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Amanda + Scott

August 8, 2017

  AMANDA + SCOTT GREYSOLON BALLROOM DULUTH, MN   I know everyone who sees photos of Amanda and Scott on their wedding day (and any day really!) will think Sheesh, they are such a beautiful couple, people shouldn't be allowed to be so beautiful. And that's true, they shouldn't be... :)  But, they are also just as beautiful to be around. Their friends and family love them dearly and it was such an honor to

Caralyn + Jake

July 13, 2017

  CARALYN + JAKE SUPERIOR SHORES TWO HARBORS, MN   Such an amazing couple with a hilarious story of how they started dating... you'll love it! But first, we just need to say we were beyond honored to be apart of Caralyn + Jake's wedding day. Both C+J are architects and it was super fun to see how they were able to bring that eye for detail and design into their wedding. They have a

Janelle + Eric

June 16, 2017

  JANELLE + ERIC COPPERTOP CHURCH + HOLIDAY INN DULUTH, MN     If there was ever a couple who we wish we could have jumped on their airplane and joined them on their honeymoon it would be these two!  For one they went to Costa Rica, which is our favorite place on the planet. For two, they are adventurous and bring the fun wherever they go. The type of couple who you want to just

Amy + Beau

May 15, 2017

  AMY + BEAU CLYDE IRON WORKS DULUTH, MN   It was an absolute joy to get to know Amy + Beau on a professional level, but honestly, the moment I stepped into their home I knew they were even cooler then I thought! The morning of the wedding Amy was getting her hair and makeup done at her and Beau's home and every time I turned around there was another picture to look at

Natasha + Jon : Part 2

February 17, 2016

  NATASHA + JON WEDDING WEEK - part 2 DESTINATION - SAMARA, COSTA RICA   I'm just going to apologize right now... there a way to many photos here... it was impossible to just pick a few highlights. And, just to warn you, this is just the wedding day morning and dress numero uno! Natasha is a genius and decided to go  big and have two dresses, one for a morning shoot (before it was

Natasha + Jon: Part 1

February 16, 2016

  NATASHA + JON WEDDING WEEK - part 1 DESTINATION - SAMARA, COSTA RICA   This was an entire wedding WEEK of adventure, fun, sun, salty ocean water (surfing attempts) and a million memories made by all 20 of us who were there.  I lack the ability to put into words how amazing it really was. I hope these images can begin to paint the picture for you!  This part 1 post will feature the

Tina + Nick

December 13, 2015

  TINA + NICK GREYSOLON BALLROOM DULUTH, MN   Where to begin... other than we felt like these two should be coming over for dinner after their honeymoon to tell us all the stories and show us their pictures. Seriously, after a day spent with Tina + Nick you feel like you're best friends. (and not to sound like a creeper, but I did stalk their Facebook feeds to see all their amazing honeymoon pictures!

The Meyer Family

November 14, 2015

The image above, I love it. No pose, just all out giggles from Ethan. Meyer's, you guys keep up the good work, you're children are precious!! Always a treat to capture this family! You do have to scroll to the bottom though for one hilarious moment captured... you'll know it when you see it.


October 12, 2015

ALEX ZOSEL CLASS OF 2016   There are some serious perks when it comes to being a photographer... for instance, getting to spend a couple hours with our neighbor, Alex, every few years for a shoot.  However, this could be our last hurrah, considering these are his senior pics!! I'm absolutely positive this guy has an incredible future ahead of him and can't wait to get the updates in years to come! Congrats

Amber + Sam: Part 2

September 20, 2015

AMBER + SAM DESTINATION WEDDING THOMASTON, MAINE WEDDING DAY part 2 Most wedding days are a bit busy with lots of running around, people setting up etc.  Not these guys. The morning consisted of sleeping in, playing cards, picking their own bouquets from the wildflowers outside (then the neighbor stopped over and said go pick whatever they out of her garden.) Finally, after a nice relaxing shower (outside in the sail-boat shower) they started to