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Ruopp Family

June 19, 2017

THE  RUOPP FAMILY ENGER TOWER DULUTH, MN   We look forward to our annual family shoot and picnic with the Ruopp Family every spring. This year it was pushed off a little because all our kids are getting busy and scheduling is only going to get tougher the older they get! We met at Enger Tower this year and it was truly a beautiful evening. I loved getting to steal Grace for a bit

  THE CARLSON FAMILY BRIGHTON BEACH DULUTH, MN   10 years ago... TEN. How is this possible? Well, it is and that's how long its been since we shot their wedding here in Duluth.  A lot has changed, mainly the fact that there are two new adorable humans on this planet, but a lot has stayed the same... meaning Brett + Jessica still really, really love each other and it's fun to photograph that. . They've moved


March 15, 2017

  ALLISON CLASS OF 2017 LUCIUS WOODS PARK, SOLON SPRINGS   She only has a few weeks left to go until she's officially a high school graduate! One last softball season to rule the mound and then off to college in the fall to start the next chapter.  We had a lot of laughs and huddles behind trees to dodge the wind gusts but I kept saying the wind was giving her hair the super


March 10, 2017

    THE NORDS THEIR BACKYARD FOXBORO, WI We got the beautiful fluffy snow the night before and it stuck around all day for us!  It made for such a pretty backdrop, especially with the bright and cheery outfits they chose to wear. . Documenting this awesome family from the beginning of their story has been a highlight over the years. Watching Sy and Maylee growing up before my eyes is pretty amazing and confirming in the


November 21, 2016

    LUNDBERG FAMILY PRIVATE RESIDENCE SUPERIOR, WI   It's been a few years since we photographed Jacquie + Mike's wedding but when I showed up in their house for a 1 year bday shoot for their daughter Mila it felt like it was just a few months ago. Seriously, time is weird like that. Their daughter has a striking resemblance to her dad and I'm thinking her spunky personality is all from her mom! Perfect


October 26, 2016

  THE CARLSON FAMILY SOLON SPRINGS, WI I'm a little biased, but these are some of my favorite folks! Ashley happens to be my early morning running/kettle bell/kick my butt buddy so all of you who are lucky enough to have someone like that in your life know the kind of friendship that can form! She just celebrated (IN VEGAS) a non-monumental birthday... and before they left we were able to schedule a

The Bleeckers

September 28, 2016

    We haven't seen these two since we shot their wedding (almost) 3 years ago! (Click here for those highlights!) It was so fun to meet their darling son and capture them as parents and as expecting parents. They had a few days of vacation on the North Shore and we managed to line up a beautiful evening to meet up.  As photographers we get to be apart of some really

Coffin-Langdon Family

September 19, 2016

  Coffin-Langdon Family LUCIUS WOODS PARK SOLON SPRINGS, WI   We got our annual fall family photo shoot done early this year with my sister Cynthia and her family. I'm telling you it can be hard to get all our schedules to line up but this year I got a text on a Wednesday and we set it all up for Thursday. BOOM. Our youngest niece Annie Joy is now calling me Auntie, instead of

Zagelmeyer Family

August 17, 2016

THE ZAGELMEYER FAMILY LUCIUS WOODS PARK SOLON SPRINGS, WI As wedding photographers we've gotten to meet a lot of amazing people and have become good friends with those vendors we keep bumping into! Mike happens to be an awesome DJ with Sounds Unlimited and we're always happy to see him at the party! High School Math teacher, football coach, baseball coach, an incredible wife and four adorable daughters... he's got it good.  We

Family Traditions

July 23, 2016

  Sara found us online and sent a message to see if we could come out to the cabin they rent and do a family shoot. Their family has been coming "Up North" from Indiana every summer for 20 years and her dad about 60 years! Lots of fishing, marbles and relaxing are the common items on the list when they come. This is likely to be their last year at

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