanie and studly groom Zach for submitting their awesomely unique wedding to the Off Beat Bride blog.  Just another example of a couple planning their wedding around their own ideas and desires! I love it! Check it out here - And check out their original blog post here -

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