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Al + Lyndsey

Greetings – ON3 is made up of just us, Al + Lyndsey and all the photo goodness and creativeness that comes with us.  We LOVE working, living and creating together! We’re based out of the Twin Ports (Duluth, MN + Superior, WI) and have served all over the mid-west.  We are beyond honored to be a part of each wedding day we shoot and the friendships we make. We would love to hear from you!

A little history… We met in college where we were both studying art education. We had a drawing class together and Al would share his oranges with Lyndsey… who knew this was his sneaky way of convincing her to fall for him. It worked! Two years later we’re married, now 13 years have flown by and we have two little darling daughters and lots of stories to tell! When did we start shooting weddings? Like we said earlier we were studying to become art teachers and we had all sorts of fantastic classes: painting, drawing, design, ceramics, metals…etc… and of course PHOTOGRAPHY. Some great (and very trusting) friends of ours asked us to photo their wedding, thinking we must know something about photography… that wedding was 12 years ago, we shot actual film and we’re STILL friends with them! One shoot led to another and now here we are, shooting weddings for a living. We love what we do and hope to spread that lovin to you.

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