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August 3, 2017

  BENNETT HELLIE AMERY, WI CLASS OF 2018 It was such a treat to do Bennett's senior photos and be around his family for an evening. (They fed me burgers pre shoot! YUM) The last time I saw them all together was just a FEW years ago... check it out here, it's amazing what happens in 5 short years.  That last image from the old shoot has Bennett in a hockey jersey,  he's grown

The Fruehauf Family

July 27, 2017

  FRUEHAUF FAMILY BILLINGS PARK SUPERIOR, WI   Such a great family and a beautiful evening at Billings Park! The kids of the family all surprised their mom with a gift certificate to do a family shoot this summer. Just a few requirements...Packer jerseys be worn and board games be played. Sounds just about perfect!    


July 27, 2017

  DACHEN & FAMILY DULUTH, MN   I don't know how it's possible but every year it happens... Dachen keeps getting cuter and his energy levels keep rising. The one thing that remains constant is his contagious laugh. While playing on the playground he was laughing so hard that another lady who was at the park commented on how his laugh was making her laugh! I hope he has that quality all his life!   Big


July 20, 2017

BRANDEN SENIOR CLASS 2018 Branden's mom and grandparents have been life long friends with Al and his family, however we've actually NEVER met Branden until his senior shoot. He thought that the "Al & Lyndsey" he's heard about all these years was one person named Alan Lyndsey... so he was surprised to meet us! I love that! We had so much fun shooting on the river and getting to talk life. Good luck

Niemann Family

July 15, 2017

  NIEMANN FAMILY GRAND SUPERIOR LODGE TWO HARBORS, MN Two summers ago we got to meet the extended Cockerills and do a family shoot for them on the shores of Lake Superior. Evidently it was a success because Jen's mother decided this was just what she wanted for her milestone birthday and 48th wedding anniversary as well. It was a beautiful evening on the lake and the lupines were in full force. We hope

Alex Bentley

June 21, 2017

  ALEX BENTLEY JAY COOKE STATE PARK CLASS OF 2018   This guy has a deep appreciation for new shoes, the Packers and his family. (I'm sure he has many other appreciations but these are what we talked about during the shoot!)  I love hearing about the plans, dreams and ideas of the soon to be senior class. Alex has some good plans, staying near to family for one! . I completely enjoyed getting to explore Jay

Ruopp Family

June 19, 2017

THE  RUOPP FAMILY ENGER TOWER DULUTH, MN   We look forward to our annual family shoot and picnic with the Ruopp Family every spring. This year it was pushed off a little because all our kids are getting busy and scheduling is only going to get tougher the older they get! We met at Enger Tower this year and it was truly a beautiful evening. I loved getting to steal Grace for a bit

Erin + Nicholas

June 8, 2017

  ERIN + NICK DULUTH, MN It seems like yesterday but it's been a year and a half since we traveled to Punta Cana to spend a few days in paradise and capture the wedding (and all the other fun happenings) of these two! And now they are expecting their first baby in a couple weeks!   I was so excited to see their new home and see Erin with an adorable baby belly!

  THE CARLSON FAMILY BRIGHTON BEACH DULUTH, MN   10 years ago... TEN. How is this possible? Well, it is and that's how long its been since we shot their wedding here in Duluth.  A lot has changed, mainly the fact that there are two new adorable humans on this planet, but a lot has stayed the same... meaning Brett + Jessica still really, really love each other and it's fun to photograph that. . They've moved


March 15, 2017

  ALLISON CLASS OF 2017 LUCIUS WOODS PARK, SOLON SPRINGS   She only has a few weeks left to go until she's officially a high school graduate! One last softball season to rule the mound and then off to college in the fall to start the next chapter.  We had a lot of laughs and huddles behind trees to dodge the wind gusts but I kept saying the wind was giving her hair the super